Facts speak louder than statistics

Saturday, 31 October 2015

The left are keen to call people names, let’s throw one back at them and one that accurately describes what they really are.The best response to their nonsensical cries of racism is to call them traitors.

Monday, 26 October 2015

No Mandate? That's No Issue For Malcolm!

Article By Annie Ozard.

In 2013 the Coalition went to an election promising that the carbon tax would be abolished. That carbon tax was introduced by Labor based on a leftist scare campaign over many years regarding their line that carbon was driving climate change, which is what they formerly called global warming until it was found the Earth wasn’t actually warming. 

The Coalition won government and abolished the carbon tax with voters recognising that the CO2 line in climate change was nothing but a scam. It’s not a real threat to Australia or the world and the carbon tax was a pointless burden on society and business.

This was a mandate upon which the Coalition Government was elected, the people of Australia saw through the carbon based "climate change" and did not want taxpayers' money to be wasted on a theory that had been exposed as nothing but a United Nations lie to aid in its global power play.

Malcolm Turnbull in acting on behalf of the UN and others and with their assistance along with a biased media has since staged a coup and removed the man elected to lead Australia. Unlike the Rudd/Gillard leadership changes which saw no real change in Labor policy the Turnbull coup is taking the country down a path that is against the wishes of the Australian voters. We voted for a conservative government and now have a socialist leaning government without an election.

With this in mind any signing of the United Nations global agreement on climate change by Malcolm Turnbull and government should be considered invalid based on the lack of mandate from the Australian people. The Turnbull government does not have the right to sign any anti-carbon climate agreement especially as Turnbull is literally a stooge put in power by the people who stand to profit from carbon taxes and trading.

Only the people of Australia can give the government such a right. If wishing to proceed the government should go again to the Australian people to request that right or seek a referendum prior to the UN demanding agreement.

Of course we know they won’t. Representing the Australian people is the last thing on Malcolm Turnbull’s mind. His goal is to enslave Australia and find himself in a lucrative job courtesy of those who benefitted from his betrayal of Australia.