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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The Fake Side Of Climate Change

The climate has always changed and there is nothing mankind can do to stop it and no reason to. We'd be better off looking for real ways to stop destroying the environment, not fake ones that involve buying carbon credits and pretending it helps.

Hitting The Small Time

Countries like Canada and Australia are only small time players in CO2 emissions but if you listened to their governments you'd think those two countries were responsible for the bulk of the world's emissions and their governments are going to save us all. Even if if they were big time players, reducing their emissions would be of absolutely no benefit to the world.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

South Africa And The Racism Of The Left

The 'caring' left end up not caring when the victims are white people. 

The Australian government’s offer to help white farmers in South Africa has the left side of politics up in arms and spinning rapidly in distress. Cries of racism abound along with the usual virtue signalling and empty rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the left. 

You’d think those on politics left side would be falling over themselves to help white South Africans, they really are victims of racism, violence, oppression and genocide and the left claim they want to help people in those situations.

And that is where the problem for them really lies.

For the past few years the left have spoken of ‘white privilege’ and how it magically helps white people get ahead in life. It’s an old expression, the term appears to have originated in the US in the 1930’s and described the very real institutional advantages white people had at that time. In the modern era it’s just an excuse used by some for not being able to get ahead.

Like much of the leftist dialogue, their usage of the term is nonsensical. There are longstanding laws in place against racial discrimination in many Western nations and in the US the highest earning demographic are Asians. Guess they didn’t get that memo telling them they are being held back by white privilege………….

Now we are seeing on a national scale someone’s race will not provide them with some magical benefit or protection. The crisis in South Africa proves we are all equal. White people are victims of racism and violence, they are being oppressed and are the victims of state sanctioned genocide.

You could imagine the following conversation happening between a person who really believes in equal rights for all and an everyday leftist:
Believer “Hey, while these events are sad they actually show we really are all equal, let’s look beyond past prejudices and move forward!”

Leftist “Don’t be stupid, that’s the last thing we want! We need division to keep pushing our anti-freedom narrative!”

It’s not the first time in history white people have been the victims of violence and such like, another example is the decolonisation of Africa and the ensuing chaos that followed which drove white people to flee and take refuge in neighbouring countries.

The people who are attacking the white minority claim they are righting past wrongs committed by the ‘white minority’ yet it’s white people who voted to do the right thing and end apartheid. They gave post-apartheid South Africa a strong first world economy and many white people wanted to contribute to the new South Africa.

Trouble is post-apartheid South Africa just wanted to take from people and is using so called past injustices as an excuse.

The government claims white people have 78% of the nation’s farmland. That is a lie, what they have is the best worked land. White South Africans own 357,507 hectares of urban land and 26,663,144 hectares of farmland which includes vast areas of semi-arid land for a total of 27,020,651 hectares. The total land area of South Africa is 122,000,000 hectares, white people own 22% of that.

But if things go according to the SA government’s plan they won’t own any of it and the country is likely to end up in a worse state than neighbouring Zimbabwe. Even if by some miracle the country doesn’t completely collapse they will have done major damage to their reputation and economy. After all, if they take land and property without due compensation South Africa will tell the world it is not a safe place to invest as the government will use any excuse to take the property of others.

And when things stay bad for the country there’ll be no way they can blame on another ethnic group.

Some have tried to justify the racism towards white people in South Africa as righting past wrongs or black people getting their own back but that’s just a ridiculous excuse. What’s really happened is that many people who had nothing to do with apartheid and sincerely love their nation are being discriminated against based on the colour of their skin or are losing their jobs due to ‘affirmative action’ closing businesses down.

Apartheid had to go but it was supposed to be replaced by something better, not worse. The people justifying the racism running wild in South Africa though ignore that as if it’s no big deal.

The promise of post-apartheid South Africa was equality for all, not reprisals, theft, racism, violence, oppression and genocide. It was supposed to be the rainbow nation and an inspiration to the world. But like many promises from the virtue signalling left it was just another lie. If anyone tries to suggest to you the violence is justified just repeat to them a few times the promise was for equality for all and it was for peace. Not racism, reprisals and genocide.

It was an important promise, the fact it’s been trashed by the left shouldn’t be taken lightly but the people in the West who howled for an end to apartheid are silent when the nation they campaigned for turned out to be many times worse.

They also try and justify it by saying ‘white people shouldn’t be there’. Funny position to take since the left advocates for open borders. They cry ‘no one is illegal’ so with that in mind alone there is no reason why white people shouldn’t be able to live South Africa free from prejudice.

When the time came for the left show they really were sincere about helping refugees and being for equality they showed us their true colours and in the process we again get to see the irrational hatred and racism that really guides their lives.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Vote Yes To End Apartheid They Said, It Will Be Good For Everyone They Said…………

At one time apartheid was the official policy of South Africa and it divided people on the basis of race with white people in control. Black people and other races were restricted in their employment and where they could travel.

In the 1990’s apartheid came to an end and the country had majority rule, everything was supposed to be great for everyone since that time. It didn’t actually work out that way and just when people thought things couldn’t get any worse they are finding out it can and will.

“The time for reconciliation is over” Those are the words spoken by South African opposition leader Julius Malema following the motion he brought forward to seize white owned farmland without compensation.

Post-apartheid South Africa was touted as a nation of peace and harmony where all would live together happily ever after under majority rule, everyone will be equal they claimed. In practice white people faced constant racism and this about face on the idea of equality was justified by the left as ‘making up for past wrongs’. The promise was equality for all but never mind that, deal with what it’s become.

In 2016 Malema told his supporters he was 'not calling for the slaughter of white people - at least for now'.

So now they’ve even stopped paying lip service to the happy vision of post-apartheid South Africa, now we’re seeing what they really had planned all along.

The South African government claims the white farmers have 73% of South Africa’s arable land. They do not, the land they have is South Africa’s best worked land.

But they won’t let that fact get in the way of their plan to ‘confiscate’ white owned farms without compensation. In other words they’ll just steal the farms.

If the proposed confiscation (theft) goes ahead and the South African government takes the farms from white people there’ll likely be a mass exodus of white people. They will end up in the West or countries such as Zambia and Kenya where their farming skills will be more than welcome.

There’ll also be an exodus of other races from South Africa. People of Indian and Asian descent will likely start to worry if they aren’t already and flee as well taking with them many skills the nation needs.

And businesses from other nations are likely to become wary of investing in South Africa, any government that will shamelessly steal property from its citizens can’t be trusted to do the right thing by foreign companies. There might be a few foreign governments waiting in the wings though ready to offer a few crumbs to a desperate nation in exchange for major concessions.

In the not too distant future South Africa will be begging the West for aid. You can expect to see this dialogue take place between South Africa if they have to deal with realists in the West:

South African government: "Send us food, this is your fault because of colonialism, it did us no good."

Realists: "It gave you medicine, stopped you killing each other. It also gave you a strong economy but you ignored all warnings and deliberately threw it all away."

South African government "Just give us food now, it's your fault we have none."

Realists: "You look well fed, are you hoarding food for yourself while your people go without? Did it come from the white farmers you targeted?"

South African government: "You racist!"

Realists: “No, you’re the racists and that’s why your country is in the mess it is in now.”

And if it takes place with the left:

South African government: "Send us food, this is your fault because of colonialism, it did us no good."

The left: "It is all our fault, we are to blame and so are the white farmers for not staying and working the farms."

South African government: "Just give us food now, it's your fault we have none."

The left "We know, we are atoning ourselves, we are sticking our heads in the sand at the beach to highlight the problems white people made for you and we are sending thoughts and prayers to you, please forgive us!”

South African government: "You racist!"

The left: “Noooooooooooooooooo, mercy, you can’t call us that! We will do what we can to send you more taxpayers money. We can’t strip it from renewable energy subsidies so we’ll take it from hospitals and schools………….” 

The left justified the South African government’s post-apartheid violence committed by saying that the white people are their illegally and should never have been there to begin with and. In the next breath they’re denouncing strong border control in Western nations by claiming ‘no one is illegal’.

A very real lesson we keep learning here is you just can’t trust the left whether it’s race relations, gun control, the economy or anything, they promise utopia and deliver hell and without missing a beat will justify not delivering on the promise by blaming white people, specifically white male conservatives, misogyny, climate change, anyone but themselves.

This is real racism in action, this really does affect millions of lives and it really is deadly. No wonder the left are staying out of sight and don’t want to do anything to deal with it. This takes real action, something they are not able to deal with. Don’t be surprised though if they see it as an excuse to levy new taxes.

Goodbye to the (barely) first world version of South Africa, we’ll be saying hi to the full third world version any day now. And under the guise of claiming it’s white people’s fault the West will be expected to send aid and settle millions of refugees who are fleeing a problem that could have been very easily avoided.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Electric Lies Are Their 'Current' Approach.

Politicians always claim they are going to fix the economy. They promise shiny new things for all based on their make believe ideologies and dodgy accounting.

The proposals need to be questioned, here’s how the conversation should go:

Politician: I’m going to fix the economy!

You: So what is your plan for reducing electricity prices?

Politician: There isn't one.

You: Then you don’t actually have a plan to fix the economy. Come back to me when you do, meanwhile I will seek out a candidate who really does have a plan.

High electricity prices are crippling the economy. People now have less money to spend outside of buying the basic essentials and as a result they aren’t spending money on things such as entertainment, home improvements etc. In turn businesses suffer since there is less demand for their services. Businesses are also laying off staff and increasing their prices to cover high electricity costs. And when that fails they are simply going out of business which increases unemployment and reduces spending in the economy.

The major parties don’t intend to deal with rising electricity costs so they don’t have a plan for fixing the economy. Any promises they make are false and should be held against them.

It’s time for us to direct our votes away from them. There are other choices, it’s time we voted the establishment out and vote in people who will serve the country.

If we don’t we can stop complaining about the problems because a vote for the major parties is a vote for the status quo no matter what dodgy reasoning is used to justify it. For example claims that the economy will suffer due to uncertainty of new parties governing are false. The economy will suffer due to the certainly that the two party dictatorship will deliberately collapse it.

The economy has been working in spite of our governments, not because of them but all their deliberate mismanagement has been taking its toll. They've got to go as soon as possible or it will be too late to fix anything.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

You Get What You Vote For

How the left hopes you see their green energy plans. They claim sun and wind are free sources of energy, if it's free why does it end up costing so much?

If you have any friends who are Greens or Labor voters and they're complaining about high electricity prices tell them to stop complaining because they're getting exactly what they voted for.

If they might bleat that they I wanted climate action, not higher prices just remind them the pointless and useless climate action they want is expensive and it’s what they voted for.

If they claim they didn't vote for higher prices ask them who they voted for. If they respond with Labor or Greens then again remind them they voted for it.

And keep doing that no matter the excuse they come up with. Labor and the Greens are 100% dedicated to supporting the climate scam. The scam costs money and one place they get the money is through high electricity prices.

And if the Green/Labor voters still bleat it’s not what they voted for ask them why they voted Green/Labor since those two parties are openly dedicated to supporting the climate scam. 

If someone knowingly voted for Labor or the Greens despite the warnings then they've pretty much forfeited their right to complain about high electricity prices.

Because that's what they voted for.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Wonderful Era To Live In, If You Can Afford It That Is

It’s an interesting era we live in, the digital age is truly a wonder! 

Buying products via the Internet, streaming movies onto a computer and reading electronic books as well! Big screen TV’s with a picture so clear it looks like it’s real!

Too bad electricity costs so much that many of us can’t afford to take advantage of it all. Thanks to the farcical energy competition along with the climate scam our treacherous governments have forced onto us many people can barely afford to keep their lights on let alone do anything else.

And because electricity costs so much there’s a corresponding increase in the price of everything else including the basic necessities of life. Basically we are being ripped off.

And our governments keep getting away with ripping us off because too many people aren’t willing to actually do anything about it. For some reason many prefer to call politicians fools and pretend it does something instead of taking real action.

People need to stop voting for the major parties. We are currently under a two party dictatorship and nothing will change until people stop voting the same way as they always have. There are candidates out there that will represent Australian interests, people just need to get away from the belief that voting outside the major parties is wasting a vote.

The only way to waste a vote is to vote for someone you really don’t want to vote for or to not vote at all There are other choices and it’s time people voted for them. If we get more of the same at the next election we may as well kiss the country good-bye because they will completely collapse our economy and make us a third world nation.

The digital age is no good to us if we can’t afford to use and enjoy it properly.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Why Electricity Prices Keep Skyrocketing

Electricity prices are extremely high in Australia. Disconnections for non payment are at an all time high and economic growth is being seriously hampered.

Given the abundance of coal in this country there should be no reason for prices to be so high so the question many have is why are they so high and why do they keep climbing?

One reason is because governments and electricity companies don’t want to build new generators. They do want more and more apartment towers and other housing to be built though and the residents will want electricity. High prices discourage use and not as much electricity needs to be generated. In the process it will just happen to make a select group of people extremely rich.

Another is so money can be delivered to the climate scam. Also high prices discourage use and not as much electricity needs to be generated. This is necessary because the so called renewable energy sources that require extremely high subsidies simply aren't up to the task. In the process it will just happen to make a select group of people extremely rich.

And another reason is because governments get dividends from the electricity network. Higher prices mean higher dividends and in the process more money for the government to spend. Will any of this money be used to help people who can no longer afford electricity? Will any be used to help the people who are now unemployed because businesses can’t afford to employ staff anymore? Will it help stop businesses from going under because people can’t afford their services anymore?

Nope, they can go whistle. Our governments have their own agendas to fund such as sucking up to the UN and other organisations that offer politicians lucrative jobs when they leave parliament.

Our electricity markets and generators were privatised and opened to competition under the promise of lowering prices. The telephone network was often presented as an example of successful deregulation. What wasn't mentioned was that new technology was helping drive prices down as bulky telephone equipment was replaced with new and sleek digital technologies.

The energy network on the other hand isn't in the process of being streamlined in such a way because the comparable technology isn't there and in some cases it’s really taking a step backwards. Subsidy heavy wind turbines that are blighting the landscape are nothing but oversized and unproductive windmills being used for power generation. 

Yet the process it will just happen to make a select group of people extremely rich.


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

It’s Our Fault, They Aren’t Responsible! Somehow……….

The following is a representation of a discussion with the left as to why terrorists commit their acts of terrorism. The answer is pretty straightforward but for some reason the left can’t seem to see it.

Leftist Denial: why are they attacking us?

Reality: We’ve done nothing, it’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: What could the problem be, If only we could work out what we’ve done wrong and see some sort of connection between the attacks.

R: Open borders, lax immigration policies allowing Stone Age ways of life to take root in the West. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: But once they’re in the West they grow as people and support gay marriage, women’s rights, freedom and more importantly they vote for left wing parties, there’s no reason for them to attack!

R: It’s not where they live, it’s how they live. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: It must be the poverty the white male patriarchy is forcing them to live in causing them to lash out. It’s perfectly reasonable and understandable they’d behave this way.

R: Many of them are rich, most of the others are certainly not starving and poverty exists in all other demographic groups and those people aren’t committing acts of terrorism. Poverty is not making a certain group commit acts of terrorism. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: Maybe people are being racist towards them because of their faith.

R: They are not a racial group, and any issues are mostly down to the fact their culture is not compatible with ours. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: It must be because we’re isolating them from mainstream society and they’re lashing out.

R: We don’t do that, they chose to isolate themselves from others. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: Maybe we aren’t respecting their ways enough.

R: By attacking us for our freedoms they certainly aren’t showing our ways any respect. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: Maybe we need to make more heart signs at the sky, carry multiple concerns, talk about inclusion, talk about climate change, start a hashtag campaign, change our profile pics, tell people that the terrorists aren’t evil and how white people are racist.

R: How about you do something that looks for the real causes and offer a solution. I've been telling you all along what the problem is. It’s their way of life that’s the problem.

LD: You've been useless with this, you've been no help in working out how we’re to blame for their acts of terrorism!

R: I've been telling you all along what the problem is. It’s their way of life that’s the problem. And your side is helping them by refusing to listen to what people are telling you and by being in denial about the real issues.

LD: You’re racist

R: We aren’t talking about a race. It’s their way of life that’s the problem along with your refusal to stop your useless virtue signalling and look at what’s really going on.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Becoming A Republic Will Solve All Problems! Somehow........

We’re going to be a republic! The politicians say so, we can’t resist! After all, the politicians say so. Never mind what you really think of them, they said so and that’s all it will take! It will be a great day for Australia and everything will be fine and dandy! Just suspend your disbelief and vote how the government tells you to!

If the proposed republic does not contain a bill of rights then it's not worth anything to the Australian people.

Our rights are already under assault from the Liberal/Labor/Green alliance and could potentially be stripped away completely if we vote for a republic.

In other words if politicians want it then it's something that is for their benefit only. 

The Australian Republican Movement also constantly misrepresents our relationship to the UK and the Crown. For one thing Australia is an independent nation and our relationship to the UK is not a subordinate one. The UK cannot in any way pass legislation binding upon Australia and even in the past when they could, by convention they did not.

As far as the Crown is concerned, Elizabeth the Second is specifically Queen of Australia and it is a completely separate crown to the UK and other Commonwealth realms despite being held by the same person. Also the Queen is not foreign, she is family, we have a closely tied history to the UK as well as countries such as New Zealand and the relationship is an equal one. 

As a bonus the only time we have to pay anything towards the Crown is when the Queen is actually in the country and it’s pretty much the same cost we pay when any other head of state or dignitary visits the country. Even as a republic we’d still have to cover this cost should Elizabeth or her successors visit.

If you want to accept the Queen as foreign though then you could suggest the Australian Republican Movement is xenophobic given how foreigners are pouring onto our shores to live in this country.

In all seriousness though, at this time becoming a republic has nothing to offer us and could cost us dearly. It’s not something we can just adopt and then fix it as we go, it needs to be pretty much the right way to go from the start. If we vote for a model that actually takes away our rights we’ll be hard pressed to get them back.

All the republican movement is doing at the moment is distracting us from the very real issues we face and we possibly face losing our rights with promises of independence and sovereignty that we actually already have. These rights are currently being undermined by the Liberal/Labor/Green alliance so you can imagine the model for a republic they would present.

Instead of ‘throwing off’ the Monarchy we’d be better off throwing out the politicians and special interest groups that are serving their own agendas’ and egos to the detriment of the people of Australia and the very real sovereignty and independence this country already has.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Renewable Energy Is Just Renewed Scamming

Here is what the renewable energy scam is doing to the economy and what it is doing for the environment.

What it is doing to the economy is destroying it. What it is doing for the environment is nothing.

Here’s what’s happening in the economy. Because electricity prices keep going up people have less money to spend on other goods and services. Because electricity prices have gone up businesses have had to increase their prices and cut their costs where possible resulting in people losing their jobs.

Here’s what’s happening in the environment. Because so much attention has been on the green scams the real problems we face such as overpopulation, deforestation, rubbish in our oceans and ongoing crises such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster are not getting the attention they need.

It doesn’t matter what magical accounting they use or make believe stories they push to make it seem acceptable, the fact is the economy is getting worse. Electricity disconnections for non-payment are on the rise and our power grid is being reduced to third world standards.

It doesn’t matter how scary the green brigade make their stories, the whole renewables deal is still a scam. CO2 is not a pollutant, human output is only a small amount of the annual CO2 output, the climate has always changed and taxes cannot change the climate or the environment.

What’s been happening in the state of South Australia is a sign of things to come for the rest of the country as politicians pursue outrageous renewable energy targets. Prices there are the highest in Australia and their economy is collapsing. The SA electricity network couldn’t deal with an increase of wind and had to shut down and then its cheap infrastructure came apart. Businesses are now looking to conduct their business in other states or offshore where there is reliable and cheaper power.

As reliable power stations are closed we’re going to be left in the dark and not just because of renewable electricity’s unreliability, we also won’t be able to afford to power our homes anymore.

People are told they will have to make more cuts to their spending and change their lifestyle but why should they have to? People should get the benefit of their own money and spend it on what they want to spend it on. Many people have already cut their budgets as much as is possible but the trouble is politicians and green groups are very keen to spend other people’s money and keep devising ways to scam more money from people.

The scammers will try and justify the cost while glossing over the problems they cause with statements like it’s only a couple of dollars a week more or it’s just a 10% increase and it shouldn’t  be an issue and then follow that by saying it’s all for the environment.

Here’s some very basic economics that the scammers deliberately ignore, if someone gets $500 a week and that full amount is earmarked to cover $500 worth of costs then you won’t get a single cent out of them let alone a couple more dollars.

And it’s not for the environment, for one thing the manufacture of wind turbines create more pollution than using them supposedly prevents.

When technologies and products are superseded and made obsolete the new technologies and products are ones that are much more efficient and so much better it makes the preceding technology obsolete. One example is mobile (cell) phones. Modern mobiles are cheap, sleek, have good transmission range, clear reception and can do anything like make videos, stream your favourite programs etc. while the originals only had a few functions and limited range and transmission quality.

Look at televisions. The originals were bulky, had small screens and could only receive transmissions in black and white. Now you can get large and sleek TV’s with multiple functions and high definition picture quality.

Both items and many others are more efficient than their predecessors as well as being cheaper.

The reverse is happening with energy generation as the reliable and steady sources of generation are replaced with inefficient wind turbines and solar which cannot maintain a reliable level of supply and requires massive subsidies and high prices to stay in business.

And that raises another lie of the scammers, they claim renewables are a competitive form of energy. If something requires massive subsidies it is not competitive.

The powers that be don’t care though, they ultimately benefit and will do all they can to make sure they are immune from the destruction of our electricity grid.

The whole deal with renewable energy is a scam. Always has been, always will be.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

We Owe Nothing

The current woes in many parts of the world are blamed on colonialism and supposedly only aid money will ‘right that wrong’. 

Say what you will about the effects of colonialism, it ended decades ago and is not the reason why many countries are now going nowhere. 

On the issue of aid, billions have been pumped into these third world nations from the West and they are getting worse. 

Foreign aid is not helping, it’s time to stop pussy footing around the issue and deal with the real problems. 

On a side note, after most of the colonies gained independence many of the people in those countries fled to the countries of their former colonial masters. Guess the West isn’t such an evil place after all.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Trumping The Polls

The US presidential election has shown us something, it’s ultimately the people who can decide an election, not the political establishment, social activists and certainly not the media.

All kinds of tricks are used in elections such as calling a certain candidate’s supporter’s names or saying the polls have said who the winner will be while suggesting the polls are never wrong.

But wrong they are and they were wrong big time. Before the US election Hillary was said to be the winner by a massive margin and as we know that did not happen.

Many polls, such as this one by Huffington Post, declared Hillary the winner before the actual election

Now there’s mock soul searching by the media and others on why it did not go how they had wanted it to. They’re blaming non-existent racism, misogyny, they’ll probably even blame Bush the same way Obama constantly did during his presidency.

What it really comes down to is more and more people are waking up to how they are being manipulated and used to keep an elite group of people firmly entrenched in their in lording over us while ripping us off in the process.

Polls may be useful in gauging public views on various issues but as an election tool they are a load of nonsense designed to sway your vote and create talking points for election news shows.

So next time around completely ignore the political establishment, social activists along with the media and their fantasy world polls. It’s your vote, not theirs. Vote wisely and vote like you mean it.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Trump Trumps, The Left Whine (As Usual!)

The left cry racist at those who disagree with them. Usually race has nothing to do with it but the cries of racist come all the same.

Many white people in America voted for Obama, twice, but the general rhetoric from the left has been to call white people racist, especially when they disagree with any of Obama’s policies. There is no legitimate way to disagree, if you don’t accept things like the ever increasing debt, the overly expensive Obamacare and the increasingly divided America you’re a racist. Somehow……

And as an added bonus if you question things like the mythical gender pay gap or do not support taxpayer funded abortion up to nine months and beyond or you’re not inclined to vote for Hillary you’re automatically a misogynist.

Never-mind if you supported Bernie Sanders and were less than impressed with the Super Delegate deal, question Hillary and you’re out of order and if anything, how dare you even question, just vote for who you’re told to vote for!

Right from the get go the left have been calling Trump racist and a misogynist. Trump associates with and employs females and people of different ethnic backgrounds. The cries of racist are just another act of bullying and crying wolf by the left. They’ve done that way too often so even if somebody they labelled actually was racist etc. there’s no way anyone could believe them, they have absolutely no credibility remaining whatsoever.

Not that the left has missed a beat, the name calling continues and they as usual continue to show us their true colours and contempt for democracy.

It’s not about race, never was and never will be but to address what the issues really are would force the left to address the very real shortcomings of the ideology they live by.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Big Debt? No Big Deal To The Democrats

Some on the Democrat side of the impending US election like to squawk that Obama has performed miracles with the US economy. The deficit is down apparently and job numbers are up, thanks to Obamacare many people now have health coverage. Apparently Hillary Clinton is set to continue with Obama’s legacy of performing miracles.

For many people though the cost of living is up. That’s because the Obama miracles caused their full time job to be converted into a part time job to avoid Obamacare levies with the added bonus in some cases of the employee still expected to do the same amount of work. With less money coming they are also badly placed to face cost of living increases that have hit people to fund Obamacare.

In other cases some full time jobs have become two part time jobs which has had a corresponding impact on job numbers. Through the magic of turning one full time job into two part time jobs unemployment figures are reduced. Yay Obamacare. You’ll have to work harder for less but you’ll have health coverage for when you crack under the strain. (You had it before but with your own doctor but never-mind that, you can say the economy is better!)

One thing that has increased during Obama’s eight years in office and increased massively is the national debt. When he took office in 2009 the debt was already way too high at $11,909,829,003,511.75. By the time he leaves the debt will be nearly doubled at around $19,391,704,027,667.12.

In other words the ‘better economy’ under Obama is a smoke and mirrors job funded by debt, debt and more debt.

So it’s not really a matter of Obama doing wonders with the US economy, it’s more a matter that it’s a wonder the US economy is still even functioning.

For the left though the debt he's left for taxpayers is an achievement beyond belief, Obama has spent more of other peoples money than anyone else in history.

And on a related subject, while the debt is measured against the GDP the entire GDP is not actually available for servicing the debt. The current GDP is approximately $18 trillion and the US government gets approximately $3.25 trillion dollars of that. The debt is serviced from the sum received by the US government which has other commitments as well from pensions to infrastructure.