Facts speak louder than statistics

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Queensland Election 2015

There is a belief out there that the ALP have learned their lesson from their 2012 defeat and they are all penitent and wouldn’t dare do the same things again. The fact they presented themselves as the saviour of Queensland and the LNP as the people wrecking Queensland just shows us the deception continues with the ALP.

They were presenting the proposed asset leases by the LNP as asset sales and as the worst thing anyone could do and behaving as if their own hands are clean on the issue. After deliberately going into the 2009 election concealing their true plans they started selling or leasing assets as well as cutting services. The actions taken by the ALP massively pushed up the cost of living in Queensland.

The reason the ALP sales and cuts is because they had taken Queensland’s debt from $15 billion to $89 billion in the space of a year and needed funds to pay the interest on the debt. The debt didn’t decrease though as they kept on borrowing.

This election result and getting themselves voted back in at all has been an amazing feat by the ALP, they created the problems Queensland has, they cast the people trying to fix the problems in a bad light and then the ALP presented themselves as the people to fix everything.

And the LNP got voted out for doing the job they were voted in to do.

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