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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

It's Their Culture, That Makes It OK. Somehow.

For some reason, according to many on the Left, because some Western males have committed acts of rape this somehow justifies the illegal immigrants with the barbaric Stone Age way of life also committing rapes when they come to a Western country. And if anyone in the West points out that rape is vile they are called racist and shouted down with the point made again that men in the West have committed rapes.

Yes, Western men have but it isn’t the bulk of Western men who commit such acts or think that it’s OK to do so. Many more are for women’s rights and rightly condemn any form of sexual assault and oppression of women’s rights. Meanwhile a very large number of people of both genders from the Stone Age cultures think it’s perfectly fine to assault women and that women are just playthings.

As far as Western men committing rapes, you don't fix the situation by dropping the borders for cultures that encourage it. The fact that lowlifes in the West have done it doesn’t somehow justify anyone else doing it. The Leftist ‘logic’ says there is a problem in the West, let’s drop our borders and make it many times worse.

So let’s look at what’s happening to Europe with its current invasion. Many blonde women in Sweden are dyeing their hair to make themselves less of a target for rape. Women are being told not to go out at night unaccompanied. Schoolgirls are being told to cover up to avoid being raped by illegals. Festivals have been cancelled. Extra police are now needed for special events. Basically women can’t go about their lawful business without the high risk of being raped. Where are Europe’s so called feminists you may ask? Leading the charge to make excuses for the illegals' actions

Conveniently overlooked by the pro rape Leftists is that the Stone Age cultures they defend also encourage female genital mutilation (FGM) which robs females of their sexuality. This is on top of women already being reduced to an uneducated sexual plaything at a young age. The Leftist side of politics is notoriously silent on things such as this though.

In a last ditch attempt to forward their lack of argument a Leftist will ask you what’s the difference then if some Western men are committing  rapes. It’s simple, Western culture condemns rape while the Stone Age cultures invading the West condone it and encourage it.

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