Facts speak louder than statistics

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Our Traditions, We'll Keep Them!

Don’t bother coming to our country and complaining about our traditions such as Christmas because our ways are what make our country the great place that it is. 

While some whine about the religious side of Christmas the fact is Christmas has evolved beyond being a Christian holiday and has something for everyone. On the religious side though, Christmas preaches peace and goodwill to all which of course doesn’t stand well with a certain cult that is out to enslave everyone.

Christmas predates the multicultural nonsense that has been inflicted on us, it is a fine tradition held dearly by this nation for many years and there is just no real reason to change it.

In any case the proponents of multiculturalism claim that having many cultures in one country is supposed to add to said country and make it better and diverse. If we are supposed to be adding to the country then how can they realistically justify trying to take away one of the country’s oldest and greatest traditions?

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