Facts speak louder than statistics

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Electric Lies Are Their 'Current' Approach.

Politicians always claim they are going to fix the economy. They promise shiny new things for all based on their make believe ideologies and dodgy accounting.

The proposals need to be questioned, here’s how the conversation should go:

Politician: I’m going to fix the economy!

You: So what is your plan for reducing electricity prices?

Politician: There isn't one.

You: Then you don’t actually have a plan to fix the economy. Come back to me when you do, meanwhile I will seek out a candidate who really does have a plan.

High electricity prices are crippling the economy. People now have less money to spend outside of buying the basic essentials and as a result they aren’t spending money on things such as entertainment, home improvements etc. In turn businesses suffer since there is less demand for their services. Businesses are also laying off staff and increasing their prices to cover high electricity costs. And when that fails they are simply going out of business which increases unemployment and reduces spending in the economy.

The major parties don’t intend to deal with rising electricity costs so they don’t have a plan for fixing the economy. Any promises they make are false and should be held against them.

It’s time for us to direct our votes away from them. There are other choices, it’s time we voted the establishment out and vote in people who will serve the country.

If we don’t we can stop complaining about the problems because a vote for the major parties is a vote for the status quo no matter what dodgy reasoning is used to justify it. For example claims that the economy will suffer due to uncertainty of new parties governing are false. The economy will suffer due to the certainly that the two party dictatorship will deliberately collapse it.

The economy has been working in spite of our governments, not because of them but all their deliberate mismanagement has been taking its toll. They've got to go as soon as possible or it will be too late to fix anything.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

You Get What You Vote For

How the left hopes you see their green energy plans. They claim sun and wind are free sources of energy, if it's free why does it end up costing so much?

If you have any friends who are Greens or Labor voters and they're complaining about high electricity prices tell them to stop complaining because they're getting exactly what they voted for.

If they might bleat that they I wanted climate action, not higher prices just remind them the pointless and useless climate action they want is expensive and it’s what they voted for.

If they claim they didn't vote for higher prices ask them who they voted for. If they respond with Labor or Greens then again remind them they voted for it.

And keep doing that no matter the excuse they come up with. Labor and the Greens are 100% dedicated to supporting the climate scam. The scam costs money and one place they get the money is through high electricity prices.

And if the Green/Labor voters still bleat it’s not what they voted for ask them why they voted Green/Labor since those two parties are openly dedicated to supporting the climate scam. 

If someone knowingly voted for Labor or the Greens despite the warnings then they've pretty much forfeited their right to complain about high electricity prices.

Because that's what they voted for.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

A Wonderful Era To Live In, If You Can Afford It That Is

It’s an interesting era we live in, the digital age is truly a wonder! 

Buying products via the Internet, streaming movies onto a computer and reading electronic books as well! Big screen TV’s with a picture so clear it looks like it’s real!

Too bad electricity costs so much that many of us can’t afford to take advantage of it all. Thanks to the farcical energy competition along with the climate scam our treacherous governments have forced onto us many people can barely afford to keep their lights on let alone do anything else.

And because electricity costs so much there’s a corresponding increase in the price of everything else including the basic necessities of life. Basically we are being ripped off.

And our governments keep getting away with ripping us off because too many people aren’t willing to actually do anything about it. For some reason many prefer to call politicians fools and pretend it does something instead of taking real action.

People need to stop voting for the major parties. We are currently under a two party dictatorship and nothing will change until people stop voting the same way as they always have. There are candidates out there that will represent Australian interests, people just need to get away from the belief that voting outside the major parties is wasting a vote.

The only way to waste a vote is to vote for someone you really don’t want to vote for or to not vote at all There are other choices and it’s time people voted for them. If we get more of the same at the next election we may as well kiss the country good-bye because they will completely collapse our economy and make us a third world nation.

The digital age is no good to us if we can’t afford to use and enjoy it properly.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Why Electricity Prices Keep Skyrocketing

Electricity prices are extremely high in Australia. Disconnections for non payment are at an all time high and economic growth is being seriously hampered.

Given the abundance of coal in this country there should be no reason for prices to be so high so the question many have is why are they so high and why do they keep climbing?

One reason is because governments and electricity companies don’t want to build new generators. They do want more and more apartment towers and other housing to be built though and the residents will want electricity. High prices discourage use and not as much electricity needs to be generated. In the process it will just happen to make a select group of people extremely rich.

Another is so money can be delivered to the climate scam. Also high prices discourage use and not as much electricity needs to be generated. This is necessary because the so called renewable energy sources that require extremely high subsidies simply aren't up to the task. In the process it will just happen to make a select group of people extremely rich.

And another reason is because governments get dividends from the electricity network. Higher prices mean higher dividends and in the process more money for the government to spend. Will any of this money be used to help people who can no longer afford electricity? Will any be used to help the people who are now unemployed because businesses can’t afford to employ staff anymore? Will it help stop businesses from going under because people can’t afford their services anymore?

Nope, they can go whistle. Our governments have their own agendas to fund such as sucking up to the UN and other organisations that offer politicians lucrative jobs when they leave parliament.

Our electricity markets and generators were privatised and opened to competition under the promise of lowering prices. The telephone network was often presented as an example of successful deregulation. What wasn't mentioned was that new technology was helping drive prices down as bulky telephone equipment was replaced with new and sleek digital technologies.

The energy network on the other hand isn't in the process of being streamlined in such a way because the comparable technology isn't there and in some cases it’s really taking a step backwards. Subsidy heavy wind turbines that are blighting the landscape are nothing but oversized and unproductive windmills being used for power generation. 

Yet the process it will just happen to make a select group of people extremely rich.