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Monday, 11 July 2016

Feminism’s Getting Meaningless

FGM, it stands for Female Genital Mutilation, it could also mean Feminism’s Getting Meaningless.

With modern feminists and their left leaning outlook we hear the talk from them but they seem to back down from any real action.

Former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard is a classic example of this. She cried ‘misogyny’ when her destructive policies were questioned and even claimed she’d fight misogyny wherever she saw it.

In practice the only time she ever saw it was when it was pointed out to her she was wrecking the country. She was more than happy to go to a misogynistic Middle Eastern nation and simply see the money they gave her for making a speech.

This was capped by her umming and ahing about it when confronted about her inconsistent behaviour. She used the ‘it’s their culture’ defence so loved by the left when caught out on their double standards. Looks like Gillard won’t let something like misogyny get in the way of accepting money from those who oppress women.

And there’s Hillary Clinton who goes on about how she could be the first female president of the US. She’s a champion of women’s rights and a new day will dawn.

Yet her ‘charitable foundation’ accepts large donations from the very countries that oppress women. Guess a misogynist’s money is as good as anyone else’s.

Women in many third world countries and many places in the West are being mutilated through the practice of FGM. The process robs the victim of her sexuality and turns her into a sex toy and baby making machine that does all the housework with less than modern means to do so.

If there was ever an issue you’d think feminists would tackle it would be this one. Women being reduced to a household appliance should be causing anger at frenzy like levels.

Instead not a peep is heard beyond ‘it’s their culture’.

If the modern feminist line was to be believed you’d think that since it’s their culture the victims get some magical protection and aren’t really harmed.

They are harmed though, based on the premise that deep down we are all the same the victims in the third world and Middle East are affected as badly as a woman from the West would be.

So really, all that culture is doing is making the victims of this cultural practice less inclined fight against the practice or to speak out. And the few who do speak out against it aren’t getting any help from modern feminists.

The UN announced it look to getting the practice of FGM stamped out by 2030. Did we hear cries of “2030? Why not now?” from modern feminists?

No, we didn’t. Not a peep.

They seem to be more concerned with legalising late term abortions and talking about the non-existent gender pay gap while being mean to men rather than dealing with the real issues women face.

Thankfully there are some real champions of women’s rights around such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christina Hoff Sommers but unfortunately there are too many like Gillard and Clinton profiting from their own false cries of misogyny and dangerously trivialising the real issues faced by woman around the world.

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