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Monday, 7 April 2014

To Be Left Without Honour.

Tony Abbott reinstated the imperial honours system and the left went crazy. They objected vigorously and as usual there was not very much content in their comments.

First up they said it’s old fashioned.


Some bleated our Asian neighbours won’t understand.

So? It’s never been a problem before and I’m sure we could easily explain it all to them if there really was a need.

A claim went out there that it doesn’t gel well with our current American alliance.

I don’t think our American allies care either way. They’ve never had a problem with it in the past and they certainly have no problem with the Queen.

Then there’s the cry that it’s a step backwards.

How? That of course they don’t explain. If it’s a step backwards in the opinion of the left then it’s more likely a step away from the lefts nonsensical approach to things and in reality a good thing.

It’s from colonial times they say.

It’s from well before colonial times, it’s a very old tradition steeped in history. And as far as the idea of honouring worthy people goes, that is a very ancient idea.

It’s British cry the left in sheer horror.

This current setup is British in its origins but so is this country, the imperial system has evolved into a Commonwealth of Nations affair.

And with more horror the left tell us the honours are from the Queen and she’s foreign.

No she’s not, she’s our queen as much as she is the Queen of the United Kingdom, the Queen of New Zealand and the Queen of Canada amongst other realms. She’s not foreign, she’s family. Long may she reign.

Mind you, for all their claims of tolerance their branding Her Majesty the Queen as foreign could show us the left aren’t too keen on foreigners. A foreign queen should be right up their alley, not only foreign but female. Rather racist and sexist of them isn’t it to reject her isn’t it?!

There may indeed be real arguments that can be presented against reinstating the honours system but if there are I am yet to hear any. Saying things are old fashioned or will somehow cause angst amongst our trading partners and allies isn’t really presenting an argument against it, it’s just a load of empty words but that’s par the course for the left.

I think one of the things they may not like about the honours system is that the intent of it is to recognise people who have achievements that are worth honouring and those are few and far between with the left. Running up massive debt in six years does not get counted as an achievement and neither does running an environmental scam or encouraging the boats to start again and in the process costing over a thousand lives.

Then there’s the idea of honour. Given the stunts and the scams the left have been pulling they know full well there’s no honour in what they’ve been up to. It’s likely they don’t care but it’s doubtful they want to be reminded of it either.

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