Facts speak louder than statistics

Monday, 17 March 2014

Left vs. Right: Predictable As Ever.

Predictable Left: We are expert debaters!

Predictably Right: You make up facts, you ignore what’s presented to you, you twist words, you try and put words into people mouths, you have double standards such as being keen to throw insults but crying victim if the insult is returned, if a thread online isn’t going your way you just delete, you suggest people who disagree with you are kids or ask their qualifications despite having none of your own, you claim facts presented to you are opinions only and you rely on catchphrases such as ‘the science is settled’ since you have no facts to present.

Predictable Left: Oh ha ha, you’re soooooo funny! Anymore?

Predictably Right: There’s stacks more but I don’t have the time, it would take way too long to go over all the nonsense you present. There is one thing I think I’ll be hearing in a few moments though.

Predictable Left: You racist!

Predictably Right: Yep, right on schedule!

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