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Friday, 14 November 2014

Warming Up To Scams

Climate change has reportedly been added to the agenda at G20, it would seem they added it to avoid upsetting the people who believe climate change is driven by carbon dioxide emissions. Doing this to avoid upsetting someone is like avoiding having to tell an adult there is no Santa Claus or answering an Advance Fee scam email in order to avoid upsetting the con artist who sent the email to you.

Speaking of email scams, the way some warmists present their climate change nonsense is similar to how the email scammers present their scam. First of all the whole thing is obviously a fiction but of course that fact is ignored as the scam is put forward. 

They use key comments in an attempt to give their story credibility. Email scammers will say things like ‘100% safe’ and ‘no risk to you’, the warmists say things like ‘peer reviewed’ and ‘the science is settled’. Both groups use capital letters to emphasis certain points and both present a prize at the end of it all. The email scammers say you will receive lots of money and the warmists say you’ll have a peaceful pollution free world.

Just as you take the bait both groups hit you with the catch, you have to give some money first and lots of it to get the prize and the only real difference between the two groups’ surfaces here. You can tell the email scammers to get stuffed and keep your money but if the warmists have their people in government then you can kiss your cash and the nation’s economic wellbeing goodbye.

The final results for both scams are the same, despite all the money that gets paid out there is nothing to show for it. The email scammers never had millions to give you and the warmists can’t give you a better environment. You’re simply out of pocket and others are richer at your expense.  

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