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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Vote Yes To End Apartheid They Said, It Will Be Good For Everyone They Said…………

At one time apartheid was the official policy of South Africa and it divided people on the basis of race with white people in control. Black people and other races were restricted in their employment and where they could travel.

In the 1990’s apartheid came to an end and the country had majority rule, everything was supposed to be great for everyone since that time. It didn’t actually work out that way and just when people thought things couldn’t get any worse they are finding out it can and will.

“The time for reconciliation is over” Those are the words spoken by South African opposition leader Julius Malema following the motion he brought forward to seize white owned farmland without compensation.

Post-apartheid South Africa was touted as a nation of peace and harmony where all would live together happily ever after under majority rule, everyone will be equal they claimed. In practice white people faced constant racism and this about face on the idea of equality was justified by the left as ‘making up for past wrongs’. The promise was equality for all but never mind that, deal with what it’s become.

In 2016 Malema told his supporters he was 'not calling for the slaughter of white people - at least for now'.

So now they’ve even stopped paying lip service to the happy vision of post-apartheid South Africa, now we’re seeing what they really had planned all along.

The South African government claims the white farmers have 73% of South Africa’s arable land. They do not, the land they have is South Africa’s best worked land.

But they won’t let that fact get in the way of their plan to ‘confiscate’ white owned farms without compensation. In other words they’ll just steal the farms.

If the proposed confiscation (theft) goes ahead and the South African government takes the farms from white people there’ll likely be a mass exodus of white people. They will end up in the West or countries such as Zambia and Kenya where their farming skills will be more than welcome.

There’ll also be an exodus of other races from South Africa. People of Indian and Asian descent will likely start to worry if they aren’t already and flee as well taking with them many skills the nation needs.

And businesses from other nations are likely to become wary of investing in South Africa, any government that will shamelessly steal property from its citizens can’t be trusted to do the right thing by foreign companies. There might be a few foreign governments waiting in the wings though ready to offer a few crumbs to a desperate nation in exchange for major concessions.

In the not too distant future South Africa will be begging the West for aid. You can expect to see this dialogue take place between South Africa if they have to deal with realists in the West:

South African government: "Send us food, this is your fault because of colonialism, it did us no good."

Realists: "It gave you medicine, stopped you killing each other. It also gave you a strong economy but you ignored all warnings and deliberately threw it all away."

South African government "Just give us food now, it's your fault we have none."

Realists: "You look well fed, are you hoarding food for yourself while your people go without? Did it come from the white farmers you targeted?"

South African government: "You racist!"

Realists: “No, you’re the racists and that’s why your country is in the mess it is in now.”

And if it takes place with the left:

South African government: "Send us food, this is your fault because of colonialism, it did us no good."

The left: "It is all our fault, we are to blame and so are the white farmers for not staying and working the farms."

South African government: "Just give us food now, it's your fault we have none."

The left "We know, we are atoning ourselves, we are sticking our heads in the sand at the beach to highlight the problems white people made for you and we are sending thoughts and prayers to you, please forgive us!”

South African government: "You racist!"

The left: “Noooooooooooooooooo, mercy, you can’t call us that! We will do what we can to send you more taxpayers money. We can’t strip it from renewable energy subsidies so we’ll take it from hospitals and schools………….” 

The left justified the South African government’s post-apartheid violence committed by saying that the white people are their illegally and should never have been there to begin with and. In the next breath they’re denouncing strong border control in Western nations by claiming ‘no one is illegal’.

A very real lesson we keep learning here is you just can’t trust the left whether it’s race relations, gun control, the economy or anything, they promise utopia and deliver hell and without missing a beat will justify not delivering on the promise by blaming white people, specifically white male conservatives, misogyny, climate change, anyone but themselves.

This is real racism in action, this really does affect millions of lives and it really is deadly. No wonder the left are staying out of sight and don’t want to do anything to deal with it. This takes real action, something they are not able to deal with. Don’t be surprised though if they see it as an excuse to levy new taxes.

Goodbye to the (barely) first world version of South Africa, we’ll be saying hi to the full third world version any day now. And under the guise of claiming it’s white people’s fault the West will be expected to send aid and settle millions of refugees who are fleeing a problem that could have been very easily avoided.

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