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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Left vs. Right: Return Fire And Stay Protected.

Outgunned Left: All guns should be outlawed.

Gun Right: Why?

Outgunned Left: People don’t need them.

Gun Right: What if their home is invaded or they are attacked on the streets?

Outgunned Left: They can call the police.

Gun Right: And what do they do in the meantime?

Outgunned Left: Reason with the perpetrator and point out the error of their ways, they’ll respond.  Criminals aren’t unreasonable, just misunderstood. If it’s a rapist all the woman has to do is urinate on herself and it will kill the mood for the rapist and their libido will disappear. They’ll realise the women is not the one for them.

Gun Right: This isn’t a date of some sort we’re talking about here, the rapist isn’t looking for the perfect life partner, they want sex by violent means so it’s doubtful a little urine will stop them. Mind you if it does repulse them and they are armed they might just shoot their intended victim for ruining their fun. You’re proposed way of dealing with real issues is pure fantasyland fiction that would not work in reality and you know it.

Outgunned Left: We must do what it takes and ban all weapons to get rid of guns.

Gun Right: Oh yeah, it worked so well with drugs after all. All disarming the population will do is leave people defenceless and dependent which is exactly what your political masters want!

Outgunned Left: You racist!

Gun Right: You traitor.

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