Facts speak louder than statistics

Monday, 11 July 2016

Feminism’s Getting Meaningless

FGM, it stands for Female Genital Mutilation, it could also mean Feminism’s Getting Meaningless.

With modern feminists and their left leaning outlook we hear the talk from them but they seem to back down from any real action.

Former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard is a classic example of this. She cried ‘misogyny’ when her destructive policies were questioned and even claimed she’d fight misogyny wherever she saw it.

In practice the only time she ever saw it was when it was pointed out to her she was wrecking the country. She was more than happy to go to a misogynistic Middle Eastern nation and simply see the money they gave her for making a speech.

This was capped by her umming and ahing about it when confronted about her inconsistent behaviour. She used the ‘it’s their culture’ defence so loved by the left when caught out on their double standards. Looks like Gillard won’t let something like misogyny get in the way of accepting money from those who oppress women.

And there’s Hillary Clinton who goes on about how she could be the first female president of the US. She’s a champion of women’s rights and a new day will dawn.

Yet her ‘charitable foundation’ accepts large donations from the very countries that oppress women. Guess a misogynist’s money is as good as anyone else’s.

Women in many third world countries and many places in the West are being mutilated through the practice of FGM. The process robs the victim of her sexuality and turns her into a sex toy and baby making machine that does all the housework with less than modern means to do so.

If there was ever an issue you’d think feminists would tackle it would be this one. Women being reduced to a household appliance should be causing anger at frenzy like levels.

Instead not a peep is heard beyond ‘it’s their culture’.

If the modern feminist line was to be believed you’d think that since it’s their culture the victims get some magical protection and aren’t really harmed.

They are harmed though, based on the premise that deep down we are all the same the victims in the third world and Middle East are affected as badly as a woman from the West would be.

So really, all that culture is doing is making the victims of this cultural practice less inclined fight against the practice or to speak out. And the few who do speak out against it aren’t getting any help from modern feminists.

The UN announced it look to getting the practice of FGM stamped out by 2030. Did we hear cries of “2030? Why not now?” from modern feminists?

No, we didn’t. Not a peep.

They seem to be more concerned with legalising late term abortions and talking about the non-existent gender pay gap while being mean to men rather than dealing with the real issues women face.

Thankfully there are some real champions of women’s rights around such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Christina Hoff Sommers but unfortunately there are too many like Gillard and Clinton profiting from their own false cries of misogyny and dangerously trivialising the real issues faced by woman around the world.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Time To Take Our Country Back

Refugees who escaped violence in their own countries are now in Australia behaving violently thanks to the traitors in our governments.

If proof was ever needed that we need to vet who we allow into our country then what’s happening to the state of Victoria is all the proof you need.

The massive crime increase in that state has turned Melbourne, one of the world’s most liveable cities, into a third world hellhole.

The so called refugees being settled in the state from violent third world slums are turning out to be the very people who were making those countries that way to begin with. The crime wave they have unleashed has left many people living in fear.

There are calls to deport such people so the left try and claim it’s just a few of them. Thing is those ‘few’ are doing a hell of a lot of damage and it’s not just to Victoria.

The fact is it’s a few too many. Helping others is not supposed to be dragging our country down in the process but that’s exactly what it’s doing. We are literally under siege from those who are out to destroy our way of life. Many people are now unable to sleep at night wondering if they’ll be the next unlucky souls to have their lives turned upside down by a robbery or home invasion.

And those crimes are in essence sponsored by the left and their starry eyed unrealistic view of the world. Their open border philosophy is a hazard to Australia. Not satisfied with taking our money and our prosperity the left are out to take our freedom and safety as well and leave us all living in fear.

Don’t be surprised if the left offer us a solution to keep us safe from the crime wave we could have actually avoided having. It won’t involve deporting the dregs of the third world who are committing the crimes and destroying our nation, it’ll be more along the lines of having us surrender all our freedoms. That will also quietly include forfeiting our right to complain when the lefts promises turn out to be their usual pack of lies.

It’s time people stopped calling the left fools and started to see them for the traitors that they really are and have been for years. We need to vote them out of government and directly confront them for their treachery.

How To Help The Oppressed In Their Own Countries

Here’s a plan to help fix the world's problems. Instead of having people from strife ridden countries come to the West and often live at taxpayers’ expense let’s send the advocates of illegal immigration, the left, to the strife ridden countries instead.

The ladies of the left can wait in total safety while the men make the perilous journey of ‘refugees' to flee the danger they are in that somehow does not affect women and children.

The women can immerse themselves in cultural diversity as they experience female genital mutilation (FGM) and are reduced to being sex toys and baby making machines who also do all the house work. There’s nothing to worry about either since it’s a cultural practice so it’s perfectly safe to go through, since it’s ‘cultural’ the recipients of the practice are somehow protected and come to no harm.

The left can do their protests for welfare and votes for illegals in the countries where the illegals actually come from. And since the left will be in the illegals countries the people there won’t actually be illegal so the left won’t have to skirt around the term ‘illegal immigrant’ and pretend they don’t understand what the term ‘illegal’ really means.

 And if any of our leftist friends are subject to sexual assault they won’t have to do anything to hide the race of the rapist in an attempt to prevent ‘racism’ against that person taking place because it’s unlikely the authorities will have any interest in arresting the perpetrator.

In fact it’s unlikely the victims of such attacks will say anything because they may find themselves in trouble for committing adultery or engaging in homosexual acts. They may find themselves stoned or thrown off a building for such acts. The fact they were not willing participants will not be considered but remember, it’s cultural and therefore all OK and they’ll learn that there are other meanings for getting stoned and getting high.

It’s something for the left to consider. After all they won’t have to deal with conservatives and their racist border policies where illegal immigrants are discriminated against in favour of legal immigrants. (Remember, illegal immigrant is a race, somehow….) The left can help ‘minorities’ get ahead since according to the leftist view people who aren't white really need leftist help to get ahead.

It makes sense since deep down leftists generally hate their own country anyway. Instead of ‘refugees’ making the dangerous journey through all those safe countries the people who want to help them can go to the refugees own countries instead! They can take their starry eyed view and degrees in feminist dance therapy and use their white privilege to make the world a better place for all.

It's Only For The Votes

One reason why political parties want to bring in refugees and illegal immigrants is to turn them into loyal voters and keep them loyal with constant splashes of taxpayer funded welfare.

The money used is obtained by cutting services to Australians, cutting aged pensions and borrowing money at taxpayers’ expense.

And when you object to this the traitors on the left predictably and mindlessly cry racist. Given how our country is being dragged down by debt and given how Melbourne is now a third world hellhole where people are scared to sleep at night we need to ignore the left and their empty cries and take our country back.

Legal immigration is the only immigration that should be allowed. Let in the people who will contribute to the country, not to the crime rate, the welfare bill and to the Greens and Labor vote tallies.

And also deport those who break the law, they are obviously here to drag the country down and should be stopped and removed immediately.

The left have expanded the idea of what a refugee is to cover any form of immigration outside of legal immigration and they then bleat about international obligations. The reality is people arriving here on boats are not refugees as the left pretends. They are either country shopping illegals, people who fell for the people smugglers lies or hostile invaders out to take our country down.

International obligations, real or made up by the left, cannot be allowed to take our country down. It defeats the purpose of being humanitarian because, as we are finding out, it spreads the misery instead of curtailing and stopping it altogether.

And apart from ruing our country for us it also ruins it for the immigrants and refugees who are genuinely fleeing evil and want to rebuild their lives. Instead of getting away from violence they end up walking right back into it and all courtesy of the left who pretend they care for people but are really only working in their own self-interest.

Friday, 1 July 2016

You Do Count

The role the voter really plays does not seem to be appreciated by many voters themselves. Despite the fact candidates try and court votes from people the attitude is often ‘I only have one vote, what can I do?’

The answer to that is simple. Vote and vote wisely. Your vote counts so vote wisely.

Some will only vote for a major party in the mistaken belief that if they vote for an independent the vote will be split and an undesirable candidate will win. One thing people need to learn is the type of voting system we have, preferential voting. If there is one socialist candidate who gets 40% of the vote and two conservative who between them get 60% then, in most cases, one conservative will direct votes to the other and a conservative candidate will be elected as per the votes of 60% of the electorate.

Another mistaken belief is that if you don’t vote for a major party or the winning candidate you’ve wasted your vote. That's nonsense of course, you’re voting and having your democratic say, not betting on a horse race. If you vote for someone you don’t want to vote for then you have actually wasted your vote.

Some believe they have to vote according to the opinion polls. You don’t. Forget the polls, they are often less accurate than a weather prediction, biased and often have no real bearing on reality. They will often tell of a major surge towards one party of the other when their own result is a few percentage points different. The fact polls will present themselves as gospel for voting that hasn’t even happened yet should tell you how useless they generally are.

The bottom line is that you can vote for the candidate that you want to represent you, after all you’re voting to have your say. The problem we face at this time is voter apathy. The major parties revel in it because it means they can more or less maintain the status quo with little effort.

If more people started to vote like they really meant it politicians would be forced to take note of what the people really want. They would see who is getting votes on specific issues and would start to pay more attention to those issues to court votes.

Every vote has power if used properly. If people stop accepting the status quo and stop ignoring how thing really worked we could get our parliaments nationwide back in their proper place, that proper place being serving the people and serving them properly.

Make sure your vote counts, make sure it represents what you expect from our politicians. They work for us and it’s time for us to remind them of that.