Facts speak louder than statistics

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Criminal Relations.

Apparently prime minister Kevin Rudd has convict relatives.

A big fuss has been made in some quarters.

To the revelation that Rudd has criminals in the family line I simply don’t care. It’s no reflection on him, he holds no responsibility for the actions of these family members.
If some think his way of running Australia is criminal is a separate matter.

I think the media should forget the petty side issues like this and deal with real issues.

Onto American presidential hopeful Barack Obama, he had a good chance of victory. 

Unfortunately his campaign has been tainted by the race card, some people won’t look past his race and look at his qualifications and by that I mean there are people that won’t vote for him because of his race and there are people that will vote for him just because of his race.

Race or gender should be irrelevant, all that counts is if they are qualified for the job.