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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Left vs. Right: The Thread Unravels But The Message Remains.

Left Out Online: I just saw that article you posted about the election, it’s terrible.

Right Online: What’s up with it?

Left Out Online: You wrote about your contribution but you didn’t do much. What about the people running the polling booths? What about the people counting the votes? You should have done your article about them

Right Online: The article we needed was from a perspective of what anyone can do to participate in the electoral process beyond voting. I haven’t got the time to count or scrutineer etc. and a lot of other people haven’t but they might be able to spare some time to help a candidate out while the polls are open.

Left Out Online: But those others should be mentioned, you should have mentioned them!

Right Online: I had no dealings with them and we know a lot of people take part but there are space limitations and we wanted to show a basic way of participating to get more people involved. If I mention all that other stuff there’s no space for my own observations and I’d only be telling people what anyone could tell them.

Left Out Online: They should have been mentioned! You should have done it!!

Right Online: If you want such an article then write it yourself. Tell you what though, we’d be happy to post such an article on our page as well.

Left Out Online: You should have done it!

Right Online: I’ve already explained why we haven’t and offered you the opportunity to do it, if you feel so passionately about this we’re sure you’d do a good article.

Left Out Online: What about the picture with your article with your mate standing outside the polling booth? He would have scared people off standing like that!

Right Online: Not very likely and he only stood that way for the picture and then returned to the business at hand.

Left Out Online: Attention page admin! This person is being abusive to me!!

Right Online: Translation, your attempts to make me look bad have failed so you’re crying to the page admin. You started this thread and it’s backfired on you. Anyone reading this thread can see that.

Left Out Online: Shut up you! I’ll show you!!

**And with that Left Out Online deleted the comment he had posted which in turn deleted the entire conversation. But even though the thread was gone you could almost hear Left Out Online grinding his teeth and crying racist at his modem**


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