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Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Right Response

Some responses to those who say we should drop our borders.

Leftist comment: The refugees are our responsibility!
Response: How?

L: They just are.
R: No they’re not.

L: They want to start a new life, a better life.
R: They have to stop living their current way of life because that’s the cause of many of their problems.

L: We stole this land from the Aborigines.
R: If this land is stolen then how can it be ours to give away to others?

L: Can you look refugees in the eye and tell them they should not be here?
R: I’ll consider doing that after you look our aged pensioners in the eye and tell them their pensions will be cut along with the services they rely on so there will be more money for your open borders approach.

L: There is nothing unusual about the fact most of the refugees are men of military service age, they’ve fled danger and are looking to establish themselves in a new country, they will then be joined by their women and children.
R: If where they are from is so dangerous they have to flee how come it’s safe enough for their women and children to stay behind?

L: We have no culture.
R: So every other country in the world has culture and somehow we don’t? Never mind the Aussie stereotypes that prove that argument wrong, how would having no culture oblige us to drop our borders for illegals?

L: Illegal immigrants are not breaking the law, it’s racist to say they are!
R: Which part of the word ‘illegal’ don’t you understand and there is no such race as illegal immigrant.

L: They are not illegal, you have to call them refugees.
R: If they are coming here without using official channels and, for example, are coming here via a people smugglers boat then they are here illegally.

L: They’ve made a dangerous trip across the ocean in a small boat
R: This isn’t some sort of video game or obstacle course they have to complete where they are entitled to some sort of prize courtesy of us. You are encouraging people to risk their lives on unseaworthy boats and are just as responsible for the deaths at sea as the people who put them on those boats.

L: You can’t say I’m responsible for those deaths just because I encourage people to hop on unseaworthy people smugglers boats. This is all your fault.
R: You are the one encouraging them to bypass official channels and hop on a people smugglers boat, not me.

L: Stopping refugees is racist.
R: There is no such race as refugee and most of the people coming here illegally are not really refugees.

L: All countries have an obligation to help refugees, it's racist not to help them. 
R: So when you cry obligation and racism are you including Middle Eastern nations in that? They are not helping any refugees and given that they are muslim countries, and in many cases very wealthy muslim countries and many of the so called refugees are muslim you'd think the Middle East would be the first place they go and would be accepted.

L: They are real refugees.
R: Real refugees go to the first place of safety with whatever they can carry and as many of their family as they can take with them. They do not hop on a people smugglers boat, pay a fortune for the ride while carrying the latest mobile phone with selfie stick but somehow no documentation.

L: The lack of documentation means nothing, you’re a racist and a conspiracy theorist who is spreading xenophobia.
R: There are very real risks in accepting just anybody from terrorist attacks to infectious diseases. Say what you will about international obligations, they in no way oblige us to take on everyone else’s problems. It doesn’t help anyone, it just spreads the misery and is actually turning our country into a place people want to flee. Your open borders approach does not tackle the real problems and just encourage more and more people to risk their lives to come here and in many cases end up stuck on welfare because they are still living the way of life that helped oppress them. That’s OK with you though isn’t it? They stay uneducated on how our system works and think they have to keep voting left wing parties because their welfare benefits depend on it.

L: You’re a racist!
R: You’re a traitor.

Border protection is not racist, border protection is about protecting our way of life from the very real threats the world faces today. We have every right to protect our way of life and every right to select who can and cannot come into our country.

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