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Saturday, 28 December 2013

But It's Only...........

Here's some basic economics which is often intentionally ignored by the left as they push on us their money grabbing scams. 

When it comes to new taxes or charges etc. it will often be presented as only an extra $2 a week or only an extra $50 a quarter or only an extra $500 a year depending on the spin they want to put on it. 

A recent example is the former ALP governments National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). 

The ALP and their supporters bleated it would cost you less than $2 a week with the inference that if you object to such a paltry sum of money being taken from you then you are heartless and mean. 

It's less than a cup of coffee, can't you give up a cup of coffee to help the disabled? 

Such a scheme as the NDIS does come across as a good idea but for many people it’s the last straw. They couldn’t afford an extra grab on their earnings. 

Oh but it’s only the cost of a cup of coffee…….. 

That coffee that someone has to give up could be the very cup of coffee they rely upon to keep working so they can earn the  very money that’s being taking from them. 

In any case there are limits to how much money someone has and no amount of creative accounting will change that. 

To put it basically if someone gets $500 a week and the lot is being taken from them you won't get a single cent more out of them let alone $2. 

Thanks to all these grabs at our hip pocket the economy is struggling to recover. Where people had money left over to spend they now have new taxes and costs and all of them presented as an extra couple of dollars here are a few hundred dollars a year there. 

Costs need to be brought down and wages isn’t the only place as is often claimed. The increases in electricity cost to fund green scams push up the costs of goods and services elsewhere, same as the increases in rates and water charges. A good place to start would be to roll pack the farcical competition in the electricity retail market. 

Every dollar taken from someone is one less for them. They don’t necessarily have another one to take its place and even if they did politicians and modern day socialists are not entitled to them to fund their scams and unlike governments people can’t borrow large sums of money and hand the bill to others. 

Next time someone tells you any scam (or policy, the two words are often interchangeable) they’re supporting ‘only’ costs so much a week, a month, a year etc. and won’t affect you and everything is fine and rosy look them straight in the eye and point out if they actually worked for a living they would see we are Taxed Enough Already.

Thank You For The Compliment

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Monday, 9 December 2013

They Don’t Care.

When it comes to discussing Government decisions and the implication of those decisions some people seem to suspend their disbelief when they discuss it.

A decision or a course of action is taken by the Government and when the results of that decision aren’t as advertised and/or have some adverse affect many people will discuss what the politicians have implemented, some people start off their sentence about the politicians with “Didn’t they realise that when they…...”

As in:

“Didn’t they realise that when they raised the tax on pre-mixed drinks teenagers would just mix their own and end up drinking more???”

“Didn’t they realise that when they made this budget it would be of no benefit to pensioners, many of whom are struggling???”

“Didn’t they realise that when they do things that cost jobs some people will lose everything???”

These questions are then followed by anguished discussion which seems to cloud the issue and effectively dodge what I believe to be the real answers to the ‘Didn’t they realise’ question and its follow on questions. So here are the questions with what I believe are the correct answers.

“Didn’t they realise that when they (insert decisions or policy here)”.

Yes, they realise exactly what the consequences are of their decisions and policies.

“Why would they do it?”

Because there is some gain for themselves, usually on a personal or ideological level.

These two questions are sometimes followed by another question which is usually asked during the anguish period, “Don’t they care?”

And the answer I believe is quite simply ‘no’.

So the next time you’re caught in a discussion about the latest political decision remember these three answers to the usual three questions,

“Didn’t they realise…..?”


“Why would they do it?”

“They have something to gain.”

“Don’t they care?”


Politicians aren’t just making decisions blindly, hoping for the best and they aren’t oblivious to what’s happening to people.

I think you’ll find they know exactly what will happen when they make their decisions.