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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Left vs. Right: Who's To Say Who Comes Here? We Are.

Bleating Left: No one is illegal.

Always Right: Yes they are, if they don’t come through the proper channels they are here illegally.

Bleating Left: Says who?

Always Right: We do, we’re the ones running the country so we are the ones who can say people are here illegally.

Bleating Left: We’re here illegally!

Always Right: You just said no one is here is illegal therefore we aren't illegal. Since we are here and we are the ones running the place we get to decide on who can and can't come here. Even if we use your approach and say no one here is illegal we can divert the country shoppers if we want and stop them making it here to ‘not be illegal!’ Our country, our call.

Bleating Left: You racist!

Always Right: You traitor, go and play good Samaritan with your own money if you want those fuzzy feel good moments.

Bleating Left: We have to spend taxpayers’ money to help them!

Always Right: Become a taxpayer first. Meanwhile your way does not help, it just spreads the problems around.

Bleating Left: No! You’re a racist!!

Always Right: No, I’m taking my country back! You have no right to sell us out and try and give it away, that’s what’s really illegal. You traitor!

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