Facts speak louder than statistics

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Goodbye to a Real Friend

22 years is a long time to have a pet and after 22 years my pet was more than just a pet.

He was my friend, my precious friend.

So when looking into how I may pay my proper respects to my friend I considered a few options, I wanted to be realistic and also I wanted to properly honour my friend,

So I chose cremation. My precious friend was cremated and I scattered his ashes in one of his favourite places to sit.

Of course I had to find someone to do this for me.

And the people I found where perfectly suited for this task. I wanted my precious friend to be treated with the respect he deserved and I wanted the appropriate level of respect towards my feelings in this sad time. Pets Eternal Peace,
http://www.petseternalpeace.com.au , provided that. They came for my pet, cremated him and bought him home to me, they were happy to hear a few anecdotes about my friend and see a few pictures as well.

I could have had him placed in an urn but I wanted to symbolically set him free by scattering his ashes so my friend came home in a scatter box affixed with a white rose and a plaque with a few details about him.

Very respectful and more than I expected, I was very pleased with the care my friend received on his last journey.

I scattered his ashes, farewell my friend.

The scatter box is still here though; it’s quite useful for holding the pictures of my friend.

Thank you Pets Eternal Peace, my friend deserved the best and I’m happy to say you exceeded my expectations.

And thank you to my friend.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

One Punch Can Kill

There have been cases in Queensland where someone has killed someone else and has gotten away with it. They plead that they didn't mean to kill their victim although they generally did mean to attack their victim for whatever reason they had whether they were having relationship troubles or they got given the wrong sandwiches for lunch and were just got too cross about it.

Other people are there for them to take their frustrations out on. They didn't mean to kill their victim.

They say they didn't mean to kill their victim? Well I'm sure their victim didn't intend to die but they did anyway. The fact is people are being killed, someone attacks someone at random and says 'I didn't know they would die...'

They didn't have to have that knowledge because they weren't supposed to be attacking someone to begin with. Their action ends someone's life, that's murder plain and simple. The attack to begin with is illegal so if someone dies that's the responsibility of the attacker and they should be held accountable for it. It's no one else's fault and the person wouldn't have died if they weren't attacked to begin with.

Straightforward enough? It's the attackers fault.

The Queensland Government would appear to like these people because they are looking to allow indemnity to these people, essentially protecting these people from their actions.

Why control yourself? You're covered, if you attack someone and they die the most you'll get is an assault charge, wow that's a relief, how unfair it would be if you went to jail for murder when all you wanted to do was attack some random passer by but your safe now, the culture of violence can be allowed to grow unhindered by the concept of responsibility for your own actions. The one thing that might make you think twice, that is being held accountable for your actions isn't there.

Being drunk or under the influence of drugs is no excuse, if you can't control yourself under the influence you should not be drinking or taking drugs.

Protecting the criminal is essentially what the Queensland Government is doing, protecting them from going to jail.

Message to Premier Anna Bligh, laws are supposed to help protect us from criminals. Which part of that don't you understand?