Facts speak louder than statistics

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Of Course They Know What They Are Doing

When people discuss politics they will say politicians are stupid and they mention the so called failed policies of the politicians in question.

Politicians aren't stupid. Substitute 'stupid' with 'con artist' and you'll have a more accurate picture of what they are doing. They know full well the cconsequences of their actions. The results may seem stupid because voters are expecting a specific result i.e. economic recovery.

The politicians behind those policies are expecting something else all together and something that will benefit them.

They are scamming us and people dismiss it by calling them stupid which in itself is stupid unfortunately.

If an email money con artist or corrupt investment broker ripped you off you wouldn't call them stupid so why do people call politicians stupid when often they are doing the same thing?

Yes, what the politicians are doing is all legal and above board and the other con artist types are not but either way you end up out of pocket and they end up richer.