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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Time To Take Our Country Back

Refugees who escaped violence in their own countries are now in Australia behaving violently thanks to the traitors in our governments.

If proof was ever needed that we need to vet who we allow into our country then what’s happening to the state of Victoria is all the proof you need.

The massive crime increase in that state has turned Melbourne, one of the world’s most liveable cities, into a third world hellhole.

The so called refugees being settled in the state from violent third world slums are turning out to be the very people who were making those countries that way to begin with. The crime wave they have unleashed has left many people living in fear.

There are calls to deport such people so the left try and claim it’s just a few of them. Thing is those ‘few’ are doing a hell of a lot of damage and it’s not just to Victoria.

The fact is it’s a few too many. Helping others is not supposed to be dragging our country down in the process but that’s exactly what it’s doing. We are literally under siege from those who are out to destroy our way of life. Many people are now unable to sleep at night wondering if they’ll be the next unlucky souls to have their lives turned upside down by a robbery or home invasion.

And those crimes are in essence sponsored by the left and their starry eyed unrealistic view of the world. Their open border philosophy is a hazard to Australia. Not satisfied with taking our money and our prosperity the left are out to take our freedom and safety as well and leave us all living in fear.

Don’t be surprised if the left offer us a solution to keep us safe from the crime wave we could have actually avoided having. It won’t involve deporting the dregs of the third world who are committing the crimes and destroying our nation, it’ll be more along the lines of having us surrender all our freedoms. That will also quietly include forfeiting our right to complain when the lefts promises turn out to be their usual pack of lies.

It’s time people stopped calling the left fools and started to see them for the traitors that they really are and have been for years. We need to vote them out of government and directly confront them for their treachery.

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