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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

On Form With The Refugee Intake Increase

One way to help create change is to let your local member know how you feel about certain issues, after all they can’t know if you don’t tell them. Don’t expect them to scour social media in a desperate attempt to get in touch with the people, it’s the people who have to spell out exactly what they expect from their local member.
Dear >>Insert local members name<<

I would like to address the budget and the cuts that are needed to address the shortfalls.

First and foremost, we cannot ever back any cuts to aged pensions and services that Australians rely on. Aged pensions and the services people rely on are essentials and necessary expenses that must be covered. Given the amount of taxes we are paying at all levels of government we have every right to expect a real return on our money.

As with any budget whether it’s a household, corporate or national the first place cuts are made are on luxuries and other unnecessary expenses. At a household level it would be items such as movies or dinner out, for a corporation it could be remodelling a building. On a federal level one such luxury on our budget is the resettlement of refugees which politicians support for their own reasons, usually as a vote getting exercise.

I have recently read that Australia plans to increase its intake by 5,000, no small burden on the budget even at the best of times, an absolute disgrace in the current economic climate and a criminal waste of taxpayers’ money that could be much better spent on aged pension, hospitals, education etc.

The constant resettlement of refugees as well as illegal immigrants is a never ending expense. Then there’s the matter of crime and terrorism. Europe’s open borders have brought them an increase in crime such as rape and several terrorist attacks. Here in Australia, Melbourne has gone from being the world’s most liveable city to a third world hellhole where people are afraid to sleep at night and have had to put barbed wire around their homes to protect themselves from the wonders of ‘diversity’ that politicians have inflicted upon us.

We have done more than we should ever have to so the refugee intake should now be reduced to zero and only immigrants who will be a benefit to the country and not a burden should be allowed in. The best way to deal with the refugee problem is to fix the problems in the countries people are fleeing from. Admitting the way of life in those countries is the problem and not where they live is the place to start, what’s happening in Europe and Melbourne is proof of that. Lowering our standards of living to match the standard of living in the refugees own countries is not helping anyone

Our aged pensioners do not deserve to have their pensions cut to fund bringing in refugees, our aged pensioners have made their contribution to the country and have earned their retirements. Australians who are currently working and contributing should not have the services they rely on cut either.

I recommend you watch a video on Youtube from the United States called ‘Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs’ which outlines the folly of the current polices. There are also videos called ‘Immigration by the Numbers -- Off the Charts’ and ‘Immigration Gumballs Part 2’ which also show the consequences of current immigration policies.

Yours sincerely,

>>Insert name<<

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