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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Voters Need To Stop And Think About Their Futures

How would you feel if when you were shopping you had to pay for someone else’s items as well as your own? How would you feel if you hired someone to landscape your garden and they worked on someone else’s garden instead? And how about if you made some investments and others got the payout while leaving you in debt? 

In a way that’s what’s happening in the free world, our money is being taken from us to pay for bringing in people who in most cases will just keep taking from us and they are being represented by the people we employ to work on our behalf. 

Our elected representatives are finding it more lucrative to be stooges of the UNelected and UNtrustworthy UN. 

This treachery must end. If you’re tired of the same old same old betrayals then put your vote where your mouth is and vote for candidates who you know will actually represent you. In the case of the US this is people like Donald Trump. 

In countries like Australia and the UK it means not voting for the major parties. There are other choices so if you’re tired of the established order trashing our nations then vote like you mean it.

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