Facts speak louder than statistics

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Are They The Fools Or Are They Fooling You?

They say a fool and his money are soon parted. That seems to work in reverse for politicians because while they are apparently fools money seems to find its way to them in the form of expenses and lucrative pensions. These are paid for by the people calling them fools.

Apart from being called fools for taking our money politicians also get called fools for not keeping their promises. It’s an interesting position for many to take because at the same time they will acknowledge those same politicians only made said promises just to get elected. After admitting that point they then proceed to explain what politicians need to do to keep the promises that they know were empty to begin with.

People may be aware of the advance fee email scam where con artists promise you millions, the con artists claim all you need to do is give them some money first and then you’ll be rich. After you fall for their promises you simply end up out of pocket. They never intended to keep their promises, they just said what they needed to say to get the money they were after.

Political promises are usually just as empty so thinking there is any point in telling politicians what they need to do to keep their promises is like trying to tell the email scammers what they need to do to keep theirs. Why would you bother since you know the promises were empty to begin with?

Because of this you’ll find they aren’t concerned with their legacies or serving the country. As far as becoming prime minister is concerned, the only reason most of them want it is for the bigger perks involved. Making history is not on the agenda.

Their main aim is remaining on the political gravy train for as long as they can, those supposedly stupid things that they say are really aimed at the people they want to get votes from. It’s not aimed at impressing the people they know will never vote for them.

A fool and his money are soon parted? While people are busy calling politicians fools those so called fools are parting people from their money. They usually retire from politics set for life thanks to the generous post political perks they awarded themselves. People called them fools for doing that as well.

Are they the fools or are they fooling you?

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Hypocrisy? The Smoke And Mirrors Will Hide That.

The Labor faithful are bleating that the Liberal Party has blocked gay marriage and are calling the Liberals some nasty names in the process. Labor will save the day they say, vote Labor and they will deal with the most important issue we apparently have ever faced. 

While they gnash their teeth over this they deliberately ignore the fact the ALP had six years to pass legislation in favour of gay marriage but deliberately chose not to do so.

Labor’s Penny Wong who is suggesting she is less than impressed with the Coalition supported Labor’s anti-gay marriage stance while they were in government. While it’s correct to point out that Labor are hypocrites in this area there is a reason behind the two faced Labor stance.

While Labor likes to pretend they are the champion of supposedly suppressed people they also court votes from a group whose religion says gay people should be killed without question.

This could put Labor in a conundrum but they have the ready-made solution they know many of their supporters will accept without question. Their solution? Stall, stall, stall then blame Abbott for blocking gay marriage, blame conservatives and blame anyone they can. 

They can then pretend they support gay marriage, avoid offending a large portion of their voting base and wait for the next election where they’ll blame the Liberal Party for every problem they can while deliberately ignoring their own role in creating those problems.

Labor are all smoke and mirrors but that’s what works for them so don’t expect a change in that approach anytime soon.