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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Left vs. Right: A Matter Of Respect.

Leftist: We respect women, you lot don’t!

Always Right: On the occasions we have rallies we don’t need to set up ‘No Rape Zones’ and we certainly don’t try and deprive women of the means to defend themselves against rapists.

Leftist: All a woman has to do is urinate on herself and it will ruin the rapists libido and everything will be fine.

Always Right: And if a woman is armed she can stop the rapist who’ll probably wet himself instead, a lot more effective. After all, a rapist does not have a normal libido and they aren’t out for romance so a woman urinating on herself will likely do nothing to stop a rapist. And best of all, if a woman is armed she can take the rapist to the police and hopefully have the rapist put out of society’s way for a while. Of course a woman defending herself like that causes problems for you. From that I’d say you lot don’t like women or have any real respect for them.

Leftist: We do! Look at all the women involved on the left side of politics compared to your side.

Always Right: The ones on our side got there on their own merits, your lot are mostly there for image only.

Leftist: We have more respect than you do!

Always Right: So how come on certain occasions when men from a particular background have demanded they do not have to deal with women you’ve granted the request?

Leftist: Oh, well, you have to respect other cultures, their ways must never be questioned.

Always Right: Respect is earned, not given and I have no respect for cultures that treat women as 2nd class with no real rights. That culture is not compatible with mine. It was my culture that got this country to be the way it is now and a country that others want to come to. That makes it the better culture. The proof is in the fact people flock to countries like ours and not vice versa.

Leftist: You racist!

Always Right: And what race is culture?

**crickets chirping**

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Left vs. Right: The Law Is Whatever You Make Up At The Time.

Traitor Left: We’re breaking international laws by not letting all the refugees in.

Sovereign Right: Since when do we have to let just anybody in?

Traitor Left: If they’re a refugee we've got to accept them, no questions asked.

Sovereign Right: No we don’t.

Traitor Left: You racist!

Sovereign Right: What race is refugee?

Traitor Left: Oh ha ha, it is to laugh! We have to help them, they've had a hard journey in a boat.

Sovereign Right: That doesn't oblige us to do anything. Anyway by coming by boat like that they are illegal immigrants.

Traitor Left: You racist!

Sovereign Right: And what race is illegal immigrant?

Traitor Left: Oh ha ha, like I didn't see that question coming.

Sovereign Right: Good, then you should have an answer to it for a change.

Traitor Left: You racist, we have to let them in! If we refuse countries like Iran and China will complain and say bad things about us.

Sovereign Right: Not exactly countries with good human rights records. And they’re criticising us for protecting our borders? Go to their countries illegally and see what would happen to you and it certainly would not be an open arms welcome. Will you protest against the other countries that are protecting their borders?

Traitor Left: No idea what you’re talking about you racist. We have to help them! We held a vigil for the one that died in detention under Abbott’s watch.

Sovereign Right: Where were the vigils for the thousand who drowned at sea under the Rudd/Gillard watch? The ones who were lured to get into a boat by the ALP so they could turn illegal immigrants into ALP voters?

Traitor Left: Don’t change the subject you racist.

Sovereign Right: I didn't you traitor.

Traitor Left: Hey! You can’t call me that!!

Sovereign Right: I’m tired of your predictable cries of racist and I’m tired of you not acting in this country’s best interests. I think you’re out to drag this country down and as far as I’m concerned that makes you a traitor.

Traitor Left: I’m not, I’m a hero and want to help refugees.

Sovereign Right: More like help the ALP turn illegal immigrants into ALP voters. How many so called refugees have gone back to their home countries for a holiday once they've secured an Australian passport?

Traitor Left: Uuuummm well, things probably calmed down over there.

Sovereign Right: Here’s a lesson for you, a real refugee is a person fleeing genuine tyranny and danger and who goes to the first safe haven with whatever they can carry and as much of their family as they can bring along. They do not pay someone a fortune for a boat ride across the ocean or hop on a plane to a country near Australia and then dump all their documents before hopping on a boat for a short ride to here. Those people are illegal immigrants.

Traitor Left: Racist!

Sovereign Right: We can’t just take all the refugees and we certainly can’t take in all the illegal immigrants. For one thing if we take too many it could be too much of a strain and drag the whole nation down. That would kind of defeat the purpose of them coming here if our country is turned into what they left behind.

Traitor Left: That couldn't happen, this is Australia, it wouldn't happen here! Never!!

Sovereign Right: Bring in enough of the people who helped make it happen in their countries and it will happen here.

Traitor Left: No. it wouldn't happen, it just wouldn't.

Sovereign Right: Depopulating other parts of the world does not fix the problems in those countries. What would you do? Take in all the civilians and leave just the military?

Traitor Left: Racist!

Sovereign Right: We need to look at the real problems those countries and look for real solutions. Other countries having a go at Australia for protecting its borders, it’ll just let the UN sweep the problem out of sight so it can do nothing as usual.

Traitor Left: That is so racist!

Sovereign Right: Racist? Wanting to see the problems solved in other countries so the problems won’t end up here is racist?? You want people to risk their lives in boats and you want people to enter here by deception and I’m racist? You’re a traitor and have no real regard for life. Call me a racist as much as you want, we both know it’s not true. We both know you’re a traitor though!

Traitor Left: No, I’m a hero! The refugees mention me in their prayers at night!! They all love me, I’m sure they do!

Sovereign Right: The illegals have no idea who you are. I do though, I know you’re a traitor.


Monday, 24 February 2014

Left vs. Right: The Lefts Usual Tripe.

Leftist: We’re so brave, we went on to the Australian Tea Party page and said the admins are children, they’re racist, they're just giving opinions and we quoted the law to them, I bet they’re sorry now!

Conservative: You say they’re children because you can’t offer a rebuttal to what they have said, you say they’re racist because you can’t offer a rebuttal to what they have said, you say they’re just putting forward opinions because you can’t offer a rebuttal to what they have said and the laws you mention are just made up nonsense on your part and tailored to suit your lack of argument. Basically you lack facts and can’t offer a rebuttal, the Tea Party know this and so do the rest of us.

Leftist: You’re not qualified to comment, I don’t know why I’m bothering to talk to you.

Conservative: I don’t know why you’re bothering either, it’s pretty obvious you have no real argument to put forward which makes it obvious you can’t offer a rebuttal.

Leftist: You racist!

Conservative: That’s not a rebuttal, it’s an opinion and as usual with you lot it has no basis in reality.

Leftist: Well I’m offended! I’ll complain about you!

Conservative: How will you word it? You’re offended because you can’t offer a rebuttal??

Leftist: You racist, I’m going!

Conservative: Not really too hard to work out why.

Leftist: (from a distance) You racist!

Conservative: Remember, that’s just an opinion!

Friday, 21 February 2014

The True Meaning Of Independence

In their attempts to justify using the British pound in a formal currency union Alex Salmond and his YESNP are saying that the Bank of England is as much theirs as it is the rest of the UK’s.

The Bank of England however is a UK institution. It’s the central bank of the United Kingdom and therefore belongs to the UK, not to a part of the UK which would be breaking away from the union if a yes vote is cast.

If Scotland does vote for separation then those supporting the break up are relinquishing their claim to use the British pound which is regulated by the Bank of England for the UK. This isn’t a divorce with kids and custody battles with the pound playing the role of offspring here; this is in essence a financial institution which is vital to the UK and for the use of the UK only.

If Scotland wishes to leave the UK then the UK economy should not be at risk to the possible Scottish economic upheavals which would be the situation if the two countries were to enter a currency union.

By entering into a currency union Holyrood appears to want the rump UK to underwrite so called Scottish “independence”. The pro indy campaign have claimed bullying in relation to being told a currency union is out of the question. 

The nationalist campaign can claim what it likes and it usually does but the fact is they don’t speak the truth. Bullying would be a threat, like the one Alex Salmond and his government has made not to repay Scotland’s share of the national debt should they not get their way. 

Making a threat like that is akin to holding a gun to someone’s head (only it will turn Scotland into a pariah state if it’s carried out so the gun is likely to backfire).

If Scotland retains the pound and other benefits of the UK it would be similar to someone moving into their parents basement, having mum do their washing and cooking dinner but claiming to be independent and doing it all on their own.

If Scotland does vote for independence the UK can obviously still work with an independent Scotland on matters of common interest but if Scotland becomes a foreign power the interests of the rest of the UK should immediately become the primary concern of Westminster. Subsidising lorries to carry groceries all the way to John O’ Groats would not be in the interests of the UK, paying pensions to expatriate Scots living abroad would not be either or sharing the load if an “independent” Scotland floundered and suffered a Greek or Cypriot style economic crash.

If Scotland really wants independence then no one should stand in their way and giving them some help to get off to a good start would be in the interest of the UK but Scottish independence cannot be independence in name alone. The bulk of any risks will have to be taken by the Scottish people, not the people of the UK.
Article by Jeremy Michaels.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Left vs. Right: Modern Day Socialism Is Stifling.

Never Right: Some of the kids in my family love me, I’m the best they say.

Always Right: Oh? Some like you??

Never Right: Well you always have the grumbling ones you can never please. Anyway I saved the extended family some money.

Always Right: Oh? How so??

Never Right: Three of the kids got Saturday morning jobs at $20 apiece so first up I made sure they no longer get the $15 pocket money kids in the family get.

Always Right: So now they have Saturday morning jobs, still have Saturday afternoons free and are $5 ahead in the equation. This could work out well for them.

Never Right: Yeah, well the other three kids didn’t think it’s fair so I made the three with jobs give the three without jobs $10 each! This in turn saves the parents some money as well! It’s a great outcome!!

Always Right: So now the ones with jobs are subsidising the others at $10 apiece? And the parents in question save $10 per child without a job and $15 per child who has a job??

Never Right: Well they will for a few weeks, the parents could do with the savings to their budgets and then in a few weeks’ time the parents will contribute the full $15 again.

Always Right: So the ones with jobs will have to stop giving up $10 each?

Never Right: No! I felt that would be unfair to the ones without Saturday jobs, I made sure they still get the $10 from the ones with jobs.

Always Right: So the ones who had the initiative to get jobs and a little extra money end up with less and only get $10 for themselves while the ones you like get $35 and they don’t have to do anything for it.

Never Right: Yeah, those three love me, I’m their favourite relative, it feels so cool!

Always Right: And you’re doing it on someone else’s dollar as usual. Is anyone saying thank you to the three kids who actually are losing half their money and who are actually funding your feel-good moment?

Never Right: Ha, after the way they carried on about all this they are lucky that anyone wants to talk to them. They never stopped complaining, they are so selfish!

Always Right: Oh? They were upset about losing half their cash and having it go to kids who were already getting money for nothing and end up with more than just so you can be popular??

Never Right: Oh, well I’m sure those Saturday morning jobs are quite cushy, in fact I think those kids get too much for what they do.

Always Right: How would you know, since when have you ever had any real kind of job? And even if they actually are paid too much you have no right to take their money and benefit from it. They’ll be overtaxed when they get full time jobs. If they’re willing to work and are good enough to get cushy jobs then they should get the benefit. With $15 being on offer for doing nothing those three were in essence willing to work for $5 just so they could get ahead and the last thing they need is their initiative stifled in anyway and that includes your popularity drive. Three kids with initiative will likely go on to be productive members of society but will likely give up and be on welfare for life if you keep ripping them off.

Never Right: Oh I’m sure everything will work out as I predicted (phone rings) I just got to take this call, please wait.

(Call finishes) Always Right:  You don’t look happy.

Never Right: That was the parents of the kids who had the Saturday morning jobs, their kids quit their jobs and are now expecting their $15 a week pocket money and the parents are annoyed because they have to fork out the extra $15 a piece.

Always Right: Are you really surprised it didn’t work as you expected it to?

Never Right: They actually yelled at me! You just can’t help dome people anymore can you? Those selfish kids ruined everything for me!! What will I do now?

Always Right: Well I think there may be somewhere local which has some Saturday morning jobs going. You and a couple of friends could apply and if you get the jobs you can continue the subsidies, if you each gave up the full $20 you could give money to all six kids, wouldn’t that be a great idea? You could really live up to your words there and give it all away, what do you say to that idea?

**crickets chirping**


Monday, 17 February 2014

Left vs. Right: Factual Payback.

Never Right: No doubt you’re doing something racist aren’t you.

Always Right: I’m putting together some of the greatest quotes by conservatives.

Never Right: Oh a bunch of white men talking, big deal.

Always Right: Allen West and Ben Carson amongst others aren’t white.

Never Right: Oh? Well? Yeah? Well I’ve been putting together some of the greatest quotes of the left.

Always Right: And what have you come up with so far?

Never Right: Umm, well, If you like your plan you can keep it, we have to pass it to see what’s in it and what difference does it make.

Always Right: Only modern day socialists like you would think that a lie, a description of stool sample and an evasion of answering for the death of some fine Americans are great quotes.

Never Right: You racist!

Always Right: You traitor!

Never Right: Hey, you can’t call me that!

Always Right: Truth hurts doesn’t it? I will no longer tolerate your anti-Americanism and your false accusations of racism etc. Every false accusation you make will be met with a statement of truth about you.

Never Right: You can’t do that you racist!

Always Right: Yes I can you traitor!

Never Right: Hey, stop that! And stop with your racism and sexism.

Always Right: I never started with it. You stop being a traitor.

Never Right: This is not fair! You can’t call me anything, the rulebook we made up for this says you can’t!! Anyway you can’t win like that, I’ve got more names I can call you!

Always Right: Call me as many as you want, you know you just use them in place of facts. What I am now calling you on the other hand is an accurate description to describe you. Traitor.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Left vs. Right: It's All In Who You Can Blame.

Never Right: I don’t believe this, my Obamacare costs are excessive, it’s a dud deal!

Always Right: We warned you.

Never Right: This is an unmitigated disaster.

Always Right: We warned you.

Never Right: And they’re not fixing it!

Always Right: We warned you.

Never Right: I blame you conservatives, you should have done more about this, you should have warned us!

Always Right: You blame us? No surprise there. You just won’t take responsibility for anything you do will you? And you saying we should have done more is no surprise either, you always expect us to fix everything for you. We did what we could, we warned you and you ignored us.

Never Right: Well I thought someone else was supposed to pay, not me!

Always Right: Well looks like you’re someone else doesn’t it?

Never Right: This is all Bush’s fault. Obama keeps saying that. And it’s the fault of you racists as well! America is racist against Obama.

Always Right: How did he get voted in the first time, let alone twice if America is racist?

Never Right: Ummmmmm, you racist, you’ll always be racist!

Always Right: You do realise we do not take you seriously the second you mention race or even gender for that matter.  The fact you say it without addressing the points we actually raise just demonstrates your own lack of argument.

Never Right: Well you’re such a racist then! Ha, that wins me the argument!!

Always Right: It wins you nothing, it’s an indication you can’t argue the point anymore.

Never Right: I can argue the point, I’m voting Hilary in 2016, she’ll fix the mess Obama made that’s really Bush’s fault.

Always Right: Oh, that comes as no surprise you’d say that.

Never Right: Ha, you’re sexist!

Always Right: What gender is ‘surprise’ then?

Never Right: Oh, shut up! You better get used to me calling you that!!

Always Right: And you better get used to me still pointing out you only say racist or sexist because you don’t have an argument to present. Now go off to the Obamacare exchange before you’re fined for not having insurance as mandated by O-baaaaaaaaaaa-ma!

Never Right: I would but the websites not working to well and needs more expensive repairs. It’s Obama’s friends who created the site for a lot of money and will have to be given even more money to fix the problem, I can’t see what’s happening here!

Always Right: Could it be his friends will get lots of money for it?

Never Right: Ha! There’s an illegal immigrant involved here they tell me so that makes you a racist!

Always Right: What race is illegal immigrant? And aren’t you concerned that Obama isn’t giving jobs to Americans?

Never Right: This conversation is going nowhere!

Always Right: Often works out that way because you don’t address what’s said to you.

Never Right: You racist!

Always Right: Shouldn’t you be calling me sexist in preparation for Hillary’s supposed ascension to the presidency?

Never Right: Hilary 2016! She’ll fix everything!!

Always Right: She’ll fix the mess she had a hand in creating?

Never Right: She’ll make Obamacare work!

Always Right: She’s in a good position to make it work now so why won’t she?

Never Right: Stop being so racist, I mean sexist, Just stop uumm, something anyway.

Always Right: How about you stop talking nonsense for once.

Never Right: Ha, don’t expect that anytime soon!

Always Right: Yeah, that goes without saying.

Never Right: Why... you... you... racist!

Always Right: What race is you you?

Never Right: (storming off) Oh, go away!

Always Right: No need, you're the one doing that.

Never Right: Racist!

Always Right: (sarcastically) Remember, from 2016 you have to say sexist.

Never Right: You know I will.

Always Right: Facts would be nice for a change.

Never Right: Don't hold your breath.

Always Right: Goes without saying.

Left vs. Right: It's Not Alright.

Never Right: Socialism is the way of the future, you will embrace socialism and it’s the better way.

Always Right: Yeah, it’s always worked so well that people try and leave the countries that have it.

Never Right: Ummmm, they just don’t know what’s best.

Always Right: Socialism, ideas so good they have to be mandatory to make the people accept them!

Never Right: They just don’t know what’s best for them!

Always Right: And you do? A scruffy little person on welfare who spends all day playing video games? How can a system that has had people dragged out of their beds in the middle of the night and shot simply for disagreeing with the official way be good for people?

Never Right: Well they should accept what’s best for them anyway what you just said could never happen in the west, you’re just too paranoid!

Always Right: You can’t guarantee it won’t happen, in America the NSA is actually spying on American citizens and people worldwide, here the last lot of socialists passed laws to stifle criticism of their scam taxes, they also attempted to censor the Internet.

Never Right: Oh  I’m sure it will be fine, after all it’s not as bad as some other countries and if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear so stop being hung up on your privacy, it’s all for the greater good.

Always Right: I’m not banking my wellbeing on your uninformed comments. We can’t just say to ourselves it’s not as bad as other countries because if we keep accepting these continued infringements on our rights we will have it as bad as other countries. We need to stop these attacks on our freedom now because if we let things get bad as elsewhere it will be too late.

Never Right: You racist!

Always Right: The right to freedom is not racist and it has been embraced by the members of many races.

Never Right: That doesn’t count, they’re conservatives like you.

Always Right: And they won’t sit back while people like you who have never left home let alone had a job and actually earned anything try and destroy our way of life. That said though it’s no real effort to stop you and your friends, you’re just useful fools who follow the agenda laid out by the modern day socialists who will toss the likes of you aside should their anti-democratic Agenda 21 type plans ever come to fruition.

Never Right: No! They will worship me and my friends for all the help we gave them!!

Always Right: Actually they’ll expect you and your friends to be the ones doing the worshiping and if one particular brothel hopping friend of theirs is around they’ll be expecting more than worship from you.


How Can They Be The Fools When They've Fooled You?

This is an analogy of political promises, the outcomes and the response of some of the electorate.

A politician is like someone who promises to wash your car in exchange for total immunity from the consequences of their actions and being able to borrow money that you have to pay back. In fact you don’t have a say in it, the rules were drawn up a long time ago and you’ve never really challenged them. You just get to pick who washes your car.

The politician then proceeds to ‘wash’ your car by scrubbing it with steel wool. You still have to pay for this car washing service and then you have to take your car to get resprayed. The respray shop is owned by one of the politicians’ friends and receives subsidies that are paid for by you. You also have to pay for the respray. You are out of pocket for all of this and ask where you’re supposed to get the money. You have no real choice and get the money somehow. Just skip some meals, don’t pay your electricity bill, you’ll be fine.

You eventually get sick of all this and engage a politician from somewhere else to wash your car. You think this will teach your current politician a lesson as they are now out of a job.

The politician is now unemployed a you have your revenge. The now ex politician is immediately given a very large pension. You’re paying. They will also soon get a well-paying job at the respray shop.

Meanwhile the new politician has ‘washed’ your car using steel wool and a sledgehammer. You’ve pretty much been ripped off and facing more costs. Your response is to call the politician’s in question fools as you pay the bills they are running up. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Left vs. Right: Same Thing All Over The World.

Nowhere Near Right: If you are the Australian Tea Party why are you commenting about overseas stuff?

Always Right: A lot of what’s happening elsewhere is happening here and vice versa and a lot of what happens overseas affects us.

Nowhere Near Right: But you’re Australian so you should be commenting on Australian stuff.

Always Right: We do, we have Australian and international content periods.

Nowhere Near Right: But you’re Australian, you shouldn’t be covering international stuff.

Always Right: Interesting perspective from someone who said people in this country need to look at what’s going on in the world regarding things like poverty and oppression.

Nowhere Near Right: Well yeeeeaaaaah but uumm you should just comment on Australian stuff only because you’re Australian. There are some specific issues here that I want covered.

Always Right: If you want a page like that you create it otherwise if you think there’s an issue we should cover let us know and we’ll consider it.

Nowhere Near Right: Well you’re Australian, you should stick to Australia only.

Always Right: An attitude your friends might brand as bigoted, you know just staying here and not looking at the world. Of course in our case they’d be happy for us to stay in Australia only, they don’t like us pointing out the truth of what’s going on.

Nowhere Near Right: Umm no, that’s not it, I want a page that’s for Australia, like I think university students should get all their expenses covered. If a worker can have a few drinks after a hard week we should be able to as well. It’s not fair that the worker can go out and we students often can’t afford it after a hard week at university.

Always Right: That’s not a cause we’d support, you want a page to promote it you do it.

Nowhere Near Right: You should do it for me!

Always Right: No chance, we’ve got our own stuff to do and like I said it’s not a cause we’d support .

Nowhere Near Right: Why? It’s not fair I don’t have the money. We students work harder than anyone!

Always Right: The money in question that the worker spends is their own, they earned it and in a lot of cases they can’t always afford to go out because of the high level of taxes and cost of living we have been hit with. To finance your drinking binges might mean the worker who actually earns the money will never get the benefit of the money they’ve earned and never even be able to afford to take care of themselves and their families let alone buy a drink or two for themselves. The money you get in grants is money you have not earned, it’s being given to you and the money is taken from people who work for a living.

Nowhere Near Right: Well that would be to the workers advantage, if they can’t afford to drink they’ll stay healthier and able to keep working and pay taxes.

Always Right: People should stay healthy to keep supplying university students with money?

Nowhere Near Right: Well when I finish university and become a consultant to help peoples pets find their true gender identity and not be racist my services will be in much demand and I will pay that sum back many times over.

Always Right: I am so glad that not all university students are like you. Did you know some get jobs to help pay their way?

Nowhere Near Right: They are like me, we are unified in our goal to smash the capitalist system, I get right in people’s faces and they tell me they agree before they move on. We will take over!

Always Right: Yet despite all the people who have been through college and university etc. which are hotbeds of this alternate thinking you’re espousing the system has remained the same. Looks like people don’t want to smash the system when they start working. You’ve even claimed you’ll repay all the grants etc. many times over when you start working.

Nowhere Near Right: Well, uumm, hey, don’t change the subject on me, we were talking about how you should not be commenting on stuff overseas.

Always Right: Actually you changed it.

Nowhere Near Right: Well you should have said something.

Always Right: You really do expect everyone to do everything for you, I didn’t say anything because conversations often flow on to cover various topics. You said some things, I said some things in response and it went for there.

Nowhere Near Right: You’re trying to stop all mention that you’re Australian and covering international stuff.

Always Right: Stop all mention? We’re more than happy to say it. The left hate it, we love it and given the support we have we’ll keep at it.

Nowhere Near Right: But you shouldn’t be covering international stuff, you should stay in Australia and mind your own business!

Always Right: Do you say that to the ABC or to the various Australian newspapers? What about all your protests about what US actions overseas?? Practice what you preach and stay in Australia and mind your own business! We’ve noticed though you never protest some of the major atrocities committed by other countries, you just seem to go after the safe targets like the US who say it’s freedom of speech.

Nowhere Near Right: You racist! And you still haven’t explained why you do what you do.

Always Right: I explained at the start of the conversation, want me to repeat it?

Nowhere Near Right: I don’t want to hear what you’ve got to say! I shouldn’t have to put up with this?

Always Right: So you can say what you want but no one can respond? Well it doesn’t work that way. You say something to us or about us and we respond. And if how we run our page isn’t to your liking stop coming to it. No one is making you visit and we aren’t going to change just because of your hypocritical objections.

Nowhere Near Right: I’m going back to my university, they’ll listen to me there! No one listens to me out here.

Always Right: Actually it’s a matter of no one wants to listen to you and it’s not because of your opposing point of view, it’s because you don’t want to listen, take responsibility for what you’ve said and you want to have a go at people for going with the normal flow of a conversation. It’s very annoying.

Nowhere Near Right: You racist!

Always Right: And of course the fact you always have to say that has something to do with it as well.