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Monday, 25 January 2016

Open Borders, A Dangerous Vision

New South Wales Premier Michael Baird is jumping on the ‘drop our borders’ bandwagon so let’s look at some of his dialogue.

Baird warned of the dangers of what he called anti-immigration politics in Australia and around the world.”

Baird is speaking out against patriotism. Last thing any politician wants is national pride and people thinking for themselves.

He said the country owed much of its success to migrants, and he feared what would happen if refugees were turned away.

We owe them you hear me, we owe them! We must pay them all back! Drop the borders and more success will come our way! Notice he’s using ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ interchangeably?

"We are one of the most successful and multicultural nations in the world".

Yep, mostly because the pre-multicultural and general Western values are still the ones in place, that’s changing though as we all know so wave bye bye to success.

"But I believe we are potentially at risk of losing what makes Australia the best place in the world to live, because some want to shut our doors and avert their eyes."

If we drop our borders we will lose what makes Australia one of the best places in the world to live. What will happen is they will open our doors then avert their eyes to the vile cultures and terrorism they bring in.

Baird spoke of Deng Thiak Adut, a former child soldier in Sudan who is now a refugee lawyer in Australia. “"Because we welcomed Deng, we sheltered him, we gave him clothes, food and a chance to learn, and he seized that opportunity, and now he is working in his community giving back to those who, like him, once had no voice."

Where Baird says ‘we’ he means the taxpayers funded it whether they liked it or not and the politicians will take the credit for it. And if Deng is a refugee lawyer how is he giving back to Australia? Wouldn’t being a legal aid lawyer for Australian citizens be more of an act of giving back to Australia? Still, well done Deng, becoming a lawyer is an achievement. Many refugees just end up on welfare.

The Premier said Australia owed a large part of its character to the success of people like Mr Adut.

We owe them! (Again!). Actually Mike, Australia was covered with success and character a long time ago and because of the people born here and the immigrants who came here legally.

"And to our kindness, compassion in sharing our luck and giving them a chance," he said.

We just happen to be lucky, nothing to do with having a superior way of life that allows people opportunities and a chance at success, no it’s all luck only that just happened because some magical elves sprinkled their magic dust here and not in the third world holes that many want to leave.

"Deng is what happens when generosity meets opportunity".

His success is an example of what can happen, doesn’t always work out that way though.

The Premier said Australia must face threats and arm its security forces to protect the borders appropriately.

Baird wants to drop our borders though so we can’t take him seriously there.

"To shut our doors to refugees, as many here and around the world are calling for, is to deny our history, to deny our character".

More spin there. Most aren’t talking of shutting our doors but the reality is we can’t just drop our borders and let everyone in just to give certain groups their warm fuzzy feelings.

"In a quest for personal comfort let us not sacrifice who we are above all, which is welcoming, compassionate and inclusive."

Let us not sacrifice our country and ourselves on the altar of multiculturalism with its false promise of a warm fuzzy world just because someone wants some votes or for any other reason. We’re seeing what’s happening to Europe with large numbers of so called refugees and the acts of terrorism and rape that are occurring. Astonishingly many are still not getting the message that the problem is not where people live but how they live.

And we aren't immune, the same things have happened here on a smaller scale, trouble is when you try and bring everything into the open for an open and honest discussion the left automatically cry ‘racist’. They have to stifle discussion. But before anyone wants to mindlessly squawk ‘racist’, just remember race and culture are separate things.

Baird should just stick to being the premier of NSW and leave immigration to people who know about such things. NSW has been trashed by the Liberals and he’s not exactly distinguishing himself in fixing it so we don’t really need his input on this matter, especially when it’s nothing but an exercise in sucking up for votes.

Nothing in what Baird says obliges us to drop our borders and with terrorism on the increase around the world we’d be fools to do so. It’s a very real threat and no amount of starry eyed pro open borders rhetoric is going to change that.

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