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Friday, 5 August 2016

On Form

Taking action starts with letting your elected representative know how you feel. This item contains the template for a letter or email you could send to your representative.

The Apex gang in Victoria is a very real issue and a problem that could spread to the rest of Australia. Instead of sitting back and waiting for it to happen to the rest of us we need to take steps to prevent ourselves becoming victims. So where do we start? Not by pointlessly calling politicians fools, not with some lame hashtag campaign and certainly not with a ‘hug a gang member’ campaign.

Below is a letter you may consider using. Obviously feel free to change it to suit, we just ask you avoid name calling and threats as that will not achieve the result we are after here.

We have to throw this into the laps of the people who are supposed to represent us, tell them in no uncertain terms that if this gang problem spreads we expect it to be stopped in its tracks with real action.

If said representative comes back with a cry of ‘racist’ at you then name and shame them because the issue is certainly not race and they’re obviously willing to sacrifice the good of the community to get votes from certain groups.

Will this work on all our elected representatives? Unfortunately not but if people start to make their voices heard then hopefully some of our politicians will take action. It’s the place to start and a start we have to make otherwise this problem will spread and no amount of calling politicians fools or saying to ourselves ‘this shouldn’t be happening’ will do a thing to stop it. 


Dear >Insert representatives name<

As you would be aware, Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs are being terrorised by a violent gang who have turned that region into a third world hellhole. Because the Victorian government is taking no real action to stop this menace it could very well spread to other parts of the country. As the less than law abiding members of our region see the free hand given to the thugs in Victoria to do as they please they may also feel they can behave in the same way.

As this is a possible threat to us I would like to know what action is being taken to prevent this from happening here. And by that I mean real action, not meetings with self-appointed community leaders with lots of hand wringing and blaming everyone else but the actual thugs who are committing these crimes.

There is no justification for these crimes, whether someone has had a bad life, is bored or it’s ‘cultural’ is no excuse. I don’t want to become the victim of a carjacking, home invasion or any other crime for that matter and don’t see why I should. I expect that real action is taken to protect law abiding citizens and ask you take a lead in this matter and prevent a Victorian style crime wave from happening here.

Yours sincerely,

>Insert name<

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