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Sunday, 7 August 2016

More On Form

Another of our form letters, we are creating these letters because people need to let their elected representatives know what they expect of them because they can't know that if people don't tell them.

This one is for Victorians to let their government know they are fed up with the crime wave currently wrecking their state.
Dear Premier,
I am tired of living in fear of the thugs you have allowed to run riot over our once great state. Either fix the problem now and restore Melbourne to being one the world's most liveable cities or resign immediately and allow someone else to fix the mess you’ve inflicted on us.
I am not interested in excuses and I am not concerned with the ridiculous belief held in some quarters that these thugs are somehow our responsibility. They are not and if you are influenced by those who cry racist when there are calls to deport these thugs I will remind you that crime is a legal issue and there is no such race as violent thug.
Please act now, the crime wave we are experiencing has no place anywhere in Australia. While there are attempts to downplay this crime wave the fact is some people who came here as refugees are actually fleeing Melbourne because they feel safer back in the strife ridden African countries they came from.
This is a disgraceful situation and a very real issue that can no longer be brushed under the carpet in the hope it goes away.

Yours sincerely,

>Insert name<

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