Facts speak louder than statistics

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Get Your Own.

Chewing Out: Is that gum you are chewing?

Chewing Right: Yes.

Chewing Out: Did you bring enough gum for everyone here?

Chewing Right: Nope, I just have a couple more pieces for later.

Chewing Out: Do you think it is fair that you are chewing gum if you don’t have enough for everyone in the class?

Chewing Right: What’s the problem?

Chewing Out: The others here don’t have gum, you’re chewing gum. If you’re going to chew gum you should have brought enough for everybody.

Chewing Right: Since when is buying them gum my responsibility? Why don’t they bring their own if they want some??

Chewing Out: You are not to chew gum in class, it is bad mannered and also against the rules.

Chewing Right: Well if it’s against the rules why would you expect me to bring some for everyone?

Chewing Out: To help point out how unfair it is that you have gum and the rest here don’t. Thanks to you we have wasted too much time on your ill-mannered ways.

Chewing Right: It’s thanks to you. All you had to do was tell me chewing gum is against the rules and a breach of etiquette and I would have stopped right there and got rid of it, instead you chose to play these little games and that waste more time and have no real point. No one is obliged to buy other people gum. What would you hit me with in the future? ‘Is that a limousine you have?? Did you get a limousine for everyone here?’

Chewing Out: With an attitude like yours you will not get far in life.

Chewing Right: How dare you suggest such a thing to me! You have no right to talk to someone like that just because you’ve lost an argument. I think I have a good chance to get ahead because for one thing I don’t talk nonsense or play such stupid games. I don’t spout irrelevant nonsense to say something that can be said with just a few words! If I can’t chew gum here just tell me!! The way you were carrying on was as if I intentionally flouted the rules and was rude to you after being politely asked to stop which was certainly not the case! Then you have the nerve to blame me for wasting time!! You are the one who decided to play little games, not me! You are the one at fault here!!

Chewing Out: (indeterminate mutterings..............)