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Friday, 1 July 2016

You Do Count

The role the voter really plays does not seem to be appreciated by many voters themselves. Despite the fact candidates try and court votes from people the attitude is often ‘I only have one vote, what can I do?’

The answer to that is simple. Vote and vote wisely. Your vote counts so vote wisely.

Some will only vote for a major party in the mistaken belief that if they vote for an independent the vote will be split and an undesirable candidate will win. One thing people need to learn is the type of voting system we have, preferential voting. If there is one socialist candidate who gets 40% of the vote and two conservative who between them get 60% then, in most cases, one conservative will direct votes to the other and a conservative candidate will be elected as per the votes of 60% of the electorate.

Another mistaken belief is that if you don’t vote for a major party or the winning candidate you’ve wasted your vote. That's nonsense of course, you’re voting and having your democratic say, not betting on a horse race. If you vote for someone you don’t want to vote for then you have actually wasted your vote.

Some believe they have to vote according to the opinion polls. You don’t. Forget the polls, they are often less accurate than a weather prediction, biased and often have no real bearing on reality. They will often tell of a major surge towards one party of the other when their own result is a few percentage points different. The fact polls will present themselves as gospel for voting that hasn’t even happened yet should tell you how useless they generally are.

The bottom line is that you can vote for the candidate that you want to represent you, after all you’re voting to have your say. The problem we face at this time is voter apathy. The major parties revel in it because it means they can more or less maintain the status quo with little effort.

If more people started to vote like they really meant it politicians would be forced to take note of what the people really want. They would see who is getting votes on specific issues and would start to pay more attention to those issues to court votes.

Every vote has power if used properly. If people stop accepting the status quo and stop ignoring how thing really worked we could get our parliaments nationwide back in their proper place, that proper place being serving the people and serving them properly.

Make sure your vote counts, make sure it represents what you expect from our politicians. They work for us and it’s time for us to remind them of that.

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