Facts speak louder than statistics

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Tax Is Axed At Last, It's The End Of A Scam.

A left leaning group is suggesting prices won’t go down noticeably at all after the repeal of the carbon tax. They went up because of the carbon tax so they should likely go down without it. If a business clings to carbon tax prices in hopes of that extra profit they are likely to be undercut by a business that wants to win over customers with cheaper prices and the same quality of the product on offer.

It’s possible that the left leaning ‘economists’ want to make it look like there was no point in repealing the carbon tax so we might as well have kept it and ‘helped’ the environment.

Taxes cannot change the environment so basically the carbon tax is a scam and it had to go and now it is the leftist dream of ruining Australia has suffered a setback. The carbon tax was a drag on the environment, without it things will get better.

And tax breaks in certain areas have often helped the economy, given the carbon tax was nothing more than a big tax on everything to allow the ALP to retain power and the Greens to wreck the economy it’s fair to say removing it will improve everything.

One concern is the energy market, if the so called independent price regulators authorise massive post carbon tax price hikes thinking consumers are used to the outrageously high prices then that would definitely stop prices going down but otherwise there is a good chance we’ll get some relief.

And if any post carbon tax savings are lost due energy price hikes get onto your local member, state and federal, and let them know that it’s time they stopped being silent and you expect them to actually represent us and take some real action to stop us all from being ripped off. The more people who make their voices heard will in turn let politicians know their shenanigans will no longer be tolerated. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Axe The Tax And End The Scam


One of the problems the Australian economy faces apart from the massive debts the ALP have lumbered us with is the rising cost of living. Basically increasing energy, water and rates bills are taking too much money out of the economy.

For example, when people are forced to choose between paying their electricity bill and employing a tradesman to do renovations they will often chose to pay their bill. Meanwhile the tradesman is also struggling because he has less work and higher bills to deal with.

Water and rates bill increases are easily fixed, keep a tight rein on executive salaries, spending and other distractions and costs can be controlled.

For electricity the farce of energy competition needs to be ended along with the ‘independent price regulators’ who are allow price increases so energy retailers can cover their marketing costs or because they felt a massive above inflation price increase and increased profits would be fun gift to give those retailers.

Another encumbrance on energy costs is the environmental scam that is currently plaguing the world and that one is more easily solved. It starts with abolishing the carbon tax and dumping the renewable energy targets. The carbon tax does nothing for the environment and the main achievement of so called renewable energy does is simply making a few people rich and causing unnecessary major economic hardship for many people.

We can walk away from this carbon nonsense, of course the international peer pressure will have to be dealt with. Facts with a little sarcasm will work there and also we have to forget the ‘we have to do something argument’ it’s a crock. If we’re going to do something let’s do something that is a real solution for a real problem, not some made up nonsense like global warming or whatever they are calling it..

Continuing with the scam to placate the people who believe in or peddle this carbon nonsense is something else that needs to be avoided. Let them whine as much as they want to, the billions it costs to keep them happy is not worth it. More whining from them will really mean less people are struggling economically.

Forget appeasing the carbon con artists and their followers and forget what other countries think, if they want to scam or be scammed that does not somehow oblige us to follow suite.

Global warming as presented by the Left is a scam. Always has been, always will be.