Facts speak louder than statistics

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Reports Will Stop, Not The Crime.

We’ve often encountered the lack of reality based approach of the left leaning media. One such trick is to supply incomplete information such as in reporting crime. If a crime is committed by someone who is not Caucasian often the suspect’s ethnicity will be omitted from the media report.

Another trick appears to be ignoring the crimes by certain groups once they become a regular occurrence and in the process, “the norm”.

So with that in mind don’t think that the crime wave currently hitting Victoria has actually stopped if you no longer see any reports of violent home invasions and assaults by a certain gang. The reports will simply dwindle as they become ‘old news’ and an accepted part of day to day life.

In any case they wouldn’t want you to look badly on their version of diversity, the one where you surrender to vile ways of living without question. Because of this diversity you can go to Victoria and experience third world living right here in Australia.

Just remember not to say anything bad about anyone’s culture because that would supposedly be racist even though race and culture are two separate things.

Somehow having people recreate a way of life here that drove them out of their home country is a good thing. Look below the surface though it pretty much shows that many problems faced around the world are not actually caused by where people live but more by how they live.