Facts speak louder than statistics

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Weathering The Current Climate

There’s a large storm brewing in South Australia that will also affect most of the country. I’m wondering how many blackouts South Australia will have to deal with as a large amount of their electricity is generated by so called renewable sources. 

Wind turbines which aren’t the most efficient form of energy generation at the best of times aren’t able to operate in high winds (although fees are still paid to the operators!) and of course solar power is useless when there is no sun.

It’ll be interesting to see how many climate alarmists go on about the storm (a weather event) being the result of climate change (which is they claim is completely separate from the weather) and claim carbon taxes would have somehow stopped it.

If the climate alarmists line is to be believed , the Earth’s climate was static and tranquil until industry started and then everything went crazy.

Of course we know it’s the climate alarmists anti CO2 line that is crazy along with their expectation we’ll believe all the climate fairy tales they make up.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

To Be Cultured

There is not as much bigotry out there as the left would have you believe and their constant cries of racist are no longer working as well for them. They want causes to champion though, preferably ones that are low effort but they can get some little feel-good moment from it.

What do you do when there aren’t any low effort causes to champion? You manufacture them. One such cause is what they call cultural appropriation and a claim that people (usually white people.) are stealing culturally from other groups who are somehow automatically oppressed victims. For example a white person with dreadlocks is considered guilty of cultural appropriation.

Never mind that in the West we live in multicultural societies and are supposed to be celebrating diversity and encouraging togetherness, people (usually white people) apparently should not be adopting a single thing from other cultures. By all means go to the restaurants and enjoy the food but don’t you dare like anything else!

Obviously offensive stereotypes and objectionable cultural practices (such as those that oppress women and restrict freedom) should be stopped but in general the leftist thought police need to be stopped in their tracks. The leftist approach is an attempt at segregating people and keeping them divided. Our countries will never be united with the left’s nonsensical ‘look but don’t touch’ approach. If all cultures and people are supposedly equal then what’s the problem with equals sharing?

But this is the leftist way for you. They try and stop people (usually white people) from looking into other cultures and ways of life and then complain when white people don’t understand the other cultures.

If people are divided the left can more freely spout their nonsense and do all they can to keep certain groups seeing themselves as victims and in need of the left’s ‘guidance’ and ‘protection’. They can also keep you from criticising the cultures that are against freedom and the left really champion.

So just ignore those who cry cultural appropriation. Take the best of what the world has to offer, wear it respectfully and enjoy.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

On Form With The Refugee Intake Increase

One way to help create change is to let your local member know how you feel about certain issues, after all they can’t know if you don’t tell them. Don’t expect them to scour social media in a desperate attempt to get in touch with the people, it’s the people who have to spell out exactly what they expect from their local member.
Dear >>Insert local members name<<

I would like to address the budget and the cuts that are needed to address the shortfalls.

First and foremost, we cannot ever back any cuts to aged pensions and services that Australians rely on. Aged pensions and the services people rely on are essentials and necessary expenses that must be covered. Given the amount of taxes we are paying at all levels of government we have every right to expect a real return on our money.

As with any budget whether it’s a household, corporate or national the first place cuts are made are on luxuries and other unnecessary expenses. At a household level it would be items such as movies or dinner out, for a corporation it could be remodelling a building. On a federal level one such luxury on our budget is the resettlement of refugees which politicians support for their own reasons, usually as a vote getting exercise.

I have recently read that Australia plans to increase its intake by 5,000, no small burden on the budget even at the best of times, an absolute disgrace in the current economic climate and a criminal waste of taxpayers’ money that could be much better spent on aged pension, hospitals, education etc.

The constant resettlement of refugees as well as illegal immigrants is a never ending expense. Then there’s the matter of crime and terrorism. Europe’s open borders have brought them an increase in crime such as rape and several terrorist attacks. Here in Australia, Melbourne has gone from being the world’s most liveable city to a third world hellhole where people are afraid to sleep at night and have had to put barbed wire around their homes to protect themselves from the wonders of ‘diversity’ that politicians have inflicted upon us.

We have done more than we should ever have to so the refugee intake should now be reduced to zero and only immigrants who will be a benefit to the country and not a burden should be allowed in. The best way to deal with the refugee problem is to fix the problems in the countries people are fleeing from. Admitting the way of life in those countries is the problem and not where they live is the place to start, what’s happening in Europe and Melbourne is proof of that. Lowering our standards of living to match the standard of living in the refugees own countries is not helping anyone

Our aged pensioners do not deserve to have their pensions cut to fund bringing in refugees, our aged pensioners have made their contribution to the country and have earned their retirements. Australians who are currently working and contributing should not have the services they rely on cut either.

I recommend you watch a video on Youtube from the United States called ‘Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs’ which outlines the folly of the current polices. There are also videos called ‘Immigration by the Numbers -- Off the Charts’ and ‘Immigration Gumballs Part 2’ which also show the consequences of current immigration policies.

Yours sincerely,

>>Insert name<<

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Left And Their Mythical Gender Pay Gap

The left are going on about the mythical pay gap again. It’s been shown up for the nonsense that it is over and over and over again.

First of all it’s illegal to pay women less than men and it has been illegal for quite some time.

If it was really cheaper to hire women then the workforce would be full of women. After all businesses exist to make money, they aren’t some big men’s club out to forward some great male patriarchy. If it was cheaper to hire women they would hire them because lower expenses mean higher profits.

Some have complained how the physical requirements for some jobs discriminate against women and that standards should be lowered. If that were the case then businesses would actually be forced to hire more people to make up for a strength shortage and probably go out of business from carrying too high an overhead.

Firefighting is one of these areas that require great strength. From holding a fire hose (it isn’t a garden hose!) to carrying people out of a building. You can’t have people underperforming in disaster situations because they themselves become a liability and put other lives at risk. You have to be up to the task and it’s a task many men aren’t up to either. You can’t have two people carrying an average sized person down a ladder. If anyone has any complaints, refer them to nature. It’s down to evolution as to why some people can’t do certain jobs, not some male patriarchy holding people back.

Men earn more? The gender earnings presented are a collective measure which doesn’t tell you what’s really going on. What it’s down to is the choices many women make from working less hours to raising their children to not wanting to put in the long hours sometimes required to make the big money.

The left bleat about that as well as if those choices are not the best ones to make. From that you could say the left actually don’t want women to make decisions for themselves.

There are many women out there who earn more than men and there are plenty of well-paying heavy jobs many men are not likely to be hired for. Is it any benefit to them they are on the winning side of this so called gender pay gap?

“Geez, I don’t earn anywhere near as much as that lady down the road. She has lots of nice things and I’m barely getting by but hey, at least I’m on the winning side of the gender pay gap………….”

The gender pay gap argument put forward by the left is nothing but another one of their tactics to cause division and distract people from the real problems we are facing and which they themselves are often the ones causing.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Prove Them Wrong, It's Easy.

Being human we sometimes do not respond to things in a logical way or in a way that’s beneficial to us.

There are cases of people being told they will never do well for themselves or they’ll become a criminal by people they should not be listening to. Sometimes it’s people who are supposed to be friends but obviously these people are not friends because friends don’t talk to you like that.

For many of us it’s something we usually ignore. It might be a blow to the ego and it’s not nice to hear but we move on from it. For others though the response is “if this is how they think I’ll be then I’m going to be that way and they’ll be sorry!”

They won’t be sorry though, they’ll be happy you’ve proven them right. They said you’d be that way and lo and behold that is how you’ve turned out.

Sure, you may be able to blame them for what’s happened but that won’t really help you or undo the damage. And given that we are ultimately responsible for ourselves you’ll still be held accountable for your actions.

So here’s how to deal with it, ignore them and prove them wrong. It’s not a matter of becoming the world’s richest person, (but if you can achieve that by all means do so!) it’s just a matter of getting on with your life and dealing with what comes your way.

You don’t have to live up to a bad image others may have of you. If you’re overall not behaving like they claim you are or have just made a mistake and are getting back on track then their comments should be meaningless to you.

Disregard, move on and prove them wrong. And don’t prove them wrong just to get one over them, prove them wrong because it’s in your best interests to do so.

The Right Response

Some responses to those who say we should drop our borders.

Leftist comment: The refugees are our responsibility!
Response: How?

L: They just are.
R: No they’re not.

L: They want to start a new life, a better life.
R: They have to stop living their current way of life because that’s the cause of many of their problems.

L: We stole this land from the Aborigines.
R: If this land is stolen then how can it be ours to give away to others?

L: Can you look refugees in the eye and tell them they should not be here?
R: I’ll consider doing that after you look our aged pensioners in the eye and tell them their pensions will be cut along with the services they rely on so there will be more money for your open borders approach.

L: There is nothing unusual about the fact most of the refugees are men of military service age, they’ve fled danger and are looking to establish themselves in a new country, they will then be joined by their women and children.
R: If where they are from is so dangerous they have to flee how come it’s safe enough for their women and children to stay behind?

L: We have no culture.
R: So every other country in the world has culture and somehow we don’t? Never mind the Aussie stereotypes that prove that argument wrong, how would having no culture oblige us to drop our borders for illegals?

L: Illegal immigrants are not breaking the law, it’s racist to say they are!
R: Which part of the word ‘illegal’ don’t you understand and there is no such race as illegal immigrant.

L: They are not illegal, you have to call them refugees.
R: If they are coming here without using official channels and, for example, are coming here via a people smugglers boat then they are here illegally.

L: They’ve made a dangerous trip across the ocean in a small boat
R: This isn’t some sort of video game or obstacle course they have to complete where they are entitled to some sort of prize courtesy of us. You are encouraging people to risk their lives on unseaworthy boats and are just as responsible for the deaths at sea as the people who put them on those boats.

L: You can’t say I’m responsible for those deaths just because I encourage people to hop on unseaworthy people smugglers boats. This is all your fault.
R: You are the one encouraging them to bypass official channels and hop on a people smugglers boat, not me.

L: Stopping refugees is racist.
R: There is no such race as refugee and most of the people coming here illegally are not really refugees.

L: All countries have an obligation to help refugees, it's racist not to help them. 
R: So when you cry obligation and racism are you including Middle Eastern nations in that? They are not helping any refugees and given that they are muslim countries, and in many cases very wealthy muslim countries and many of the so called refugees are muslim you'd think the Middle East would be the first place they go and would be accepted.

L: They are real refugees.
R: Real refugees go to the first place of safety with whatever they can carry and as many of their family as they can take with them. They do not hop on a people smugglers boat, pay a fortune for the ride while carrying the latest mobile phone with selfie stick but somehow no documentation.

L: The lack of documentation means nothing, you’re a racist and a conspiracy theorist who is spreading xenophobia.
R: There are very real risks in accepting just anybody from terrorist attacks to infectious diseases. Say what you will about international obligations, they in no way oblige us to take on everyone else’s problems. It doesn’t help anyone, it just spreads the misery and is actually turning our country into a place people want to flee. Your open borders approach does not tackle the real problems and just encourage more and more people to risk their lives to come here and in many cases end up stuck on welfare because they are still living the way of life that helped oppress them. That’s OK with you though isn’t it? They stay uneducated on how our system works and think they have to keep voting left wing parties because their welfare benefits depend on it.

L: You’re a racist!
R: You’re a traitor.

Border protection is not racist, border protection is about protecting our way of life from the very real threats the world faces today. We have every right to protect our way of life and every right to select who can and cannot come into our country.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Facts? Not A Concern For The Left.

The left don’t let facts get in the way of their agenda and will not abandon their starry eyed view of the world at all costs.

They would rather see civilisation destroyed and everyone enslaved or killed than admit they are wrong.

Don’t believe me? Look at what happened in Africa. They demanded the Western powers decolonise based on a starry eyed view that all would be rainbows and happiness for everyone. What really happened was dictatorships were established, many lived under very real oppression and millions of people were killed.

That didn’t stop their calls for decolonisation though.  More and more African nations gained independence, descended into chaos immediately and the left ignored the facts and patted themselves on the back.

Once prosperous nations became hell on Earth and years later the left have finally admitted there is a problem. Not with their outlook though, it was with Western borders and they have largely been dropped.

Now the very people who in many cases terrorised African nations with the lefts blessing are now in Western nations recreating their way of life and spreading the misery.

And the left couldn’t be happier. The increase in violence will provide them with more excuses to try and disarm people, pass laws restricting free speech and make everyone else live under their version of equality.

That's where everyone (except the left's leaders) is equally miserable and in no position to complain under the threat of imprisonment for their version of 'hate speech'.

The hate speech in question is what's also known as the truth. They hate people speaking the truth because it shows them up for the liars, hypocrites and traitors that they really are.