Facts speak louder than statistics

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Facts? Not A Concern For The Left.

The left don’t let facts get in the way of their agenda and will not abandon their starry eyed view of the world at all costs.

They would rather see civilisation destroyed and everyone enslaved or killed than admit they are wrong.

Don’t believe me? Look at what happened in Africa. They demanded the Western powers decolonise based on a starry eyed view that all would be rainbows and happiness for everyone. What really happened was dictatorships were established, many lived under very real oppression and millions of people were killed.

That didn’t stop their calls for decolonisation though.  More and more African nations gained independence, descended into chaos immediately and the left ignored the facts and patted themselves on the back.

Once prosperous nations became hell on Earth and years later the left have finally admitted there is a problem. Not with their outlook though, it was with Western borders and they have largely been dropped.

Now the very people who in many cases terrorised African nations with the lefts blessing are now in Western nations recreating their way of life and spreading the misery.

And the left couldn’t be happier. The increase in violence will provide them with more excuses to try and disarm people, pass laws restricting free speech and make everyone else live under their version of equality.

That's where everyone (except the left's leaders) is equally miserable and in no position to complain under the threat of imprisonment for their version of 'hate speech'.

The hate speech in question is what's also known as the truth. They hate people speaking the truth because it shows them up for the liars, hypocrites and traitors that they really are.

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