Facts speak louder than statistics

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Scotland's Dawn: The Unionists Crow, The Losers Groan.

The recent Scottish independence referendum has brought out a group of people from outside of Scotland and the UK who thought they were somehow entitled to dictate to Scotland how they should vote. These outsiders then believed they are entitled to throw insults (from the safety of being many miles away) at the Scottish people when the result did not go the way some of those outside the UK wanted it to go.

When called out on their insulting behaviour they claimed to be exercising their right to free speech while trying inhibit that same right in the people calling them out.

Fact is their insults are not free speech, they are lame comments from people sulking that things go how they wanted.

Did people outside of Scotland have the right to say whether they believe Scotland should have voted yes or no? They did and that’s free speech. Did they have the right to say they felt the choice made by Scotland was right or wrong? They did, that’s free speech.  Did they have the right to insult the people of Scotland? No, insults are not in the category of free speech.

No one outside of Scotland has the right to try and dictate to the Scottish what they should do. Whatever reason Scottish people had for voting to remain in the United Kingdom is not up for the approval of others. Whether they voted to remain out of loyalty, history or whatever reason is solely their choice, after all they are the ones who actually live there and will be continuing to live there, not the people throwing the insults (from the safety of being many miles away).

Regarding the vote though it is a shame that final vote wasn’t more decisive but at least the people of Scotland were given an opportunity to vote on the independence issue. As far as the people who are insulting Scotland are concerned, they’re showing their true colours. People genuinely concerned with Scotland and its future would be wishing Scotland the best for the future and possibly offering their opinions on the impending restructure of the UK.

And with little concern for the little hissy fits from the people who throw insults (from the safety of being many miles away) Scotland the Brave will continue as a free nation within the United Kingdom, Scottish soldiers will continue to stand alongside all of their comrades in the UK, Scottish culture will still be a part of the UK and the Scottish people in general will continue helping to keep the United Kingdom united and the great country that it is.