Facts speak louder than statistics

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Left vs. Right: A Custom Failure

Race Card Left: Our language and customs are racist and sexist.

Race Free Right: Actually I’d say your language and customs are racist and sexist, where there is none it’s your custom to say there is. And as usual the racism and sexism only exists in your mind.

Race Card Left: No it’s not, you racist! Many expressions and surnames are racist and sexist.

Race Free Right: Please clarify.

Race Card Left:  Well for example, the term for when the electricity fails, it’s called a black out! That right there is probably a subliminal attempt by you to tell black people to get out or something and then there’s the term ‘in the red’ for being in debt!! Obviously that’s an attempt to say Native Americans are always in debt and somehow a problem for you conservatives. Then there are surnames like Goldman, an attempt to say only men can have gold and the numerous other names that end in ‘man’ in an attempt to keep women down!

Race Free Right: Well on the expressions front, what about white out for a snow storm? Looking at it from your perspective it’s telling whites to get out. For finances they refer to being profitable as being ‘in the black’. Sounds like they are telling black people they can run a profitable business. And for surnames there’s Bride, Allison and Jane amongst others, never met a man with that genre of surname who feels it has kept him down, in fact it's never even been mentioned.

Race Card Left: You racist, that proves nothing!

Race Free Right: It proves everything. You’ll find in most cases race or gender weren’t even considered in the slightest whatsoever, it was more for whatever term was convenient at the time. And even if any have racial or gender connotations I dare say you’re find most people don’t consider such things when they speak the names or use the expressions. Sure some things need tweaking but pretty much all the problems are in your mind.

Race Card Left:  You racist.

Race Free Right: In other words once again I’m right, you’re wrong and you know you’re wrong! Any real comeback to that obvious fact?

**Crickets chirping**