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Saturday, 5 April 2014

Left vs. Right: Paging Reality.

Left Behind: I don’t understand how your page is doing so well and ours is doing so miserably. You’re leaps and bound beyond ours yet you lot are racist, xenophobic, misogynist, bigots so why would people go to your page?

Australian Tea Party (ATP): All you do is throw names at people who disagree with you like when you call us racist etc. and your attempts to counter argue are devoid of any real content or facts. You’ll say someone is wrong but won’t offer an explanation as to why.

Left Behind: You’re wrong! You’re just so wrong. You are really really wrong!!

ATP: How am I wrong?

Left Behind: You just are! You racist!!

ATP: Like I said, you just say someone is wrong or you call them names and on top of that you make excuses for the rotten things your preferred politicians do as opposed to putting forward reasons why it is apparently good.

Left Behind: Ha! Got you there!! You did the same thing you accused me of doing, you said I was wrong but didn’t say why!

ATP: Actually I did say why but here’s another difference, I will clarify what I have said if asked. An example of your making excuses for the ALP is when it comes to the debt the ALP lumbered us with. All you say is ‘it’s not as high as the debt other countries have’ and when pressed to clarify how other countries having debt is OK you can’t say how that makes it OK and when it’s pointed out that the debt is costing billions per year in interest and how just over six years earlier there was $20 billion in the bank you just go back to the ‘it’s not so high’ statement. You won’t tell us why this current state of affairs is somehow OK.

Left Behind: You racist, you misogynist!

ATP: Yeah, you’ll say anything you can, anything except a properly thought out counter that uses facts. The reality is there was $20 billion in the bank and a stable economy for the ALP to run and they chose to run it into the ground for their own benefit and leave a debt of over $350 billion with very little to show for it. How does other countries’ having debts make that OK?

**Crickets chirping**

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