Facts speak louder than statistics

Saturday, 14 July 2007

PM Says Tougher Borrowing Rules Unlikely

Several news sources have reported that some households are taking on more debt than they should due to ready availability of loans that are being approved for people who may not be able to service the debt.

There should be basic regulations and standards preventing irresponsible loans being made, that goes without saying though what it comes down to is people have to be responsible for themselves and not take on too much debt, it doesn't matter how much you can eventually curse the Government when you end up bankrupt for over borrowing, you are the one who bears the consequences, no one else.

The bottom line is you have to be responsible for yourself.

Way Beyond

Since the Queensland Council Of Parents And Citizens Association were unwilling or unable to actually explain exactly what they mean by "we have gone beyond corporal punishment" I got an idea of what they may possibly mean from other people. Apparently 'we live in enlightened times, we are all smarter than how we were before the end of the 20th Century, we are in a technologically advanced society, modern methods of dealling with innapropriatte behaviour are also enlightened and therefore better, corporal punishment is primitive and inneffective, it is like when doctors were treating patients with leaches. Having corporal punishment again would be a step back as it has been superceded.'

For something to be superceded or outdated it has to be replaced by something that actually works better, for example my first mobile phone is outdated, the phone I use now works better and has better functions so if I went back to my original mobile phone that would be a step back for me. If the new phone simply doesn't work with the alarm going off instead of conecting to the network and with water squirting out when I set the time then I will use my old phone because it won't have been superceded.

Likewise current behavioural plans are like a phone squirting water, they don't work properly. It doesn't matter how technologically advanced we are, people still have the same basic instincts that have been there since day one and those instincts often require a direct approach to help children learn to grow as people and fit into society.

We certainly don't live in some utopian society where people are just nice to each other so no effort is required by anyone, parents or teachers.

Schools are there to teach subjects that will help students deal with making a living in the big wide world, they cannot be spending large amounts of time agonising over why some students behave badly and fawn around them with plans and using time that could be better put towards the benefit of the whole class.

Someone misbehaving can affect the progress of an entire class and there is no time for that, detention or the cane usually puts a stop to the bad behaviour and allows the teacher to continue teaching, it is then up to the parents to look further into the situation.

If the student in fact has rotten parents and are misbehaving for that reason then by all means the teachers should spend time with the student to work out a solution but when it's just someone being an idiot for the sake of it give them detention or cane them to shut them up and allow the class to continue learning.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

The Daylight Savings Debate

The daylight savings debate keeps resurfacing in Queensland, the premier has suggested splitting the state into two time zones as a compromise between city and country views on this issue.

I won't say anything about that, it's a six of one half a dozen of the other deal there and there are other solutions.

Business wants daylight saving in order to help better facilitate business over the border with NSW and VIC, apparently the different times cause problems and cost money.

One thing we do want here is more business to come to Queensland and contribute to the economy, Queensland is growing, businesses would want to come to Queensland except if they will have extra difficulty trading with the other states then maybe it won't be worth their while.

Daylight saving does not fade the curtains, moving your clock backwards or forwards in no way alters the Sun, the Earth, when you change your clock for daylight savings you are merely getting up an hour early to take greater advantage of the daylight that will be there regardless of what time you get up or what you do to your clock so if it helps business maybe it should be given serious consideration.

As far as farmers are concerned, they can move their clocks and still get up at their non daylight saving times to do their required tasks, if you usually milk the cows at 6am do it at 7am during daylight saving hours, technically it will be done at the same time so nothing bizarre will happen to the milk.

In saying all this it's not for people moving to the state to demand that daylight saving be implemented merely because they like it, if they love it so much and they won't bring it in you can leave and if you have already left and resettled overseas then it's not your place to demand it just because you think Queensland should have it, it's a local issue and you are no longer local.

If it will benefit Queensland and there is reason to believe it will then daylight savings should be in place otherwise maybe the "smart state" can work out a way businesses won't be disadvantaged by the lack of daylight saving.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


There’s a law in place that essentially lets you get away with murder so long as you have an excuse. It doesn’t have to be a good excuse, any excuse will do.

People lose their temper and attack someone and get away with it, people attack someone and state they didn’t know striking their victim would kill them. People take drugs and attack people and claim it’s not their fault because they were under the influence of the drugs that they chose to take. People get drunk and attack people and claim it’s not their fault because they were under the influence of alcohol that they chose to drink.

Then they are let off without punishment or the charge is downgraded and they serve less time.

Meanwhile their victims are dead and they are dead because someone has taken their life. Families lose a member because someone else didn’t want to control themself.

If you can’t control your temper get some help.

You don’t need to know that striking someone may kill them because you are not supposed to be striking people in the first place.

If drugs affect your behaviour and prevent you from controlling yourself then don’t take drugs. It is not your right to take drugs if your drug taking will adversely affect others. Many drugs are also illegal.

If alcohol affects your behaviour and prevent you from controlling yourself then don’t drink. It is not your right to drink if your drinking will adversely affect others

Other people are not there to suffer the adverse affects of actions that were the result your choices.

There are plenty of avenues of help available to people if they have problems.

You do not have the right to take your problems out on other people.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Discipline In General

No response has been received from the Queensland Council Of Parents And Citizens Association regarding my email about their attitude to corporal punishment. It’s a shame; I really would like to know what they meant by how we have gone beyond corporal punishment.

Moving along I will comment on an email from a reader regarding corporal punishment and discipline in general. The email tells of a couple of children and how the mothers’ attempts to discipline are undermined and how the children have been misbehaving.

This mother has custody of her children and is expected to make them into responsible citizens.

One child is a 17 year old girl and whenever the mother has tried to discourage her daughter from doing things such as not walking the streets late at night, the daughter would ring Family Services and complain to them about her mother's treatment claiming it was abusive and Family Services would lecture the mother, without getting to the full story, about her treatment of her daughter and force the mother into parenting courses.

The other, an 11 year old daughter, who has a supposedly sick father who constantly tells his daughter that her mother is unfit to be a parent. He quit his well paying job so he won’t have to pay child support. The 11-year-old child hits her mother, and throws tantrums. The child then threatens to either tell her father or Family Services when her mother tries to discipline her.

The mother tries to do the right thing and yet is legally undermined by those who are ultimately not responsible for raising these children and those undermining the mother are allowing the children to abuse her physically and emotionally. The system would appear to not be interested in letting the parents have the right to discipline their children in order to guide them to become decent, responsible citizens.

When the bad behaviour of the children shows up in society or if they turn into criminals, the mother will be blamed.

If parents are not allowed to discipline their children then the parents cannot be blamed for how the children turn out.

Parenting can be a difficult job and when outside influences, legally empowered influences, undermine the parent often the children will not respect the parent and or any rules. The rules at home or the rules of society in general

Is it any wonder that many children turn out badly behaved in general or outright criminal and also that many people do not want to have children?