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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Social Media, A Tool For Effective Action

People get on social media and say politicians are out of touch. What we need to ask those people is did they actually communicate with their local member? Your local member will not know what you expect of them if you don’t tell them.

After all it’s not very likely your local member is following you on Facebook or waiting on the edge of their seat for you to say something on Twitter. You can’t really call them out of touch if you don’t tell them what you think, how are they supposed to know otherwise? Don’t sit back and let the media or the traitors of the left dictate to them, they need to hear from the Australian people.

No need to be rude or insulting, just tell them what you think and tell them where they are going wrong. If more people held politicians to account for their actions they may find said politicians will actually start serving their electorate.

Social media should be where we compare notes on our interactions with politicians and use that information as to whether or not we vote for them at the next election. The current action preferred by many of getting online and calling politicians out of touch or fools is just a major waste of time.

If you get an evasive answer get on social media and tell people, if you get called a racist when there are no grounds for it get on social media and tell people, if you get no answer get on social media and tell people.

And of course if you get a good response and see your local member is actually keeping their word get on social media and tell people.

Social media is the tool we can use to take out country back. Don’t tell yourself it can’t be done because that is one of the attitudes politicians depend on to give them a free hand in ruining the country. 

Like any tool we have to use it properly, once we do that we will see real change in our favour and see the modern left cast into the political wilderness where they have always belonged.

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