Facts speak louder than statistics

Monday, 27 June 2016

Those Brexit Blues

The Brexit vote has been another demonstration of the lefts disdain for democracy. From the criticism the left have thrown towards Britain for voting to leave the EU dictatorship to their attempts to get another referendum held in hopes people will vote according to the lefts wishes.

One of the points they try and use to justify a second referendum is that ‘only’ 72% (which is more than half) of registered voters actually voted. Because of that the result that the left don’t like is apparently null and void because 28% didn’t have their say.

They did have their say though, by not voting they have said they are willing to abide by the decision of the majority. In essence they count as part of the leave vote. The same would apply if the remain vote won and the left know it, they would be the first to tell you that not voting is an act of accepting the wishes of the majority who did vote.

The only time a complaint of people not voting would be valid would be if people were actually prevented from voting. That’s not the case here though so the complaints from the left are, as usual, not actually based in reality.

The left hate democracy, their response to the Brexit vote is just more proof of that.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Different Countries, Same Problems

The UK has voted to leave the undemocratic EU, a wise move given that the EU is a totalitarian state out to loot the member nations and not allow the people to have any say in their lives. 

There are threats of reprisals towards the UK from the unelected (or given the meddling of the UN is that UNelected?) rulers of Europe but they are empty threats. 

The EU needs the UK more than the UK ever needed the EU so they will negotiate. And given Britain is a democracy and the EU is not investors might want to look at the UK as a safer place to invest their money. 

Next week Australia will be voting for its freedom as well. Australia is currently being ruled by an UNelected elite who are controlling and looting Australia.

We voted no to illegal immigration and carbon scams and the UNelected elite replaced our prime minister with a stooge who’s willing to go against the wishes of the nation.

We have found ourselves signed up to the ETS (Emissions Trading Scam) and have found our national debt rising and security compromised. The UNelected elite though are doing quite well from it and are increasing their wealth at the expense of the nation’s people.

Everything rests on the next election, hopefully more people have woken up to what’s really going on. Apart from the general apathy out there many people inexplicably believe the entrenched Liberal, Labor and Greens politicians are fools and yet will keep voting for those so called fools despite the fact there are other choices out there.

Voters have got to stop sleepwalking through elections or deliberately ignore the evidence in front of them as to what’s really happening. For a democracy to work the voters have to get involved because, as we have found out, politicians take advantage of voter apathy.

More people are speaking out and hopefully they’ll vote like they mean it. If you have the good fortune to live in a democratic nation you have the responsibility to be involved in the democratic process and that includes making your vote really count.

Given what the major parties have lined up for Australia we really have no choice, we cannot vote the same way as we always have and expect things to change, it’s time for people to direct their votes elsewhere and start removing the Liberal/Labor/Greens traitors from our parliaments. 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Time To Make The Connection

Politics can make for some interesting discussions. People will ask why politicians don’t keep their promises and if you point out that politician’s lie and their promises are lies they will angrily say that of course they know politicians lie followed by the line “do you think I’m stupid?”

Maybe, maybe not but you have to wonder why some people can’t make the connection between knowing that politicians lie and why politicians don’t keep promises we all know are lies.

The question to ask is not why don’t politicians keep their promises or even why do they lie to get elected? We know it’s not for the honour of serving the electorate. The question is why do so many people refuse to see and acknowledge what’s really going on.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Voters Need To Stop And Think About Their Futures

How would you feel if when you were shopping you had to pay for someone else’s items as well as your own? How would you feel if you hired someone to landscape your garden and they worked on someone else’s garden instead? And how about if you made some investments and others got the payout while leaving you in debt? 

In a way that’s what’s happening in the free world, our money is being taken from us to pay for bringing in people who in most cases will just keep taking from us and they are being represented by the people we employ to work on our behalf. 

Our elected representatives are finding it more lucrative to be stooges of the UNelected and UNtrustworthy UN. 

This treachery must end. If you’re tired of the same old same old betrayals then put your vote where your mouth is and vote for candidates who you know will actually represent you. In the case of the US this is people like Donald Trump. 

In countries like Australia and the UK it means not voting for the major parties. There are other choices so if you’re tired of the established order trashing our nations then vote like you mean it.