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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Left vs. Right: Not Listening Tonight?

Lefty: Women like Julia Gillard are making a stand against misogyny! She’s putting you sexist conservatives in your place!!

Conservative: We aren’t sexist.

Lefty: Yes you are! You don’t respect women!!

Conservative: Yes we do.

Lefty: Oh really, name one woman you’ve had any respect for.

Conservative: Here’s one, another prime minister as well, Margaret Thatcher.

Lefty: It doesn’t count, she was a conservative.

Conservative: Does count. She’s a woman.

Lefty: Well Gillard out does Thatcher! People love Julia, no one wanted Thatcher!

Conservative: Thatcher was elected for three terms for a total of 11 years, Gillard was prime minister for three years, wasn’t exactly elected to begin with and was out before the next election.

Lefty: That’s because she was a victim of sexism!

Conservative: It’s because she is a self-serving liar who only cares for herself. Remember the no carbon tax promise?

Lefty: Well what about John Howard’s no GST promise? You conservatives like to lie don’t you! What he did is no different to what Gillard did.

Conservative: Howard’s backflip doesn’t compare to Gillard’s deceit! Howard put his position to the electorate before an election. He explained why he was changing his mind and went into the election seeking a mandate. He was voted back in which means the electorate approved of the policy. Gillard on the other hand went in saying no carbon tax and then put one in place. There’s no comparison with what Howard did.

Lefty: If it’s good enough for Howard to backflip it’s good enough for Gillard. Or aren’t women allowed to backflip?

Conservative: If she had of put her change of policy to the electorate before the election and won the same way Howard put his change to the voters I would not have any grounds to object to her policy.

Lefty: Well Gillard was voted in! Like I said, if it was good enough for Howard it is good enough for her.

Conservative: The electorate didn’t approve her polices, they approved Howard’s. Stop pretending you haven’t heard what I have already said.

Lefty: Oh well if they didn’t approve her policies it’s because they are sexist.

Conservative: It’s not a matter of gender, her policies weren’t liked because they were only to her benefit and the rest of the ALP.

Lefty: And how did she benefit from the carbon tax? If it’s so bad she wouldn’t benefit.

Conservative: It allowed her to remain in office long enough to qualify for a six figure pension. It also allowed her to splash taxpayer’s money around where she would benefit and in the process landed herself a lucrative job for when she left politics. Meanwhile to fund all this she borrowed recklessly and cut services that working people relied on. She also cut the single parent pension saying they should get jobs at a time when thanks to the ALP there weren’t very many forcing many families into poverty.

Lefty: That is sexist, you are a misogynist! She is a caring person.

Conservative: She only cares about herself, despite the six figure pension, despite the lucrative job and despite forcing so many into poverty she asked for more money on her way out of office. She didn’t care if it made her look bad and she knew people like you would take her side no matter what she did.

Lefty: No, that is sexist! You hate her because she is making a stand against the misogyny of you conservatives!

Conservative: Oh really? Where is she when women are getting their genitals mutilated under the guise of keeping them chaste? Where is she when they are being punished for being raped because they supposedly committed adultery?

Lefty: Ah, well, ah, it, you know, it’s, ah, not, not for her, ah, to, ah, you know, determine how, ah, countries and individuals determine these issues…

Conservative: Yeah, that sounds just like what she would say! She once said when she sees sexism and misogyny, she’s ‘gonna call ‘em for what they are’. She was in Abu Dhabi, where raped women are jailed for adultery and had the perfect opportunity to say something.

Lefty: Ah, well, ah, it, you know, she probably didn’t see any……

Conservative: Yeah, she was too busy looking at the money to see anything else.

Lefty: Well it’s too big an issue for her to handle on her own.

Conservative: Plenty of feminists out there, you’d think she’d have plenty of help if she rallied them together.

Lefty: Ah, well, ah, it, you know, she probably wants to deal with it locally first before she eliminates it throughout the world.

Conservative: So where is she when a young woman was treated abusively by a man who was pretty much rewarded for what he did? Can you say nowhere to be found because she would rather talk about it for money instead of actually tackling the issue?

Lefty: You racist!

Conservative: Where talking gender here remember?

Lefty: (Storming off) You just don’t want to listen do you?!

Conservative: Ah, well, ah, it, you know it’s, ah, not, not me who’s actually not listening.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Left vs. Right: Devastating?

Lefty: I went on to the Australian Tea Party page and called them all tea baggers! I bet they are just so upset now!! It was devastating for them! They’ll never recover!!

Conservative: How is calling them tea baggers insulting them?

Lefty: It says they are Tea Party people, that’s an insult!

Conservative: They are Tea Party people.

Lefty: Yeah but it’s devastating for them! I’ve proved them completely wrong!!

Conservative: How?

Lefty: Calling someone a tea bagger means they are wrong!

Conservative: So is that done in the same way you call people racist?

Lefty: (sarcastically) Ohhhh, what race is Tea? Oh, that’s right, they are all white, that means they are racists!

Conservative: You’re white as well.

Lefty: Umm well yeah but I have acknowledged my inherent racism and done something about it. I once spoke to an underprivileged child to teach them the evils of capitalism and how money is evil, that’s how I’ve overcome the racism that all white people have.

Conservative: What race is underprivileged?

Lefty: Now look here you racist tea bagger, I’ve proved you wrong, again! I win as usual!! You’re devastated, the Tea Party is devastated!! Hey, I’ll be a hero because I’ve brought down the racist Tea Party!

Conservative: But in essence all you’ve done is said they belong to the Tea Party which of course they do and are fully aware that they do and they know they aren’t racist because Tea Parties support people of different racial backgrounds and their supporters are from different racial backgrounds so as far as the Tea Party people are concerned when you and your friends call them racist you’re really just admitting you can’t present a real argument.

Lefty: Well the people the Tea Party support are conservatives so it doesn’t count!

Conservative: Actually it fulfils all that’s needed for them to say they aren’t racist. The Tea Party is in fact worldwide, race is not a barrier!

Lefty: Oh yeah, as if! Their probably all white!!

Conservative: There are Tea Parties in countries such as Mongolia and Nigeria.

Lefty: Well they are a bunch of sell outs! How dare they do this!! They should be content to let us think for them!

Conservative: Who, white people? Why can’t the Mongolians and Nigerians think for themselves?

Lefty: I uummm meant help them! They will come to us though, I have devastated the Tea Party with what I said on their page!! They will never recover from this! Never, ever, ever!!

Conservative: Let’s look at their page shall we?

Lefty: They're all in tears!

Conservative: The Australian Tea page has more likes since the last time I was there, people are leaving positive comments about the Tea Party movement and people have said your comment left them in tears laughing and quite frankly I am too.

Lefty: Racist!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Left vs. Right: Left Or Right, Are You Asleep Or Awake?

Asleep: I finished that article on my blog by saying ‘politicians are fools’. 

Awake: You’ve misspelled liars. 

Asleep: I don’t get what you mean. 

Awake: Liars is not spelled F, O, O, L, S. 

Asleep: I still don’t get what you mean. 

Awake: Politicians are not fools, they are liars. 

Asleep: They are fools. Their policies usually backfire and fail, they never achieve what they say they’re trying to achieve. 

Awake: That’s because they are liars. They never intended to keep the promises they made to you. They are looking for a completely different result. 

Asleep: No, that can’t be it. I can’t see what they could achieve by doing that. Why would they lie? 

Awake: Because they are scamming you, they’re not going to admit it but if you stop looking at them as fools you’ll see it more clearly especially since they aren’t really hiding it either. 

Asleep: But you wouldn’t do something like borrowing and spending all that money and have nothing to show for it if you weren’t a fool! 

Awake: But you would if you were a politician because as far as they are concerned they will have something to show for it. 

Asleep: But I can’t see how they could have anything to show the country for all the debt they’ve left us. 

Awake: That’s because you’re not looking at what they are really doing. One politician I know of got a lucrative job on leaving politics because they gave a small country about $300 million for a special project. It caught the eye of a big group with lots of money as hoped and now the politician has a long term job with that group. They’ll get $300,000 per year and that’s on top of the six figure pension they got on leaving politics. 

Asleep: No, that’s silly. You wouldn’t give $300 million out just to get $300,000 back for a few years, that’s a rotten investment. 

Awake: You wouldn’t, they would. When you invest or speculate you take the risk. When they invest they don’t take the risk and that’s because they are using our money. 

Asleep: Nah, $300 million to get a few payments of $300,000? Like I said, rotten investment. 

Awake: That $300 million is money they can’t spend on themselves but they can give it away somewhere specific and hope it catches the eye of a potential employer of ex politicians. That $300,000 is money they can use and it’s on top of a pension of maybe $150,000, $200,000 or even larger sums.

Asleep: But like I said, you wouldn’t give away $300 million to get some smaller amounts back. It doesn’t make sense at all. If they did that they wouldn’t be trying to do their jobs properly.

Awake: You need to change your perspective. The $300 million is not their own money and they don’t have to pay it back and they are not trying to do their jobs properly as in how you think they should do it. They are ensuring they are set for life and we are paying for it all. They are not fools. 

Asleep: Not even trying? Oh, they are such idiots aren’t they??

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Left vs. Right: How The Truth Offends Some.

Lefty: You’re offensive!

Conservative: How?

Lefty: Your attitude, especially to debating! Why am I always expected to admit I am wrong?

Conservative: Being right is not something you take in turns. You’re either right in what you are saying or you aren’t. Anyway, you never directly admit you are wrong but when you cry racist I take that as a roundabout admission of defeat on your part.

Lefty: I don’t always cry racist! Admit it now!!

Conservative: Actually that’s correct.

Lefty: I win, as usual, I always win! Always have, always will!!

Conservative: If you always win why were you saying earlier that you are always expected to admit defeat? If you are so blatantly right no one would suggest you admit defeat just as I am not admitting defeat right now. You are correct in pointing out you don’t always cry racist and I never said you did. What you sometimes do is cry sexist. If that doesn’t work you claim……………

Lefty (interrupting): I’m going right now, I just can’t talk to you because you are unreasonable!

Conservative: For once you actually took the words right out of my mouth.

Lefty: You racist!

Conservative: Oh change the record will ya!

Lefty: I have no idea what that means so I win, somehow! Admit you are devastated!! I am so good no one dares question me!

Conservative: So why did you say earlier you are expected to admit defeat?

Lefty: Oh change the record will ya!

Conservative: Please tell me what that means.

Lefty: Oh, so you don't know? Ha, I win!

Conservative: I know what it means, I want to make sure my meaning matches yours.

Lefty: You racist!

Conservative (with a touch of sarcasm): Oh, it looks like it means different things to us then doesn't it?

**crickets chirping**


Monday, 20 January 2014

Left vs. Right: Same Old, Same Old

Conservative: We need to look at welfare fraud. It’s costing the taxpayer a fortune and unfairly making legitimate claimants look bad.

Lefty: So all you conservatives think people on welfare are crooks! You conservatives are big on generalisations and stereotyping!! All you conservatives are a pack of racist, sexist, war mongering, psychopaths who want to make everyone suffer and you think everyone on the left is on welfare!

Conservative: Way to stereotype. I’ll just clarify my perspective, I didn’t say all people on welfare are crooks and I acknowledged that there are legitimate welfare recipients but…….

Lefty: (Interrupting) you want to end welfare and put people on the streets!

Conservative: As I was trying to say………..

Lefty: (Interrupting again) You’re just going to change your story because I’ve caught you out!

Conservative: I actually don’t need to play into your little game and repeat myself, I know you heard what I said about welfare when I first said it and I know you understood it!

Lefty: Well yeah, but some conservatives want all welfare ended. I think you should apologise to people on welfare for having such a heartless view.

Conservative: I am not responsible for what other people have said. It’s just like how I don’t hold all left wing people as responsible for your own views and behaviour. I will say this though, I do see your approach to dealing with issues as more prevalent among the more vocal of the left and the further left you go. I’m just glad all left wing people don’t do things the same way as you and your more vocal friends do.

Lefty: You racist!

Conservative: We are both of the same race.

Lefty: But you’re on the side against me so you are racist!

Conservative: Being on the left side of politics is not a race!

Lefty: Yeah, but……… well that’s um, well it’s not my point.

Conservative: Welfare is not a race either.

Lefty: Well it should be!

Conservative: You'd still lose the argument.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Left vs. Right: You’ll Be Sorry!

Lefty: Ha, I just went onto your page and said some nasty things about you and called you names! I bet you feel sorry now!!

Conservative: Not at all.

Lefty: I made you look like a fool with what I said!

Conservative: No you didn’t.

Lefty: Yes I did! After calling you all those things the people who read your page would be leaving in droves!! I win! You will never recover from this setback I have inflicted on you!!

Conservative: No one really took too much notice actually. Since you had nothing worthwhile to say no one bothered and are concentrating on real issues.

Lefty: I called you a racist! Now people know how wrong you are on everything!!

Conservative: Like I’ve told you before, the race card as played by the left is seen by us as you just admitting you can’t actually offer a real rebuttal to anything we’ve said.

Lefty” Ummmm, well I called you a few other things as well, that would have hurt you a lot! You’ll never recover from my awesome putdowns!

Conservative: Awesome? Try pathetic and lame.

Lefty: Well all your page supporters now think you’re racist! All your pages supporters will abandon you in droves!!

Conservative: Again, the race card as played by the left is seen by us as you just admitting you can’t actually offer a real rebuttal to anything we’ve said.

Lefty: No! What I said was devastating and you know it!! All your friends and family will think you are a racist! What I’m saying affects you big time!!

Conservative: My friends and family know I am not racist. And yet again the race card as played by the left is seen by us as you just admitting you can’t actually offer a real rebuttal to anything we’ve said.

Lefty: What I said devastates you and you know it!

Conservative: Since your pathetic style of debating is devoid of facts and only filled out by stupid insults I have no respect for anything you say. Since that’s the case why do you think I would care about anything you say? And as I said before, my friends, family and supporters know what you are saying about me is not true and even your friends know it’s not true.

Lefty: Well they say you’re racist as well!

Conservative: But they say it in the same context you say it so therefore they know it’s not true as well. You all know before you even say it you are full of it!

Lefty: No! I’m devastating!!

Conservative: No, because once again your lame debating tactics have been shown up I’d say you’re devastated.

Lefty: Oh, you said it was pathetic earlier, make up your mind! It can’t be both!!

Conservative: I can see why you’d say that given there is not even one real point in anything you say.

Left vs. Right: Of Taxing Times.

Lefty: Abbott needs to keep the carbon tax to combat climate change. 

Conservative: It’s summer.

Lefty: Oh, Sorry. Abbott needs to keep the carbon tax to combat the global warming we are experiencing. Thanks to him wanting to repeal it we’ve had the hottest summer of all time and there are bush fires as well!

Conservative: Using that logic then that proves the carbon tax is not stopping global warming if this is our hottest summer of all time. And bushfires in Australia, what a surprise! It would appear in a few cases global warming ignited matches that just happened to be in some people’s hands while they were out in the bush!

Lefty: The carbon tax was working well until Abbott got in!

Conservative: What? The carbon tax hasn’t been repealed yet!

Lefty: Well no, but you’ve got to have faith in it. The second you lose faith it fails.

Conservative: More like you lot have just been hoping the weather matches what you say. Tell me how a minor reduction in Australia’s carbon emissions will change anything?

Lefty: Australia has one of the highest carbon emissions outputs per capita in the world! It must be reduced as soon as possible!!

Conservative: But Australia’s total output is less than 1% of the world total. All the carbon tax has done is driven Australian industries offshore. They’ve gone from a country that has pollution controls to countries that have little if any pollution controls. The result is increased unemployment here in Australia and increased pollution elsewhere.

Lefty: No! It’s OK!! The carbon tax compensation will help them!

Conservative: No it won’t! People face losing everything, many people already have. The carbon tax has done nothing except rip money out of Australia. And where has the money gone? It’s gone to green scams and the UN which has its own climate scam department!

Lefty: You know nothing about the environment! The science is settled!! 250% of scientists around the world believe in global warming! The carbon tax has reduced all that horrible looking carbon pollution we had to deal with every day in Australia!!

Conservative: Carbon is not a pollutant and it is invisible.

Lefty: This is discrimination! You are against the environment!! You are a climate change racist!

Conservative: Well in that case it would be climate change sexism. We are after all talking about mother Earth which is a female entity.

Lefty: Oh, you just know everything don’t you?!

Conservative: Not at all but it’s obvious I know more than you.

Lefty: You racist!

Left vs. Right: Show Them You Care With Trillions In Debt

Lefty: Obama Is The Man! He Cares About America!!

Conservative: Yeah, nothing says caring like over $7 trillion in new debt!

Lefty: Yeah, well, there were more important things to pay for like Obamacare.

Conservative: And paying his friends the big bucks to fix the dud computer system they were paid the big bucks to create, paying for his $100 million plus vacations around the world when many Americans, including the people who voted for him, are suffering and losing everything they have thanks to his policies.

Lefty: Bush raised debt so everything Obama does is Bush’s fault. Obama is the better man and you’re just jealous! You hate Obama because he is black!!

Conservative: The fact that previous presidents have raised debt does not somehow justify Obama increasing it by more than half within 6 years. Obama and the rest of the Democrats are no better than the EBT recipients who looted Walmart when the system was down, the only difference is Obama and friends are unlikely to be called to account for their looting and as far as your race card is concerned will you once and for all understand that we know you only use it because you can’t back up your argument with real facts.

Lefty: So you’re saying that all people on welfare would loot Walmart if they could now are you? That’s just typical stereotyping by you racist conservatives!

Conservative: And there’s some typical lefty changing the subject and twisting what’s been said. You know you can’t win the point on Obama and the debt he’s raised so you switch gears and misrepresent a point I made along with the predictable cries of racism. To clarify, I was not referring to all welfare recipients, just the ones who looted Walmart. And to further clarify welfare is not a race.

Lefty: You’re just changing your story because I think what you’re saying is bad.

Conservative: I wouldn’t change my story because you think something I say is bad, I will not deny anything I’ve said but I will change my perspective if proven wrong. That has not happened here though, I was only referring to the people who looted Walmart.

Lefty: Well I thought you meant all of them.

Conservative: Well since I didn’t specifically say all of them I could ask why didn’t you just ask me to clarify my point instead but I already know the answer. You can’t debate without properly addressing the point so you have to rely on the predictable tactics that are more and more backfiring on you.

Lefty: That is racist!

Conservative: What race is tactics?

Lefty: I’m going now, if you don’t want to debate properly then I don’t want to be here.

Conservative: (To fellow conservative friend nearby) The lefty version of debating properly is expecting us follow the script they have in their mind where we freak out and concede defeat every time they insult us.

Lefty: That’s not true, you lot are just racist!

Conservative: You said you were going, why are you back?

Lefty: (Storming off) I just can't reason with you racist @#$%^&*!

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Left vs. Right, Debt Is Not A Problem (Especially When You Don’t Have To Pay It Back!)

A special thank you to the Underpants Gnomes of South Park for the idea behind this one.

Lefty: Why can’t you conservatives realise what we are doing is for the greater good?

Conservative: How is raising taxes, raising debt and crippling the economy for the greater good?

Lefty: It just is OK, you shouldn’t question us.

Conservative: Is that the answer your lefty masters gave you when you asked?

Lefty: Masters? Some of them are women………… I mean we are so right that no answer will be enough for you.

Conservative: Any attempt at an answer would be a start.

Lefty: Well it’s simple, step 1: borrow way too much money. Step 2:? Step 3: Success! We shall win, our way is guaranteed to succeed!! You have no comeback to that!

Conservative: I don’t think anyone could have a comeback to that nonsense! I do have a question though.

Lefty: Oh, what is it?

Conservative: What is step 2 exactly?

Lefty: Um, well, it’s the step before success!

Conservative: I’d laugh if I didn’t know you’re actually serious. What will you do when this fails to live up to its promise?

Lefty: Well we’ll just raises taxes and borrow more money, it’s no big deal. Anyway we’ve promised the Sandra Flukes of the world free birth control and I want to start a social program to help gay minority single parents get in touch with themselves and these programs aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Conservative: And it goes without saying you won’t either. Why should myself and other taxpayers have to pay for all this?

Lefty: No, no, the government would be paying.

Conservative: I'm sure you've been told before the government gets the money from taxpayers and we are Taxed Enough Already to pay for all the free spending of left wing governments! We can’t afford any more of this!!

Lefty: Oh whatever, you’re just so negative. We’ll just raise taxes and borrow more money……………..

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Left vs. Right: It's Payday!

Lefty: I had to go to the welfare office today, I hate having to go there! I've got better things to do!! I wanted to play video games and then hang out with my friends and discuss our next protest against capitalism.

Conservative: Why did you have to go in?

Lefty: They didn’t give me my pay!

Conservative: So you work for the welfare office then? I bet you’d love that job, the giving out of taxpayer’s money but at least you have a job.

Lefty: What are you talking about, I don’t have a job, I’m unemployed!

Conservative: Then what are you talking about.

Lefty: My pay didn’t go through.

Conservative: You said you are unemployed, were you casual at the welfare office?

Lefty: No, I was well behaved and straight to the point.

Conservative: I mean I thought you may have had a casual job.

Lefty: Yeah, I’ve heard of there are jobs like that! If I ever have to work I want a job like that where I can wear my old T-shirts and have long hair.

Conservative: That’s not what I mean. Have you ever had a job?

Lefty: No way! That’d get in the way of playing video games and protesting against capitalism!!

Conservative: Then why are you saying your pay didn’t go through?

Lefty: Because the welfare office was late with my benefits.

Conservative: That’s not ‘pay’ OK?! Pay is something you have to earn! You’re on benefits and that’s not supposed to be a lifestyle choice. You’re receiving benefits, don’t get ‘pay’ because you didn’t actually earn the money.

Lefty: Didn’t earn it? Do you know how much work it is protesting capitalism?

Conservative: What work? You just get a bunch of your unemployed friends who you see at the welfare office and go somewhere and chant a few stupid slogans before leaving. You look scruffy so you know no one will take you seriously and you don’t want to be taken seriously! You don’t want to smash capitalism because if you did there’d be no one to pay for your welfare!!

Lefty: You racist!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Putting Racism In Reverse

One of the sillier terms to come out of the era of political correctness is the term ‘reverse racism’ which usually refers to racism towards white people. It seems to imply that being racist towards white people is not the same as when white people are racist towards other ethnic groups and that only whites can really be racist. This is of course a disservice to genuine victims’ of racism everywhere and ignores the reality that racism is racism regardless of who the perpetrator is and who the victim is. 

The problem of racism will never be solved while racism itself is actually segregated into different groups based on people’s ethnic background.

If you can have reverse racism what other types of racism are there? If a Nigerian was racist to a Pakistani would that be first gear racism? If a Pakistani was racist to a Filipino would that be second gear racism? What if a Filipino was racist to a Japanese? Would that be cruise control racism?
The problem of racism is never going to be solved by creating new names to call people or treating them differently by their race but that is exactly what having reverse racism as an acceptable term is doing. The reality is that it is just as unacceptable to be racist towards white people as it is for white people to be racist towards others, racism between any groups is unacceptable.

Left vs. Right: Your Money Is Unlimited And We’re Entitled vs. No It’s Not And No You’re Not!

Lefty: You conservatives are selfish! All you are being asked to do is give up $2 a week to help others!

Conservative: It doesn’t matter if you say it’s $2 a week or $104 per year, I have no more money to spare.

Lefty: That $2 is the cost of a cup of coffee, surely you can give up a cup of coffee.

Conservative: I gave up all my extras a long time ago when all these other small amounts were taken from me. It doesn’t matter if you present each new cost as a weekly, quarterly or yearly amount, it all adds up and now I have no more to spare. Not only have I given up my extras like seeing my friends regularly or treating myself to a pizza to cover these additional costs you lefties have inflicted me I am deferring things I really need such as dental work.

Lefty: Seeing the dentist should be paid for by the government! We should campaign for that!!

Conservative: It would be paid for by the taxpayer, that’s where the government gets the money they spend from! And many taxpayers like me can’t afford any more of these taxes and cost of living increases!!

Lefty: Of course you can, I’m sure a dental scheme would only cost you $2 a week, that’s the cost of a cup of coffee, surely you can give up a cup of coffee, to help others!

Conservative: That $2 would be on top of all the other increases I’ve had forced on me! I only have a certain amount of money, which part of that don’t you understand? Do you even work??

Lefty: Well no but that’s beside the point! I’m sure I’d give up $2 to help others, you should really follow my example and be generous to others for once in your life………………..

Left vs. Right: An Open And Shut Case.

Lefty: You conservatives have closed minds! You won’t even consider the points we put to you!! 

Conservative: We did consider them and offered responses. We wrote them down for you, have you gone over them yet? 

Lefty: No I did not because anything you say will be racist propaganda! 

Conservative: How would you know if you don’t take a look? If you look through them you’ll see we’ve addressed everything you’ve said and it should demonstrate to you race isn’t an issue here. 

Lefty: You’re still closed minded racists! You sexist @#$%^& will just launch a load of name calling on me, I know it!! 

Conservative: Will you look over how we responded to your points? I think you’ll see we’ve appropriately addressed the positives and the negatives of your perspective……….. 

Lefty (interrupting): No! I am not going to consider it!! You just said I’m negative! I’m not taking this abuse from you @#$%^&!! I am sick of your closed minded intolerance! You should know we are right and you shouldn’t question it…………. (and the rant went on into the night.) 

Left vs. Right: Before A Big Debate.

The conversation to the left:

Lefty 1: So what is my strategy here? I have a couple of new ideas.

Lefty 2: You even need to ask? Call them racist, call them sexist, ignore whatever facts they put forward, use straw man and just keep repeating over and over while our plants in the crowd cheer whatever you say without question. Remember we have the tactics, keep with them and we’ll make our opponents cave! Don’t ask the obvious, did you think that in the last ten seconds we’d changed our tactics? Seriously! Get with the program and keep your ideas to yourself.

Lefty 1: I am so very sorry, please forgive me.

And the conversation to the right:

Conservative 1: I have the facts to back up our position, can we go over those strategies we need to minimalise the impact of their disruptive tactics please? I think if I keep a smile or a thoughtful look and avoid scowling that will at least help.

Conservative 2: Of course it will, nice thinking there. As far as their usual and ever so predictable tactics are concerned tell them they are the ones referring to race and gender, not you and then point out how this issue is nothing to do race and gender anyway, reiterate the facts and point out where their straw man is really irrelevant. Remember, we are not out to make our opponents admit they are wrong because we know from experience they never will no matter how much they are proven wrong. We are aiming to convince the people watching we are right and we will do that if we stick to the facts and avoid lowering ourselves to cheap left wing tactics.

Conservative 1: Thank you for your help, I appreciate it.