Facts speak louder than statistics

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Putting Racism In Reverse

One of the sillier terms to come out is the term ‘reverse racism’ which usually refers to racism towards white people. It seems to imply that being racist towards white people is not the same as when white people are racist towards other ethnic groups and that only whites can really be racist. This is of course a disservice to genuine victims’ of racism everywhere and ignores the reality that racism is racism regardless of who the perpetrator is and who the victim is. 

The problem of racism will never be solved while racism itself is actually segregated into different groups based on people’s ethnic background.

If you can have reverse racism what other types of racism are there? If a Nigerian was racist to a Pakistani would that be first gear racism? If a Pakistani was racist to a Filipino would that be second gear racism? What if a Filipino was racist to a Japanese? Would that be cruise control racism?
The problem of racism is never going to be solved by creating new names to call people or treating them differently by their race but that is exactly what having reverse racism as an acceptable term is doing. The reality is that it is just as unacceptable to be racist towards white people as it is for white people to be racist towards others, racism between any groups is unacceptable.