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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The Fake Side Of Climate Change

The climate has always changed and there is nothing mankind can do to stop it and no reason to. We'd be better off looking for real ways to stop destroying the environment, not fake ones that involve buying carbon credits and pretending it helps.

Hitting The Small Time

Canada is only a small time players in CO2 emissions but if you listened to some of the people there you'd think it was responsible for the bulk of the world's emissions and cutting down those emissions is going to save us all. Even if Canada was a big time player, reducing their emissions would be of absolutely no benefit to the world.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

South Africa And The Racism Of The Left

The 'caring' left end up not caring when the victims are white people. 

The Australian government’s offer to help white farmers in South Africa has the left side of politics up in arms and spinning rapidly in distress. Cries of racism abound along with the usual virtue signalling and empty rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the left. 

You’d think those on politics left side would be falling over themselves to help white South Africans, they really are victims of racism, violence, oppression and genocide and the left claim they want to help people in those situations.

And that is where the problem for them really lies.

For the past few years the left have spoken of ‘white privilege’ and how it magically helps white people get ahead in life. It’s an old expression, the term appears to have originated in the US in the 1930’s and described the very real institutional advantages white people had at that time. In the modern era it’s just an excuse used by some for not being able to get ahead.

Like much of the leftist dialogue, their usage of the term is nonsensical. There are longstanding laws in place against racial discrimination in many Western nations and in the US the highest earning demographic are Asians. Guess they didn’t get that memo telling them they are being held back by white privilege………….

Now we are seeing on a national scale someone’s race will not provide them with some magical benefit or protection. The crisis in South Africa proves we are all equal. White people are victims of racism and violence, they are being oppressed and are the victims of state sanctioned genocide.

You could imagine the following conversation happening between a person who really believes in equal rights for all and an everyday leftist:
Believer “Hey, while these events are sad they actually show we really are all equal, let’s look beyond past prejudices and move forward!”

Leftist “Don’t be stupid, that’s the last thing we want! We need division to keep pushing our anti-freedom narrative!”

It’s not the first time in history white people have been the victims of violence and such like, another example is the decolonisation of Africa and the ensuing chaos that followed which drove white people to flee and take refuge in neighbouring countries.

The people who are attacking the white minority claim they are righting past wrongs committed by the ‘white minority’ yet it’s white people who voted to do the right thing and end apartheid. They gave post-apartheid South Africa a strong first world economy and many white people wanted to contribute to the new South Africa.

Trouble is post-apartheid South Africa just wanted to take from people and is using so called past injustices as an excuse.

The government claims white people have 78% of the nation’s farmland. That is a lie, what they have is the best worked land. White South Africans own 357,507 hectares of urban land and 26,663,144 hectares of farmland which includes vast areas of semi-arid land for a total of 27,020,651 hectares. The total land area of South Africa is 122,000,000 hectares, white people own 22% of that.

But if things go according to the SA government’s plan they won’t own any of it and the country is likely to end up in a worse state than neighbouring Zimbabwe. Even if by some miracle the country doesn’t completely collapse they will have done major damage to their reputation and economy. After all, if they take land and property without due compensation South Africa will tell the world it is not a safe place to invest as the government will use any excuse to take the property of others.

And when things stay bad for the country there’ll be no way they can blame on another ethnic group.

Some have tried to justify the racism towards white people in South Africa as righting past wrongs or black people getting their own back but that’s just a ridiculous excuse. What’s really happened is that many people who had nothing to do with apartheid and sincerely love their nation are being discriminated against based on the colour of their skin or are losing their jobs due to ‘affirmative action’ closing businesses down.

Apartheid had to go but it was supposed to be replaced by something better, not worse. The people justifying the racism running wild in South Africa though ignore that as if it’s no big deal.

The promise of post-apartheid South Africa was equality for all, not reprisals, theft, racism, violence, oppression and genocide. It was supposed to be the rainbow nation and an inspiration to the world. But like many promises from the virtue signalling left it was just another lie. If anyone tries to suggest to you the violence is justified just repeat to them a few times the promise was for equality for all and it was for peace. Not racism, reprisals and genocide.

It was an important promise, the fact it’s been trashed by the left shouldn’t be taken lightly but the people in the West who howled for an end to apartheid are silent when the nation they campaigned for turned out to be many times worse.

They also try and justify it by saying ‘white people shouldn’t be there’. Funny position to take since the left advocates for open borders. They cry ‘no one is illegal’ so with that in mind alone there is no reason why white people shouldn’t be able to live South Africa free from prejudice.

When the time came for the left show they really were sincere about helping refugees and being for equality they showed us their true colours and in the process we again get to see the irrational hatred and racism that really guides their lives.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Vote Yes To End Apartheid They Said, It Will Be Good For Everyone They Said…………

At one time apartheid was the official policy of South Africa and it divided people on the basis of race with white people in control. Black people and other races were restricted in their employment and where they could travel.

In the 1990’s apartheid came to an end and the country had majority rule, everything was supposed to be great for everyone since that time. It didn’t actually work out that way and just when people thought things couldn’t get any worse they are finding out it can and will.

“The time for reconciliation is over” Those are the words spoken by South African opposition leader Julius Malema following the motion he brought forward to seize white owned farmland without compensation.

Post-apartheid South Africa was touted as a nation of peace and harmony where all would live together happily ever after under majority rule, everyone will be equal they claimed. In practice white people faced constant racism and this about face on the idea of equality was justified by the left as ‘making up for past wrongs’. The promise was equality for all but never mind that, deal with what it’s become.

In 2016 Malema told his supporters he was 'not calling for the slaughter of white people - at least for now'.

So now they’ve even stopped paying lip service to the happy vision of post-apartheid South Africa, now we’re seeing what they really had planned all along.

The South African government claims the white farmers have 73% of South Africa’s arable land. They do not, the land they have is South Africa’s best worked land.

But they won’t let that fact get in the way of their plan to ‘confiscate’ white owned farms without compensation. In other words they’ll just steal the farms.

If the proposed confiscation (theft) goes ahead and the South African government takes the farms from white people there’ll likely be a mass exodus of white people. They will end up in the West or countries such as Zambia and Kenya where their farming skills will be more than welcome.

There’ll also be an exodus of other races from South Africa. People of Indian and Asian descent will likely start to worry if they aren’t already and flee as well taking with them many skills the nation needs.

And businesses from other nations are likely to become wary of investing in South Africa, any government that will shamelessly steal property from its citizens can’t be trusted to do the right thing by foreign companies. There might be a few foreign governments waiting in the wings though ready to offer a few crumbs to a desperate nation in exchange for major concessions.

In the not too distant future South Africa will be begging the West for aid. You can expect to see this dialogue take place between South Africa if they have to deal with realists in the West:

South African government: "Send us food, this is your fault because of colonialism, it did us no good."

Realists: "It gave you medicine, stopped you killing each other. It also gave you a strong economy but you ignored all warnings and deliberately threw it all away."

South African government "Just give us food now, it's your fault we have none."

Realists: "You look well fed, are you hoarding food for yourself while your people go without? Did it come from the white farmers you targeted?"

South African government: "You racist!"

Realists: “No, you’re the racists and that’s why your country is in the mess it is in now.”

And if it takes place with the left:

South African government: "Send us food, this is your fault because of colonialism, it did us no good."

The left: "It is all our fault, we are to blame and so are the white farmers for not staying and working the farms."

South African government: "Just give us food now, it's your fault we have none."

The left "We know, we are atoning ourselves, we are sticking our heads in the sand at the beach to highlight the problems white people made for you and we are sending thoughts and prayers to you, please forgive us!”

South African government: "You racist!"

The left: “Noooooooooooooooooo, mercy, you can’t call us that! We will do what we can to send you more taxpayers money. We can’t strip it from renewable energy subsidies so we’ll take it from hospitals and schools………….” 

The left justified the South African government’s post-apartheid violence committed by saying that the white people are their illegally and should never have been there to begin with and. In the next breath they’re denouncing strong border control in Western nations by claiming ‘no one is illegal’.

A very real lesson we keep learning here is you just can’t trust the left whether it’s race relations, gun control, the economy or anything, they promise utopia and deliver hell and without missing a beat will justify not delivering on the promise by blaming white people, specifically white male conservatives, misogyny, climate change, anyone but themselves.

This is real racism in action, this really does affect millions of lives and it really is deadly. No wonder the left are staying out of sight and don’t want to do anything to deal with it. This takes real action, something they are not able to deal with. Don’t be surprised though if they see it as an excuse to levy new taxes.

Goodbye to the (barely) first world version of South Africa, we’ll be saying hi to the full third world version any day now. And under the guise of claiming it’s white people’s fault the West will be expected to send aid and settle millions of refugees who are fleeing a problem that could have been very easily avoided.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Trumping The Polls

The US presidential election has shown us something, it’s ultimately the people who can decide an election, not the political establishment, social activists and certainly not the media.

All kinds of tricks are used in elections such as calling a certain candidate’s supporter’s names or saying the polls have said who the winner will be while suggesting the polls are never wrong.

But wrong they are and they were wrong big time. Before the US election Hillary was said to be the winner by a massive margin and as we know that did not happen.

Many polls, such as this one by Huffington Post, declared Hillary the winner before the actual election

Now there’s mock soul searching by the media and others on why it did not go how they had wanted it to. They’re blaming non-existent racism, misogyny, they’ll probably even blame George Bush.

What it really comes down to is more and more people are waking up to how they are being manipulated and used to keep an elite group of people firmly entrenched in their in lording over us while ripping us off in the process.

Polls may be useful in gauging public views on various issues but as an election tool they are a load of nonsense designed to sway your vote and create talking points for election news shows.

So next time around completely ignore the social activists along with the media and their fantasy world polls. It’s your vote, not theirs. Vote wisely and vote like you mean it.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Weathering The Current Climate

There’s a large storm brewing in South Australia that will also affect most of the country. I’m wondering how many blackouts South Australia will have to deal with as a large amount of their electricity is generated by so called renewable sources. 

Wind turbines which aren’t the most efficient form of energy generation at the best of times aren’t able to operate in high winds (although fees are still paid to the operators!) and of course solar power is useless when there is no sun.

It’ll be interesting to see how many climate alarmists go on about the storm (a weather event) being the result of climate change (which is they claim is completely separate from the weather) and claim carbon taxes would have somehow stopped it.

If the climate alarmists line is to be believed , the Earth’s climate was static and tranquil until industry started and then everything went crazy.

Of course we know it’s the climate alarmists anti CO2 line that is crazy along with their expectation we’ll believe all the climate fairy tales they make up.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

To Be Cultured

There is not as much bigotry out there as the left would have you believe and their constant cries of racist are no longer working as well for them. They want causes to champion though, preferably ones that are low effort but they can get some little feel-good moment from it.

What do you do when there aren’t any low effort causes to champion? You manufacture them. One such cause is what they call cultural appropriation and a claim that people (usually white people.) are stealing culturally from other groups who are somehow automatically oppressed victims. For example a white person with dreadlocks is considered guilty of cultural appropriation.

Never mind that in the West we live in multicultural societies and are supposed to be celebrating diversity and encouraging togetherness, people (usually white people) apparently should not be adopting a single thing from other cultures. By all means go to the restaurants and enjoy the food but don’t you dare like anything else!

Obviously offensive stereotypes and objectionable cultural practices (such as those that oppress women and restrict freedom) should be stopped but in general the leftist thought police need to be stopped in their tracks. The leftist approach is an attempt at segregating people and keeping them divided. Our countries will never be united with the left’s nonsensical ‘look but don’t touch’ approach. If all cultures and people are supposedly equal then what’s the problem with equals sharing?

But this is the leftist way for you. They try and stop people (usually white people) from looking into other cultures and ways of life and then complain when white people don’t understand the other cultures.

If people are divided the left can more freely spout their nonsense and do all they can to keep certain groups seeing themselves as victims and in need of the left’s ‘guidance’ and ‘protection’. They can also keep you from criticising the cultures that are against freedom and the left really champion.

So just ignore those who cry cultural appropriation. Take the best of what the world has to offer, wear it respectfully and enjoy.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Left And Their Mythical Gender Pay Gap

The left are going on about the mythical pay gap again. It’s been shown up for the nonsense that it is over and over and over again.

First of all it’s illegal to pay women less than men and it has been illegal for quite some time.

If it was really cheaper to hire women then the workforce would be full of women. After all businesses exist to make money, they aren’t some big men’s club out to forward some great male patriarchy. If it was cheaper to hire women they would hire them because lower expenses mean higher profits.

Some have complained how the physical requirements for some jobs discriminate against women and that standards should be lowered. If that were the case then businesses would actually be forced to hire more people to make up for a strength shortage and probably go out of business from carrying too high an overhead.

Firefighting is one of these areas that require great strength. From holding a fire hose (it isn’t a garden hose!) to carrying people out of a building. You can’t have people underperforming in disaster situations because they themselves become a liability and put other lives at risk. You have to be up to the task and it’s a task many men aren’t up to either. You can’t have two people carrying an average sized person down a ladder. If anyone has any complaints, refer them to nature. It’s down to evolution as to why some people can’t do certain jobs, not some male patriarchy holding people back.

Men earn more? The gender earnings presented are a collective measure which doesn’t tell you what’s really going on. What it’s down to is the choices many women make from working less hours to raising their children to not wanting to put in the long hours sometimes required to make the big money.

The left bleat about that as well as if those choices are not the best ones to make. From that you could say the left actually don’t want women to make decisions for themselves.

There are many women out there who earn more than men and there are plenty of well-paying heavy jobs many men are not likely to be hired for. Is it any benefit to them they are on the winning side of this so called gender pay gap?

“Geez, I don’t earn anywhere near as much as that lady down the road. She has lots of nice things and I’m barely getting by but hey, at least I’m on the winning side of the gender pay gap………….”

The gender pay gap argument put forward by the left is nothing but another one of their tactics to cause division and distract people from the real problems we are facing and which they themselves are often the ones causing.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Prove Them Wrong, It's Easy.

Being human we sometimes do not respond to things in a logical way or in a way that’s beneficial to us.

There are cases of people being told they will never do well for themselves or they’ll become a criminal by people they should not be listening to. Sometimes it’s people who are supposed to be friends but obviously these people are not friends because friends don’t talk to you like that.

For many of us it’s something we usually ignore. It might be a blow to the ego and it’s not nice to hear but we move on from it. For others though the response is “if this is how they think I’ll be then I’m going to be that way and they’ll be sorry!”

They won’t be sorry though, they’ll be happy you’ve proven them right. They said you’d be that way and lo and behold that is how you’ve turned out.

Sure, you may be able to blame them for what’s happened but that won’t really help you or undo the damage. And given that we are ultimately responsible for ourselves you’ll still be held accountable for your actions.

So here’s how to deal with it, ignore them and prove them wrong. It’s not a matter of becoming the world’s richest person, (but if you can achieve that by all means do so!) it’s just a matter of getting on with your life and dealing with what comes your way.

You don’t have to live up to a bad image others may have of you. If you’re overall not behaving like they claim you are or have just made a mistake and are getting back on track then their comments should be meaningless to you.

Disregard, move on and prove them wrong. And don’t prove them wrong just to get one over them, prove them wrong because it’s in your best interests to do so.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Remember, Ice Is A Sign Of Warming!

The globull warming brigade will often try and discredit the reality based perspective presented by climate realists with whatever nonsense they can come up with. One trick they try is pointing out NASA put a man on the moon. Somehow this means NASA is infallible and beyond question in the climate change arena.

Putting a man on the moon is rocket science, not climate science and as far as any implied suggestion NASA is somehow always right has been tragically proven wrong by disasters such as the Apollo 1 fire, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster amongst other mishaps.

NASA is an organisation funded by US taxpayer dollars which are under the control of the US government and if said government is determined to forward the climate scam NASA will in turn be likely to present data that favours the scam/witchcraft based belief that taxes can change the climate.

So to all those pushing the CO2 climate scam feel free to stack talk show guest and audience numbers in your favour while mocking people who do not see NASA as some infallible deity. The fact the data you present has for the most part never resembled reality will always come back and, as usual, show the CO2 line in climate change up for the absolute nonsense it has always been.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Social Media, A Tool For Effective Action

People get on social media and say politicians are out of touch. What we need to ask those people is did they actually communicate with their local member? Your local member will not know what your concerns are if you don’t tell them.

After all, while your local member is doing what they can to serve their electorate they are unlikely to be following you on Facebook or waiting on the edge of their seat for you to say something on Twitter. You can’t really call them out of touch if you don’t tell them what you think, how are they supposed to know otherwise? Don’t sit back and let the media or others dictate to them, they need to hear from the Australian people.

No need to be rude or insulting, just tell them what you think and tell them where they are going wrong. If more people discussed the issues with politicians they may find said politicians will be 'more in touch' with the electorate.

Social media should be where we compare notes on our interactions with our representatives and use that information as to whether or not we are satisfied with their performance. The current action preferred by many people of getting online and calling politicians out of touch is just a major waste of time.

If you get an unsatisfactory or no answers then get on social media to discuss it and compare notes with others.

And of course if you get a good response and see your local member is actually keeping their word get on social media and tell people.

Social media is the tool we can use to help get our country back on track. Don’t tell yourself it can’t be done because that is one of the attitudes that can drag us all down.

Like any tool we have to use it properly, once we do that we will see real change in our favour.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Reports Will Stop, Not The Crime.

We’ve often encountered the lack of reality based approach of the left leaning media. One such trick is to supply incomplete information such as in reporting crime. If a crime is committed by someone who is not Caucasian often the suspect’s ethnicity will be omitted from the media report.

Another trick appears to be ignoring the crimes by certain groups once they become a regular occurrence and in the process, “the norm”.

So with that in mind don’t think that the crime wave currently hitting Victoria has actually stopped if you no longer see any reports of violent home invasions and assaults by a certain gang. The reports will simply dwindle as they become ‘old news’ and an accepted part of day to day life.

In any case they wouldn’t want you to look badly on their version of diversity, the one where you surrender to vile ways of living without question. Because of this diversity you can go to Victoria and experience third world living right here in Australia.

Just remember not to say anything bad about anyone’s culture because that would supposedly be racist even though race and culture are two separate things.

Somehow having people recreate a way of life here that drove them out of their home country is a good thing. Look below the surface though it pretty much shows that many problems faced around the world are not actually caused by where people live but more by how they live. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Australia – The Gun Free Utopia?

The evening of Monday, 14 March 2016 marked the 8th fatal shooting in Australia since the start of the year https://www.facebook.com/7NewsMelbourne/videos/10154063327889301/

Clearly the criminals of Australia are ignoring some of the most draconian gun laws in the world, which were enacted in the wake of the Port Arthur massacre in 1996.

At the same time the 800,000+ licenced law abiding gun owners of the nation continue to face significant discrimination across society.

It is worth noting that whilst criminals have shot and killed 8 people this year (so far), licenced gun owners have not shot or killed a single person.

But we continue to hear the same myths from gun control advocates, time and time again:-

     That Australia’s tough gun laws have reduced murder rates:

A 2008 study by The Melbourne Institute demolishes this claim, and shows verifiable data that the “overall” rate of homicide in Australia has headed on the same trajectory as it had been for decades prior to strict gun control. https://www.melbourneinstitute.com/downloads/working_paper_series/wp2008n17.pdf

     That there have been no massacres since the post Port Arthur gun bans:

There have been at least 8 massacres since the gun bans. So to claim otherwise is a complete myth.

In fact the “overall” rate of massacres has remained virtually unchanged since the end of massacres of indigenous populations during the Colonial era.

Clearly mass killers have simply switched to using arson and stabbing, which are evidently just as deadly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_Australia

     That the gun bans reduced suicide rates:

Whilst suicide with firearms did drop, the “overall” rate of suicide actually increased!

Clearly people simply switched to alternative methods of suicide.

Also, it is absurd to think that banning semi-automatic rifles would reduce suicide, as it is not possible to continue to shoot yourself multiple times. It is even more absurd given that semi-automatic pistols remain legal in Australia. http://www.gunsandcrime.org/auresult.html#accidents

     That the gun bans restricted “high power” firearms:

In fact Australia’s gun laws are not based on the power of firearms at all. It remains legal to possess very high power calibres (such as .338 Lapua, 308, 270, 30-06) which are highly lethal at ranges in excess of 1km.

Whereas very low powered semi-automatic .22 rabbit hunting rifles (which are widely available in places like New Zealand and even the UK) are strictly controlled and effectively prohibited.

One of the most policed features of Australian gun laws are laws based purely on how a firearm looks, with no regard at all to its actual function. Leading to the absurd bans on Air-Soft BB guns and many paintball guns that can be purchased in toy stores even in places like Japan which have very tough gun laws.

     That Australia’s gun laws work because we have a lower homicide rate than the US.

Australia’s homicide rate has always been significantly lower than the US, even before there were gun laws in Australia.

It is also worth noting that the US gun murder rate has dropped by a whopping 50% in the last 2 decades. Over that same timeframe over 150,000,000+ more firearms have been added to civilian hands, and many US states now issue permits for civilians to carry a concealed firearm for self-defence. http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2013/05/07/gun-homicide-rate-down-49-since-1993-peak-public-unaware/

A final point worth noting is that Australia’s nearest cousin in the world (New Zealand) has a much better public safety record, whilst having a gun policy approach that doesn’t ban certain types of firearms. Law abiding licenced shooters in New Zealand can even legally possess fully automatic machine guns, sound moderators and a huge range of other firearms that are banned completely in Australia. And yet New Zealand has a better public safety record.  http://www.cjcj.org/uploads/cjcj/documents/Mass_shootings.pdf

Daniel Edmonds for the Editor

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Get It Right Or Take It Away

One thing people need to ask in relation to this latest push for a republic is will there be a bill of rights? If there is no bill of rights then the proposal is not even worth considering. The current constitution implies certain rights such as freedom of political speech because when it was written certain things were taken for granted as just being part of people’s lives at the time and also enshrined as part of the British Magna Carta. If something was mentioned there it didn’t need to be mentioned again anywhere else. Any new constitution will not be guided by such historical documents, if something isn’t specifically mentioned then it’s simply not there to be considered or implied.

In other words we would find ourselves completely at the mercy of unscrupulous politicians who already have some restrictions on free speech in place and even wanted to take it a step further with laws that said if you simply offend someone you’re committing a crime. The proposed laws would have encouraged silence because it’s arbitrary in its application since what offends some will not offend others except the left who are offended by anything that doesn’t agree with their treacherous philosophy.

So if a vote for a republic does come up the message we will need to get out there is that people should vote with their heads, not their hearts because all the gushing over so called good points of ‘our own head of state’ and ‘being independent’ (which we were until the UN got their claws into us!) are worthless if we find ourselves in a position where we cannot speak freely and will have to obey without question.

And to all those who believe it can’t happen here guess again, it can. There is no special magic that’s been keeping us free, no kind of real mechanism that controls politicians and stops them going too far, if people would look closely they’d realise the system is slanted in their favour. The reality is once we give up any rights we will be hard pressed to get them back.

If we are to become a republic let’s get it right from the beginning and not vote in something that will take years and a major uphill battle to fix. A republic is not worth losing anything for, it’s not worth one single sacrifice whatsoever.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Open Borders, A Dangerous Vision

New South Wales Premier Michael Baird is jumping on the ‘drop our borders’ bandwagon so let’s look at some of his dialogue.

Baird warned of the dangers of what he called anti-immigration politics in Australia and around the world.”

Baird is speaking out against patriotism. Last thing any politician wants is national pride and people thinking for themselves.

He said the country owed much of its success to migrants, and he feared what would happen if refugees were turned away.

We owe them you hear me, we owe them! We must pay them all back! Drop the borders and more success will come our way! Notice he’s using ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ interchangeably?

"We are one of the most successful and multicultural nations in the world".

Yep, mostly because the pre-multicultural and general Western values are still the ones in place, that’s changing though as we all know so wave bye bye to success.

"But I believe we are potentially at risk of losing what makes Australia the best place in the world to live, because some want to shut our doors and avert their eyes."

If we drop our borders we will lose what makes Australia one of the best places in the world to live. What will happen is they will open our doors then avert their eyes to the vile cultures and terrorism they bring in.

Baird spoke of Deng Thiak Adut, a former child soldier in Sudan who is now a refugee lawyer in Australia. “"Because we welcomed Deng, we sheltered him, we gave him clothes, food and a chance to learn, and he seized that opportunity, and now he is working in his community giving back to those who, like him, once had no voice."

Where Baird says ‘we’ he means the taxpayers funded it whether they liked it or not and the politicians will take the credit for it. And if Deng is a refugee lawyer how is he giving back to Australia? Wouldn’t being a legal aid lawyer for Australian citizens be more of an act of giving back to Australia? Still, well done Deng, becoming a lawyer is an achievement. Many refugees just end up on welfare.

The Premier said Australia owed a large part of its character to the success of people like Mr Adut.

We owe them! (Again!). Actually Mike, Australia was covered with success and character a long time ago and because of the people born here and the immigrants who came here legally.

"And to our kindness, compassion in sharing our luck and giving them a chance," he said.

We just happen to be lucky, nothing to do with having a superior way of life that allows people opportunities and a chance at success, no it’s all luck only that just happened because some magical elves sprinkled their magic dust here and not in the third world holes that many want to leave.

"Deng is what happens when generosity meets opportunity".

His success is an example of what can happen, doesn’t always work out that way though.

The Premier said Australia must face threats and arm its security forces to protect the borders appropriately.

Baird wants to drop our borders though so we can’t take him seriously there.

"To shut our doors to refugees, as many here and around the world are calling for, is to deny our history, to deny our character".

More spin there. Most aren’t talking of shutting our doors but the reality is we can’t just drop our borders and let everyone in just to give certain groups their warm fuzzy feelings.

"In a quest for personal comfort let us not sacrifice who we are above all, which is welcoming, compassionate and inclusive."

Let us not sacrifice our country and ourselves on the altar of multiculturalism with its false promise of a warm fuzzy world just because someone wants some votes or for any other reason. We’re seeing what’s happening to Europe with large numbers of so called refugees and the acts of terrorism and rape that are occurring. Astonishingly many are still not getting the message that the problem is not where people live but how they live.

And we aren't immune, the same things have happened here on a smaller scale, trouble is when you try and bring everything into the open for an open and honest discussion the left automatically cry ‘racist’. They have to stifle discussion. But before anyone wants to mindlessly squawk ‘racist’, just remember race and culture are separate things.

Baird should just stick to being the premier of NSW and leave immigration to people who know about such things. NSW has been trashed by the Liberals and he’s not exactly distinguishing himself in fixing it so we don’t really need his input on this matter, especially when it’s nothing but an exercise in sucking up for votes.

Nothing in what Baird says obliges us to drop our borders and with terrorism on the increase around the world we’d be fools to do so. It’s a very real threat and no amount of starry eyed pro open borders rhetoric is going to change that.