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Saturday, 9 July 2016

It's Only For The Votes

One reason why political parties want to bring in refugees and illegal immigrants is to turn them into loyal voters and keep them loyal with constant splashes of taxpayer funded welfare.

The money used is obtained by cutting services to Australians, cutting aged pensions and borrowing money at taxpayers’ expense.

And when you object to this the traitors on the left predictably and mindlessly cry racist. Given how our country is being dragged down by debt and given how Melbourne is now a third world hellhole where people are scared to sleep at night we need to ignore the left and their empty cries and take our country back.

Legal immigration is the only immigration that should be allowed. Let in the people who will contribute to the country, not to the crime rate, the welfare bill and to the Greens and Labor vote tallies.

And also deport those who break the law, they are obviously here to drag the country down and should be stopped and removed immediately.

The left have expanded the idea of what a refugee is to cover any form of immigration outside of legal immigration and they then bleat about international obligations. The reality is people arriving here on boats are not refugees as the left pretends. They are either country shopping illegals, people who fell for the people smugglers lies or hostile invaders out to take our country down.

International obligations, real or made up by the left, cannot be allowed to take our country down. It defeats the purpose of being humanitarian because, as we are finding out, it spreads the misery instead of curtailing and stopping it altogether.

And apart from ruing our country for us it also ruins it for the immigrants and refugees who are genuinely fleeing evil and want to rebuild their lives. Instead of getting away from violence they end up walking right back into it and all courtesy of the left who pretend they care for people but are really only working in their own self-interest.

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