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Saturday, 13 September 2014

No Need For Change

The other fine flags around are the flags for our states and territories 

There is a belief amongst some in Australia that if Scotland votes yes for independence and the UK subsequently changes their flag we will have to change our flag as well, specifically the Union Jack that is on it. No reason is given why, just any change of flag in the UK obliges us to change ours. Somehow. Apparently........

If the UK change their flag there is nothing that obliges us to change ours. The Union Jack on our flag is representative of the country that founded Australia, the Union Jack that is displayed is the flag the UK had in 1901. It is not used under licence or suchlike and is in no way supposed to be representative of the modern day UK. The fact that the UK flag is still the same at this time is neither here ‘nor there.

There are also claims that Scottish independence will help strengthen the push for Australian independence and that’s just nonsense. It’s nonsense because Australia is already independent and has been for years. The UK government can in no way shape or form legislate for Australia any more than they could legislate for Japan, Russia or any other nation. While we share the same Queen with the UK our governments operate completely independent of each other and have no say in what the other one does.

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