Facts speak louder than statistics

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The Reality Free Perspective

According to the left a dangerous place is a safe place for women and children. 

The modern left don’t worry about contradicting themselves, one minute they are all ‘we must drop our borders, race isn’t an issue’ and the next minute they are fully backing some groups claims (usually non-Caucasian but there are exceptions) to self-determination and independence.

If race isn’t supposed to be an issue and we’re all the same and all cultures are equal why do the left support certain groups self-determination claims which are based on exactly those things? In any case people having self-determination gets in the way of their starry eyed and very nonsensical one world view with the UN as a world government run by UNelected and UNtrustworthy characters.

What it comes down to is that with this and every other issue, left wing standards and perspectives are fluid and a matter of convenience. This frees them from the feeling they have to be consistent and since they believe they are always correct it frees them from feeling they have to deal with any facts.

Speaking of self-determination, what was the point of ‘majority rule’ in Africa? Most of the new nations descended into chaos upon independence but apparently it’s all for the best. While the starry eyed left were patting themselves on the back for being so magnanimous and granting independence millions of people were being slaughtered and the rest were living in abject poverty.

Wow, you can really feel the love the left has for Africans……..

Not only did they inflict this on Africa they did all they could to convert the two directly governed white countries, South Africa and Rhodesia, to the wonders of majority rule. They succeeded, patted themselves on the back and promptly looked the other way when those two nations descended into chaos as well.

Given how many in Africa, as we are seeing with the current invasion of Europe, actually want to live in countries run by whites that was somewhat of a short sighted thing to do. Instead of people paying a fortune to people smugglers and crossing the Mediterranean in unseaworthy vessels they could have headed towards southern Africa instead. 

Of course that’s where it all falls short since they wouldn’t actually have been welcomed into those countries and it wouldn’t have been the white population leading the charge to stop them entering.

The starry eyed left claim they are for everyone living in freedom and happiness, what they are really aiming for is having everyone living equally miserable lives ruled over by an unelected elite who will control every aspect of our lives. That includes their starry eyed drones who to their surprise will find themselves as controlled as the rest of us.

For far too long the left and their starry eyed view have been allowed to become reality and in far too many cases it turns out to be a disaster. Without missing a beat the left keep on with their destructive ways as if any problems they cause aren’t really their fault.

They have positioned themselves where they will benefit and will work with whoever helps them forward their anti-freedom agenda and they must be stopped. With the invasion of Europe, the open borders elsewhere and the assaults on our freedoms taking place we have to act. 

The problems the left have created are not coming on the horizon they are here now and have been for quite some time.

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