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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Left vs. Right: To Protest Or To Work.

Reckless Left: You lot must not really believe in your own ideology!

Responsible Right: Why do you say that?

Reckless Left: You lot hardly protest. Apart from that extremely successful counter protest you lot did against the BDS drones in Brisbane you’re not really out there anywhere near as much as we are.

Responsible Right: Well most of us don’t have time. We have jobs which just happen to pay the taxes that fund your welfare and we have families and we have them because we want them, we take responsibility for our actions and we don’t just abort our children for the sake of a few more extra years of night clubbing and promiscuous living. Being responsible means you can’t always get out there and chant but it does ensure we think very carefully at the ballot box.

Reckless Left: You racist!

Responsible Right: Yeah yeah whatever, how about you get a job and stop killing your unborn children you selfish drone.

Reckless Left: I’m not selfish, it’s called ‘choice’.

Responsible Right: Since when is killing your own children a choice you can take? Is the pregnancy a genuine threat to the mother’s life?

Reckless Left: They weren't killed, they aren't alive and they aren't human.

Responsible Right: So you’re pregnant with a dead alien?

Reckless Left: No, it’s not conscious so it’s OK to abort.

Responsible Right: Not conscious? That then means the child is asleep. You kill your own sleeping children while they are in the womb.

Reckless Left: Look, we don’t really know when an unborn child is truly alive so we can’t say it’s murder now.

Responsible Right: Well if we don’t really know when an unborn child is alive we should not be messing around with the process now should we. If we don’t know when then we don’t know when it’s murder or just a clump of cells that doesn't matter do we.

Reckless Left: You racist!

Responsible Right: You child killer.

Reckless Left: Hey! You can’t say that!!

Responsible Right: Truth hurts doesn't it?

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