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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Left vs. Right: It Is Illegal And We Have The Right To Say It Is

Fact Free Left: You don’t like illegal immigrants, when are you leaving?

Always Right: I’m not, why should I?

Fact Free Left: Well if they’re illegal so are you so why don’t you go back to where you came from?

Always Right: To Sydney?

Fact Free Left: No! To England!!

Always Right: I can’t go back there for the simple reason I’ve never been there to begin with. I can go back to Sydney though if I want to go back somewhere.

Fact Free Left: You racist! You stole this land from the Aboriginals!! You should go back to where you came from.

Always Right: So you think I should go back to Sydney then?

Fact Free Left: No! Too England!! I already told you!

Always Right: And I already told you that I’ve never been there so I can hardly go back there.

Fact Free Left: This country was stolen from the Aboriginals, it should be returned to them!

Always Right: So how does allowing in illegal immigrants return the land to the Aborigines?

Fact Free Left: You racist! You have no right to stop them!! You have no right to be here and should leave!

Always Right: Please lead by example and go back to England.

Fact Free Left: I can’t, I’m of Irish descent and as you know we were oppressed by the English.

So go back to Ireland. It hasn’t been run by the English since well before you were even born.

Fact Free Left: Well no, my people left to escape from oppression. That’s why I feel a bond with the asylum seekers, we are one. I know their hardships and I feel what they feel.

Always Right: Many are country shopping illegal immigrants with their eyes on collecting welfare so that explains the bond you feel. And I know you can’t ‘go back’ to Ireland because you’ve never been there and I happen to know your surname is as English fish and chips and Doctor Who. You just like playing the victim so you can claim a bond with whatever group you're pretending to represent. Using the Irish was not the best example though, they have moved way beyond any oppression by English governments, their own governments on the other hand……………

Fact Free Left: You racist! This land belongs to the Aborigines so we have no right to stop the asylum seekers coming here!! You’re oppressing the Aborigines and always have been!

Always Right: We are here, we are running the country and we have a right to say who comes in. And while we can’t undo any injustices of the past we can make sure Aboriginal culture is preserved and celebrated. That won’t happen though if we drop our borders and let just anyone in, we run the real risk of importing the problems of other countries here and we have enough of our own. Illegal immigration needs to be stopped while we can still stop it.

Fact Free Left: You racist!

Always Right: What race is illegal immigrant?

**Crickets chirping**

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