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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Left vs. Right: Giving The Left Credit For The Debt.

Fact Free Left: It was the ALP who got our economy going again, it’s all thanks to the great Rudd and Gillard and the genius of Wayne Swan.

Always Right: Great and genius to describe people who borrowed and squandered billions? So the low unemployment, the stable budgets , the AAA rating, the Future Fund and the $20 billion spare cash in the bank left by the Howard government had nothing to do with our economy being strong?

Fact Free Left: All they did was sell assets, anyone can do that!

Always Right: The ALP were the ones who started the asset sale ball rolling and they couldn’t do it. Meanwhile the Liberals used the money raised to clear the debt and set up the Future Fund to cover unfunded future liabilities.

Fact Free Left: All they did was sit on the money, the Australian people didn’t benefit.

Always Right: No they didn’t and that’s because the ALP turned that $20 billion spare cash into over $350 billion in debt in just six years. It helped feather their nests but didn’t do the rest of us any good! They cut services people rely on and were eyeing off the Future Fund to finance another self-serving spending spree. Unemployment rose under the ALP, small businesses were closing in record numbers, utilities were being disconnected in record numbers and there were record numbers of bankruptcies, all courtesy of the ALP. Where there was a budget in the black there is now a budget black hole full of red ink to the tune of billions of dollars.

Fact Free Left: Our debt is low compared to other nations so it’s OK

Always Right: That doesn’t excuse the ALP from borrowing to excess. This current debt will take far too many years to pay off and cost billions in interest that could better serve the country. Having no debt is better than our supposedly low debt and that’s how it was before the ALP came along. If the ALP had of stayed in any longer the debt would be as high, if not higher than other countries.

Fact Free Left: The Liberals only did it through asset sales.

Always Right: They used asset sales to clear the debt of the previous ALP government and then kept a strong economy after the assets were sold and that’s better than the ALP’s selling assets while borrowing way too much, giving you the bill and leaving you nothing to show for it.

Fact Free Left: You racist!

Always Right: And what race is not wanting pointless debt?

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