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Sunday, 18 March 2018

South Africa And The Racism Of The Left

The 'caring' left end up not caring when the victims are white people. 

The Australian government’s offer to help white farmers in South Africa has the left side of politics up in arms and spinning rapidly in distress. Cries of racism abound along with the usual virtue signalling and empty rhetoric we’ve come to expect from the left. 

You’d think those on politics left side would be falling over themselves to help white South Africans, they really are victims of racism, violence, oppression and genocide and the left claim they want to help people in those situations.

And that is where the problem for them really lies.

For the past few years the left have spoken of ‘white privilege’ and how it magically helps white people get ahead in life. It’s an old expression, the term appears to have originated in the US in the 1930’s and described the very real institutional advantages white people had at that time. In the modern era it’s just an excuse used by some for not being able to get ahead.

Like much of the leftist dialogue, their usage of the term is nonsensical. There are longstanding laws in place against racial discrimination in many Western nations and in the US the highest earning demographic are Asians. Guess they didn’t get that memo telling them they are being held back by white privilege………….

Now we are seeing on a national scale someone’s race will not provide them with some magical benefit or protection. The crisis in South Africa proves we are all equal. White people are victims of racism and violence, they are being oppressed and are the victims of state sanctioned genocide.

You could imagine the following conversation happening between a person who really believes in equal rights for all and an everyday leftist:
Believer “Hey, while these events are sad they actually show we really are all equal, let’s look beyond past prejudices and move forward!”

Leftist “Don’t be stupid, that’s the last thing we want! We need division to keep pushing our anti-freedom narrative!”

It’s not the first time in history white people have been the victims of violence and such like, another example is the decolonisation of Africa and the ensuing chaos that followed which drove white people to flee and take refuge in neighbouring countries.

The people who are attacking the white minority claim they are righting past wrongs committed by the ‘white minority’ yet it’s white people who voted to do the right thing and end apartheid. They gave post-apartheid South Africa a strong first world economy and many white people wanted to contribute to the new South Africa.

Trouble is post-apartheid South Africa just wanted to take from people and is using so called past injustices as an excuse.

The government claims white people have 78% of the nation’s farmland. That is a lie, what they have is the best worked land. White South Africans own 357,507 hectares of urban land and 26,663,144 hectares of farmland which includes vast areas of semi-arid land for a total of 27,020,651 hectares. The total land area of South Africa is 122,000,000 hectares, white people own 22% of that.

But if things go according to the SA government’s plan they won’t own any of it and the country is likely to end up in a worse state than neighbouring Zimbabwe. Even if by some miracle the country doesn’t completely collapse they will have done major damage to their reputation and economy. After all, if they take land and property without due compensation South Africa will tell the world it is not a safe place to invest as the government will use any excuse to take the property of others.

And when things stay bad for the country there’ll be no way they can blame on another ethnic group.

Some have tried to justify the racism towards white people in South Africa as righting past wrongs or black people getting their own back but that’s just a ridiculous excuse. What’s really happened is that many people who had nothing to do with apartheid and sincerely love their nation are being discriminated against based on the colour of their skin or are losing their jobs due to ‘affirmative action’ closing businesses down.

Apartheid had to go but it was supposed to be replaced by something better, not worse. The people justifying the racism running wild in South Africa though ignore that as if it’s no big deal.

The promise of post-apartheid South Africa was equality for all, not reprisals, theft, racism, violence, oppression and genocide. It was supposed to be the rainbow nation and an inspiration to the world. But like many promises from the virtue signalling left it was just another lie. If anyone tries to suggest to you the violence is justified just repeat to them a few times the promise was for equality for all and it was for peace. Not racism, reprisals and genocide.

It was an important promise, the fact it’s been trashed by the left shouldn’t be taken lightly but the people in the West who howled for an end to apartheid are silent when the nation they campaigned for turned out to be many times worse.

They also try and justify it by saying ‘white people shouldn’t be there’. Funny position to take since the left advocates for open borders. They cry ‘no one is illegal’ so with that in mind alone there is no reason why white people shouldn’t be able to live South Africa free from prejudice.

When the time came for the left show they really were sincere about helping refugees and being for equality they showed us their true colours and in the process we again get to see the irrational hatred and racism that really guides their lives.

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