Facts speak louder than statistics

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Remember, Ice Is A Sign Of Warming!

The globull warming brigade will often try and discredit the reality based perspective presented by climate realists with whatever nonsense they can come up with. One trick they try is pointing out NASA put a man on the moon. Somehow this means NASA is infallible and beyond question in the climate change arena.

Putting a man on the moon is rocket science, not climate science and as far as any implied suggestion NASA is somehow always right has been tragically proven wrong by disasters such as the Apollo 1 fire, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster amongst other mishaps.

NASA is an organisation funded by US taxpayer dollars which are under the control of the US government and if said government is determined to forward the climate scam NASA will in turn be likely to present data that favours the scam/witchcraft based belief that taxes can change the climate.

So to all those pushing the CO2 climate scam feel free to stack talk show guest and audience numbers in your favour while mocking people who do not see NASA as some infallible deity. The fact the data you present has for the most part never resembled reality will always come back and, as usual, show the CO2 line in climate change up for the absolute nonsense it has always been.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Do Not Blaspheme Or The Inquisition Will Get You

It’s an interesting situation for a country like Australia which is a nation that prides itself on being tolerant and free. If you supposedly denigrate a religion you could end up in serious trouble. Never mind that you could be telling the truth, that’s secondary to someone’s feelings. It looks like ‘feelings’ are otherwise known as insecurities and a dislike for the truth.

If other people’s views on someone’s religion can offend them then maybe they have an issue of faith and no one else is obliged to stop speaking and tip toe around that. If what someone is saying about a religion is the truth and the religions adherents can’t handle it then maybe there is a problem with their religion.

Problems are not solved by stifling free speech and persecuting those who are telling the truth but that is what modern governments want. People too scared to speak will not share information, any information, for fear of someone going to the speech police.

The ’it’s not as bad as other places’ brigade will offer excuses for not fighting such oppression. For them a fine or short jail sentence is acceptable since it's not ‘as bad’ as Nazi Germany or a modern totalitarian state but the reality is anything that stifles free speech is a step in the wrong direction no matter what noble sounding reasons are presented to try and justify it.

The police coming to your house to arrest you for voicing an opinion or speaking the truth is the stuff of oppression. And once it is considered an accepted part of life it becomes more oppressive. Eventually you get to the point where many supporters of such oppressive legislation find themselves falling victim to it as well.

The idea that someone can be arrested for speaking the truth or even speaking their mind is one that has no place in a free society. If people have concerns with or simply don’t like someone’s religion they have every right to say so.

If your local member has shown any support for the controversial federal 18c racial discrimination legislation or the local legislation in the nation’s (sullied) capital or the third world state of Victoria let your friends and everyone else know that said member is an anti-free speech extremist who does not deserve to be in any of our parliaments.

Australia is a country that was founded by Christians but does not have an officially enforced state religion. With that in mind it’s not the business of our governments to protect any religion, cult or group of people from being ‘offended’ by the truth or someone not liking what the religion etc. is all about.

The noble aims stated to justify such legislation are at odds with what the legislation is really all about and what it actually ends up achieving, in this case the oppression of free speech.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Reality Free Perspective

According to the left a dangerous place is a safe place for women and children. 

The modern left don’t worry about contradicting themselves, one minute they are all ‘we must drop our borders, race isn’t an issue’ and the next minute they are fully backing some groups claims (usually non-Caucasian but there are exceptions) to self-determination and independence.

If race isn’t supposed to be an issue and we’re all the same and all cultures are equal why do the left support certain groups self-determination claims which are based on exactly those things? In any case people having self-determination gets in the way of their starry eyed and very nonsensical one world view with the UN as a world government run by UNelected and UNtrustworthy characters.

What it comes down to is that with this and every other issue, left wing standards and perspectives are fluid and a matter of convenience. This frees them from the feeling they have to be consistent and since they believe they are always correct it frees them from feeling they have to deal with any facts.

Speaking of self-determination, what was the point of ‘majority rule’ in Africa? Most of the new nations descended into chaos upon independence but apparently it’s all for the best. While the starry eyed left were patting themselves on the back for being so magnanimous and granting independence millions of people were being slaughtered and the rest were living in abject poverty.

Wow, you can really feel the love the left has for Africans……..

Not only did they inflict this on Africa they did all they could to convert the two directly governed white countries, South Africa and Rhodesia, to the wonders of majority rule. They succeeded, patted themselves on the back and promptly looked the other way when those two nations descended into chaos as well.

Given how many in Africa, as we are seeing with the current invasion of Europe, actually want to live in countries run by whites that was somewhat of a short sighted thing to do. Instead of people paying a fortune to people smugglers and crossing the Mediterranean in unseaworthy vessels they could have headed towards southern Africa instead. 

Of course that’s where it all falls short since they wouldn’t actually have been welcomed into those countries and it wouldn’t have been the white population leading the charge to stop them entering.

The starry eyed left claim they are for everyone living in freedom and happiness, what they are really aiming for is having everyone living equally miserable lives ruled over by an unelected elite who will control every aspect of our lives. That includes their starry eyed drones who to their surprise will find themselves as controlled as the rest of us.

For far too long the left and their starry eyed view have been allowed to become reality and in far too many cases it turns out to be a disaster. Without missing a beat the left keep on with their destructive ways as if any problems they cause aren’t really their fault.

They have positioned themselves where they will benefit and will work with whoever helps them forward their anti-freedom agenda and they must be stopped. With the invasion of Europe, the open borders elsewhere and the assaults on our freedoms taking place we have to act. 

The problems the left have created are not coming on the horizon they are here now and have been for quite some time.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

More On Form

Another of our form letters, we are creating these letters because people need to let their elected representatives know what they expect of them because they can't know that if people don't tell them.

This one is for Victorians to let their government know they are fed up with the crime wave currently wrecking their state.
Dear Premier,
I am tired of living in fear of the thugs you have allowed to run riot over our once great state. Either fix the problem now and restore Melbourne to being one the world's most liveable cities or resign immediately and allow someone else to fix the mess you’ve inflicted on us.
I am not interested in excuses and I am not concerned with the ridiculous belief held in some quarters that these thugs are somehow our responsibility. They are not and if you are influenced by those who cry racist when there are calls to deport these thugs I will remind you that crime is a legal issue and there is no such race as violent thug.
Please act now, the crime wave we are experiencing has no place anywhere in Australia. While there are attempts to downplay this crime wave the fact is some people who came here as refugees are actually fleeing Melbourne because they feel safer back in the strife ridden African countries they came from.
This is a disgraceful situation and a very real issue that can no longer be brushed under the carpet in the hope it goes away.

Yours sincerely,

>Insert name<

Social Media, A Tool For Effective Action

People get on social media and say politicians are out of touch. What we need to ask those people is did they actually communicate with their local member? Your local member will not know what you expect of them if you don’t tell them.

After all it’s not very likely your local member is following you on Facebook or waiting on the edge of their seat for you to say something on Twitter. You can’t really call them out of touch if you don’t tell them what you think, how are they supposed to know otherwise? Don’t sit back and let the media or the traitors of the left dictate to them, they need to hear from the Australian people.

No need to be rude or insulting, just tell them what you think and tell them where they are going wrong. If more people held politicians to account for their actions they may find said politicians will actually start serving their electorate.

Social media should be where we compare notes on our interactions with politicians and use that information as to whether or not we vote for them at the next election. The current action preferred by many of getting online and calling politicians out of touch or fools is just a major waste of time.

If you get an evasive answer get on social media and tell people, if you get called a racist when there are no grounds for it get on social media and tell people, if you get no answer get on social media and tell people.

And of course if you get a good response and see your local member is actually keeping their word get on social media and tell people.

Social media is the tool we can use to take out country back. Don’t tell yourself it can’t be done because that is one of the attitudes politicians depend on to give them a free hand in ruining the country. 

Like any tool we have to use it properly, once we do that we will see real change in our favour and see the modern left cast into the political wilderness where they have always belonged.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Staying On Form

Tired of increasing electricity prices? Let your local member know. They can't know what you think of any issue if you don't tell them. 

Below is a template for a letter or email you may want to send to your local member. If more people contact their local members they may in turn actually start listening. In any case it's a more productive course of action than just going on social media and calling them fools.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dear >Local Member<

There is a serious issue in this country with electricity prices and constant outrageous price increases. Part of the problem is the farcical energy retail market competition, another part is the so called renewable energy sources in the form of wind farms.

A lot of pollution is created in the manufacture of wind turbines, more than is supposedly saved by their use, and they are notoriously unreliable. They are of no benefit to the environment whatsoever.

Despite this South Australia relies heavily on these unreliable turbines. As a result of this electricity prices there are the highest in the country. A follow on effect of this is the already battered S.A. economy is seriously struggling as many people have little, if any, money left over to pay for any other goods and services.

Many don’t even have enough for their electricity bills and that has resulted in a record amount of electricity service disconnections’. People are literally being left in the dark and all for something that does not provide a single benefit to the environment.

I am writing to you to ask that you do what you can to ensure we do not follow the S.A. example. I don’t want to have to be forced to take out a loan to pay my electricity bills or be forced into destitution in the process.

Real economics tells us people only have a limited amount of money and if they have to keep paying bills that are massively increasing they will eventually run out of money. For example a cost increase $2,000 for the year means people have $2,000 less to spend or invest elsewhere on top of the already inflated prices they are paying. For businesses it’s an increase they need to cover and in turn they will often raise their own prices to do so.

It doesn’t matter what spin is put on it, whether it’s $38.46 a week, $166.66 a month or $500.00 a quarter, it’s still $2,000 less overall a person has to spend elsewhere and people and businesses can’t just magically create more money to cover their rapidly increasing energy costs.

More housing and business complexes are being built and in turn more electricity is going to have to be generated to satisfy the increased demand. With that in mind wind turbines along with the associated cost increases are not the way to go.

While we should do what we can reasonably do to care for the environment we should be avoiding the nonsensical solutions, such as wind turbines, that do not deliver on their promise. If something is supposed to be friendly to the environment it should genuinely be friendly to the environment and efficient as opposed to the rubbish we currently have.

Until then we should continue with reliable energy sources that do not artificially push up the cost of electricity, the cost of which is already artificially increased enough as it is, and we should not be scared off this course of action by the green zealots who pretend carbon is a pollutant.

Destroying our economy will not help anyone, we need to stay away from the current green make believe courses of action that cost us dearly and take a real look at what we need to do to ensure we can properly meet the growing demand for electricity without bankrupting everyone in the process.

Yours sincerely,

>Insert Name Here<

Still On Form

Is your local member representing everyone else but you and your electorate? Here's another of our template letters you may like to use. While telling others how you feel is a useful thing it is also useful to let your local member know how you feel. 
Just remember, if you hired someone such as an accountant to balance your books but instead they balanced someone else's at your expense you'd take whatever action you could to stop them yet when the people we elect do the same thing we just let it go. We have to become more involved and this is the place to start. Stop calling politicians fools and start doing things that will make a difference.
Dear >local member<
Please stop representing so called refugees, international interests and groups such as the UN who do not have Australia’s best interests at heart. I cast my vote for someone to represent me, these other groups/people did not elect you. They are not paying you, I am, along with the other taxpayers who voted for you to represent them.
You work for this electorate so please forget whatever trendy feel-good cause is out there and concentrate on the role for which you were elected. There is no excuse for you to ignore the electorate, we should come before any ‘refugee’ or UN program.
This wholesale handing out money to the benefit of those other than the Australian people is disgraceful beyond belief. Given the state of the economy there should be no cuts to services or claims there is no money when refugees are being housed at taxpayers’ expense or money is being sent to the UN for whatever reason.
I find it offensive that people who have never contributed to this country and in most cases are never likely to are being housed in very comfortable accommodations and given gift packages of white goods and other benefits while I often have to go without such things. They are benefiting from the hard work of taxpayers who in turn are not able to enjoy the fruits of their labour because it is being taken from them and given to others.
I’d love to be able to buy a new washing machine or TV but I’m just the person who earns the money that buys these things for others and if I speak out there’ll be plenty of people, usually left leaning people who don’t actually have a job, who will call me racist, even though race is not the issue while suggesting I’m selfish for wanting to get such things for myself with my money.
I’m tired of the view pushed by the media that we in essence have to bankrupt our country ‘helping others’. Remember, when it comes to the idea of helping others, charity begins at home. People from overseas should not be the beneficiaries’ of taxpayer’s hard work, especially while Australians are homeless or struggling to pay their own bills.
If the economy is ever back in the black we could consider helping others outside Australia but until then we can’t, especially with the ever increasing debt we are carrying.
Thanks to the outrageous cost of living increases inflicted on us by various state and federal governments I for one can no longer afford to support this wasteful spending on these programs for refugees, foreign aid etc. that, despite the spin laden claims, are not of benefit to Australia.
I demand it cease immediately. If someone wants to help refugees, the UN, charities or other causes they can pay for it themselves. I pay taxes for the benefit of Australia, not other people’s trendy feel-good programs.
Please remember you were elected to represent the people of your electorate and our national interests at large. Please ensure you carry out that role, the one to which we elected you.

Yours sincerely,

>Insert Name Here<

On Form

Taking action starts with letting your elected representative know how you feel. This item contains the template for a letter or email you could send to your representative.

The Apex gang in Victoria is a very real issue and a problem that could spread to the rest of Australia. Instead of sitting back and waiting for it to happen to the rest of us we need to take steps to prevent ourselves becoming victims. So where do we start? Not by pointlessly calling politicians fools, not with some lame hashtag campaign and certainly not with a ‘hug a gang member’ campaign.

Below is a letter you may consider using. Obviously feel free to change it to suit, we just ask you avoid name calling and threats as that will not achieve the result we are after here.

We have to throw this into the laps of the people who are supposed to represent us, tell them in no uncertain terms that if this gang problem spreads we expect it to be stopped in its tracks with real action.

If said representative comes back with a cry of ‘racist’ at you then name and shame them because the issue is certainly not race and they’re obviously willing to sacrifice the good of the community to get votes from certain groups.

Will this work on all our elected representatives? Unfortunately not but if people start to make their voices heard then hopefully some of our politicians will take action. It’s the place to start and a start we have to make otherwise this problem will spread and no amount of calling politicians fools or saying to ourselves ‘this shouldn’t be happening’ will do a thing to stop it. 


Dear >Insert representatives name<

As you would be aware, Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs are being terrorised by a violent gang who have turned that region into a third world hellhole. Because the Victorian government is taking no real action to stop this menace it could very well spread to other parts of the country. As the less than law abiding members of our region see the free hand given to the thugs in Victoria to do as they please they may also feel they can behave in the same way.

As this is a possible threat to us I would like to know what action is being taken to prevent this from happening here. And by that I mean real action, not meetings with self-appointed community leaders with lots of hand wringing and blaming everyone else but the actual thugs who are committing these crimes.

There is no justification for these crimes, whether someone has had a bad life, is bored or it’s ‘cultural’ is no excuse. I don’t want to become the victim of a carjacking, home invasion or any other crime for that matter and don’t see why I should. I expect that real action is taken to protect law abiding citizens and ask you take a lead in this matter and prevent a Victorian style crime wave from happening here.

Yours sincerely,

>Insert name<