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Sunday, 24 June 2007


Hot on the heels of the corporal punishment debate are some stories of other perceptions regarding punishment and how with other perceptions the boundaries of punishment, violence, right and wrong etc are blurred and how some see punishment as violence and therefore wrong and how self-defence can also be seen by some in the same way.

Where the boundaries are blurred the possible consequences of not punishing wrong doers are often overlooked followed by an outright denial of any actual consequences that occur.

One of these consequences is bullying, someone told me about their son who was attacked by a bully at school and in turn fought back which stopped the bully in his tracks and prevented further attacks. This parent then received a call from a teacher condemning the sons self defence from the bully by saying in a self-righteous manner that violence is never an answer. The parent countered by asking was her son supposed to just stand there and let the bully attack him and when confronted with this question the teacher hung up.

Some people like the teacher will get a self righteous attitude and feel they don’t have to justify their position because they feel they are on the higher moral ground and don’t have answer to anyone as what they are saying is the be all and end all of the argument.

It’s very easy for that teacher and others of that mindset to take that stance because they are not the ones being attacked, feeling pain and humiliation and they are not the ones whose education suffers. They are too busy feeling morally superior while allowing others to suffer from bullying just so they can cling to the flawed reasoning that self-defence is violence and therefore wrong.

Self-defence is not violence; it is a response to being attacked. The bully is the violent one and the other person is the victim. Stop the bully and you stop the violence.

Bullying can have long-term effects on the lives of their victims. If you make someone feel bad all the time they often won’t reach their potential because they can’t see it themselves anymore. Someone who may have made anywhere from a modest to an outstanding living can find themselves going nowhere, all because they were bullied and didn’t stand up for themselves or weren’t allowed to.

And yes, there are all sorts of support/therapy services available for victims but not everyone can find them and the reality is people would be better off if they weren’t put in a position where they need these services.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Corporal Punishment 3

In Thursday June 21st mX two responses were printed regarding my letter to the Queensland Council Of Parents And Citizens Association and their attitude towards corporal punishment, Bern from Tarragindi was in agreement stating "a little tap never hurt' and also right from wrong is taught. L from the CBD states that it is fighting violence with violence and asks what example it is setting for the next generation.

The example being set is that they themselves can't be violent and they learn that because corporal punishment is not violence, it is punishment for wrongdoing.

Violence is attacking someone without provocation, arson, robbery, threatening the teacher etc. Corporal punishment is a lesson that violent behaviour won't be tolerated, it is applied after and in response to bad behaviour.

Without it schools have become violent places. An attitude that violence is OK appears widespread and this is with those who never had corporal punishment at school. They do the wrong thing and nothing much happens to them in response. Corporal punishment can be that response and it has a track record of being effective.

The problem of dealing with bad behaviour among school students is one that may not easily be solved and requires several solutions, corporal punishment is one solution and would be a step in the right direction.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Corporal Punishment 2

The Tuesday edition of MX has published my email to the Queensland Council Of Parents And Citizens Association (QCPCA) and hot on the heels of that is an email to this page with an example of how the softly-softly approach isn't working and how a parent is being undermined in their efforts to properly raise their child by those with the softly-softly attitude. I'll post that sometime in the next week, hopefully in-conjunction with QCPCA's reply.

There is no reply from QCPCA at this stage, they either won't respond or they want to formulate a well thought response to my email so give them time.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Corporal Punishment

As reported in the Brisbane edition of MX newspaper Health Minister Tony Abbott suggested a return to corporal punishment to combat the esculating violence among students, the Queensland Council Of Parents And Citizens Association immediately ridiculed the idea based on what I believe to be spurious reasoning so I sent them the following email with a courtesy copy to the Liberal Party and to MX newspaper.

Attention Greg Donaldson
Queensland Council Of Parents And Citizens Association

Dear Greg,

In the Friday edition of MX newspaper Brisbane (16 June 2007) there is a report stating that Health Minister Tony Abbott is calling for a return of corporal punishment to schools based on how the current methods of discipline are not working. This notion was ridiculed by your group based on how the minister is “Living in the past” and “We’ve gone way past corporal punishment”.

Gone way past corporal punishment? How have we? What exactly do you mean? And what is wrong with living in the past in this instance? The discipline methods worked and much more effectively than the current methods are working. Just travel by public transport when the school kids are going home and see the behaviour there in contrast to when there were non softly-softly forms of discipline in use such as the cane, detention and the like.

I don’t think the minister is suggesting that the second someone steps out of line they get soundly thrashed and I certainly am not but if someone is constantly truant, bullying, disturbing other students or threatening teachers then real action has to be taken and action that actually works.

And whom did you sound out before making your anti-corporal punishment statement? I’m a parent/citizen but you’ve never asked my opinion and no one I know was asked either and I didn’t vote for you to represent me, the Health Minister at least is an elected official.

The reality is corporal punishment worked well in maintaining discipline where your preferred methods don’t. The fact that schools are more violent places is proof of that.

Yours faithfully,

Jeremy Michaels


If any reply is received I will of course post it.

Stay Tuned

Monday, 11 June 2007

Competition, The Lie Continues

The inaugural commentary posted at this site was regarding the introduction of competition to the Queensland electricity network and how prices will increase 10% to pay for competition.

I just saw an add for an electricity provider promising to trim 10% off my electricity bills.

I will be able to pay what I was already paying before the introduction of competition.

All I'd have to do is sign a service contract for a period of time, say two years and I'll save the 10% I was already saving anyway.

Some providers will also be giving free gifts such as DVD players and other items that I could afford on my own if I wasn't paying that extra 10%. That's if I actually wanted or needed such items.

I would rather have the choice of how I'd use that extra 10% myself.

I saw something surprising.

Some action will be taken over something that is becoming a problem.

Not the water crisis, I held my breath expecting it to be fixed in time and of course I passed out.

They are doing something about people who make trouble at junior sporting events.

Some parents have been attacking officials in these games and now the officials will have the power to actually remove these people.

This is positive news because these people making trouble at junior events have no business there but the next time you see youths misbehaving and ask why the kids today are like they are these days we know one place we can look.

In some cases it's definitely the parents.

In other cases though it's because the responsibility has been taken from the parents due to various laws and the like.

I'm just surprised they are actually giving somebody the authority to actually do something substantial to tackle a problem.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Scams and Email

I have been asked why the email address listed on the profile has -at- instead of @. It's to stop spammers from getting the email address. Spammers use robots and special software to read webpages in order to obtain email addresses and having the -at- in place of @ stops the email address from being read by the spammers software.

They still got the address, an email was recently received purporting to be from a bank asking me to update my account. I don't have an online account but many others do and despite all the publicity people still fall for this scam.

The golden rule is don't trust an unexpected email. In fact be very wary of all emails and if you get the chance check out scambusters.org to learn more about the numerous scams out there.

Saturday, 2 June 2007


The World is changing!! The last ip address looked more like something a spammer would use as opposed to a site dedicated to the best in news, views and attitudes so The World has changed to http://ozcentral.blogspot.com .

Please update your Internet Favourites and add the new address.

New name, new address, same great content.